Candy Crush Saga Level 374

Candy Crush Level 374Target
Collect all the orders (150 Purple) and reach 15,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 150000 points
2 stars: 450000 points
3 stars: 500000 points

You have a cannon in the center of the board to clear up and that will clear all the pieces off the board including the 4 blocks up top that will start dropping in 15 move bombs and nothing but 15 move bombs. This will pump up your score fast, but you still have to be aware of all of the bombs and keep them moving out. Remember, your goal is to collect purple pieces. Try to make striped candies to leave on the bottom if the bombs get to a low number. Your best chance to make short work of this level is with a color bomb. Using that to collect all the purple pieces and to limit what’s on the board gives you a better chance to make powerups.

For all Candy Crushers that find it hard to beat Candy Crush Level 374! Watch this video and you will find how to beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 374

As soon as you clear the pizza, 15 move bombs drop. Look past the fuses and the numbers on the front, and make as many specials as you can. A color bomb and striped purple candy will really help you finish the order.

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17 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 374”
  1. JanC

    Wow! Got it after just a few tries, using Fidget’s strategy (thanks, Fidget :) Three stars!

  2. Lori

    Does anyone know what the “red hand” is up on the left side, where power ups are??
    Just wondering….

    • Nobody

      The hand booster allows you to swap any two adjacent tiles on the board.

  3. Amna

    I cleared a lot of levels today from 356 (the deadliest) to this one. Hope to do this too. Great website the only one I go to !!


      Well done Amna, definitely deserve a pat on the back for defeating one of our Evillest!! How did you do it? lol and we’re glad we can help. Good luck with future crushing :)

  4. Kay

    This blog has helped me get to level 374. Never commented before but have read the tips for every level and just wanted to say thank you. Going to call it quits on this level though as I can see no way of ever passing. Hate, hate, hate the bombs.


      Glad our site could be of service :) Have a break and come back, you may just defeat it when you return :)

  5. Joni

    I didn’t enjoy this level. Took about 20 tries. I did take Fidget’s advice and that worked for me. Thanks!


      Good advice fidget and well done

  6. Fidget

    I hate bombs, but I actually quite liked this level. This is my strategy.

    1. Don’t go for moves that will directly hit the pizza. Instead, make other matches to collect the purples. Cascades caused by your matches will hit the pizza, but just avoid making matches that will hit it directly.

    2. Avoid making verticle matches that will set off the bomb dispensers on either side.

    Doing this should net you around 40 – 50 purples before the pizza is killed off by indirect hits, or the game stops dropping any more purples, in which case, time to zap what’s left of the pizza with direct hits.

    3. Once the cannon goes off, look carefully at the board – it’s easy to miss good opportunities for stripes/wraps/sparklies.

    4. And of course, goes without saying, don’t let the bombs countdown too low.


      wow! detailed strategy! Thanks Fidget!

  7. Lei

    Target: Collect 150 purple candies

    * This level was a bit tough but very doable. What I did was in the initial board i eliminated the purple candies until the pudding cake was cleared.
    * The cannon will go of and again will eliminate more purple candies.
    * More time bombs would fall down but focus on eliminating purple candies, when the time bombs go down to less than 5 moves you must eliminate them. Be mindful also of opportunities for chocolate color bombs and swap it with purples.
    * The more you make combos the more purples would fall down.
    Good luck!


      You’re on fire Lei! 374 is done? Keep Crushing and once more, thank you for your tips!

      • Lei

        For some reason I get to finish levels very fast without clearing some pudding cake haha! Thank you for your tips and videos! Very helpful!


          you’re welcome Lei!!

          • Marianne

            I did it after 5 attempts, but on my laptop, found by getting two wrapped candies together it wiped out a lot of the bombs :-)


            Good news! Thanks for the tip!

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