Candy Crush Saga Level 371

Candy Crush Level 371Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns) and score 20,000 points in 50 moves.

To bring your ingredients down you must set off the cannons at the bottom. You are given one ingredient on the board to start and 2 frozen striped candies in the upper right and left to help zip through the sides. Try to make vertical striped candies to shoot through the columns and if you can pull off a color bomb, mix it with any striped candy and you are all set.

All Candy Crushers that are stuck on Candy Crush Level 371 should have a look at this helpful video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 371

Vertically striped candy matches are key here since there’s no room between the pizzas to work with. A striped/color bomb combo is very helpful. Remember, when the board clears, the ingredient has to be sitting on a cleared pizza top or it won’t leave the board and you have to clear another one.

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14 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 371”
  1. Michelle

    Used the pink lifesaver that I had stored from a daily spin and wow that is super powerful on this level. Before that I was going nowhere.


      Awesome! Thanks for sharing

  2. JanC

    Passed this level without much trouble. First try, I got the sprinkle ball matched to a stripe but in the end, my ingredient was above the one tart remaining which had a 1/16th of a chip remaining: grrrr. But I got it on the next attempt.

  3. marsha

    I don’t know why, but everytime I come over here and read how to conquer a level I go back and do it! I guess I focus better. Keep making those vertical striped candies and combining them (I had no color bomb) and eventually you will blow the pizzas up and the acorns will fall. Don’t give up! Thanks, Patricia!

  4. Kashish

    Bi bi candy crush 371 made me leave..send this massage to king.

  5. Kashish

    After 147 this one is super annoying..I am not going to try this label :371 any more ..send My massage to king..

  6. Alleda

    I need help on my xtra moves, I can’t use them on my phone nor my pc, any suggestions? help please, i have so many and can’t use them…

  7. Alleda

    how come i can’t use my extra moves, it won’t work on my phone or my computer. i have so many extra moves and can’t use them? helppp

  8. Shelby

    My problem with this level is that each time I have played it, the second Acorn does not drop until I only have one move left. What is wrong?

    • cathy

      I agree! Please can someone address this? My 2nd acorn does not drop until the last move either. How can you ever win if it isn’t it released till then?
      Tried the vertical stripes, which seem hard to make. Can barely get through even one of the pizza death squares.
      This is not fun. I’m losing my patience here! ACK!

  9. Leenie

    HOW do you get the cannons to come up? I’m not sure what exposes them.

  10. kat gray

    Got lucky lots of sprinkle balls. As always just keep playing and the lucky board will come.

  11. Christine Schlumpberger

    This level sucks I can get one down and not the other I have bought so many items already I can’t afford anymore.


      If you ask me, you can definitely beat it with no boosters! And since you are on 371 you are a highly experienced crusher! Please read the tips and discussion, stay calm and focused and you will do it!

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