Candy Crush Saga Level 365

Collect 100 blue candies and 100 green candies

Candy Crush Level 365 is the last level of this episode (351-365). Watch the vid in order to beat it.

Don’t forget that you will need 3 tickets in order to advance to level 366 (when this is launched). For more Tickets/Lives click this!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 365

Collecting colors requires you to keep clearing the board to allow new candies to keep falling into the playing field –and striped/wrapped combos can do that. They also help to break the blocks to get to the color bomb and mystery candies.

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17 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 365”
  1. Mary K

    Struggled with this one until I came here and followed Lei and Patricia’s advice. Once again… Two tries and success and three stars! Just keep making special candies and as many combos as you can… It doesn’t seem to matter what color. The combos bring down tons of blue and green! It became really fun! Good luck my candy crushing friends!

  2. JanC

    Got it on my second try. My strategy with these kinds of levels is to ignore what colors they are asking for & instead concentrate on making & matching special candies to blow up as much of the board as possible, as often as possible. I won with my final move, matching two wrapped. Got three stars & now I’m on to quests ;)

  3. Mary

    This level seriously sucks. I have played it so many times and never got anywhere near clearing it. Had more problems with it than any other one, am really thinking this will make me quit. There are far too many colours of everything but what you need.


      Don’t give up yet! Have you tried our walkthrough videos or read all the tips available here? You’ve made it this far, you can definitely beat it!

    • john connolly

      john connolly same here came close once need 12 green lucky to get down to 20 of ea now play on the iphone same at 45 games ???????thinking this would be en easy game lol… all purple or yellow very little green or blue then nothing good at all

  4. musctchr

    I have spent an entire week on this level and countless lives and haven’t even come close! I have NEVER had this much trouble on a level before….I don’t mind a challenge but this is so frustrating it’s not fun anymore. :(

  5. Jackie

    This level is very frustrating. I’ve concentrated on getting all types of combos and haven’t even come close. I’ve had striped/ wrapped candy combos and wrapped candy combos and even these didn’t generate a lot of blue green candies. I’ve even swapped two sparkly candies which barely helped! The game is not fun anymore!


      You’ve made it to level 365, so you can definitely beat it. if you’re still stuck then try out our walkthrough video for level 365 and more

      • john connolly

        no one ever says how many games it took for you guys to win it ,i dont mind 15 to 20 games to win , but when ittakes over 50to 100 games thats takes the fun out of it for me im 65 years old i won’t live that long to finish this , i love the game but come on i go to bed seening purple .
        need candy crush for seniors only


          Lol, John that’s not a bad suggestion. You can send it over to King to see what they have to say :) and our videos are there to show that these levels can be won and by utilizing the tips available.

  6. Linda

    If clearing purple and orange was the order. I would have won on first try!! I have very few blue or green. Frustrating!!


      Don’t give up Linda! Focus, stay calm and you will do it!!

  7. Lei

    100 blue candies
    100 green candies

    * When it comes to levels that need requirements to be filled up it is a must to always have a color bomb to massively get the requirements. I just persisted on playing, i swapped chocolate color bombs with either green or blue candies.
    * Be wary of time bombs always destroy it before it kills you.
    * The blue and green candies come falling down massively if you keep making combos especially wrapped + striped combos. If you dont make combos no candies would fall. If you make combos blues and greens fall like crazy!
    * It helped that I cleared the blocks down below so i have space to make matches.

  8. Fidget

    Best matches for this level are striped/wrapped & sparkly/striped, or combos thereof. Actually getting them is another matter. It’s one of those levels where the matches you really need are few and far between. Took me a few days of perseverance, but it paid off today. Glad to see the back of it.


      Keep walking Fid! There are 105 levels waiting for you!

  9. Julie

    The current Level 361 that’s available on Facebook requests for 2 grapes and nuts to be collected, the walkthrough only shows 1 of each.

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