Candy Crush Level 370Target
Collect all the orders (30 striped candies) and reach 260,000 points in 35 moves.

While it seems tempting to start working on the 20 move bombs around the cannon, you need to open up at least one spot up top to allow more candy to flow in. Once those pieces are off the top you won’t get anything unless you can either clear the cannon or shoot a vertical striped candy up through, so make that your first priority. If the opening is somewhere in the middle, work on the cannon and making striped candies to remove the locked in pieces. If it’s on the side, try to make another hole to allow more pieces to come in. You really need to get that cannon shot off before the first 20 move bombs expire, but remember, the objective is to make 30 striped candies.

Frustrated because you can’t pass Candy Crush Level 370? No worries, just watch this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 370

You need to unlock the bombs on the top to allow more candies to be released. After the board is cleared (after you clear off the pizza), any remaining locked bombs will drop down onto the second board. Make a color bomb and a striped candy to finish the orders.