Candy Crush Saga Level 375

Candy Crush Level 375Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 145,000 points in 50 moves.

On the left hand side you have a cannon that you need to activate to help clear off all of the spinners on the right hand side to get down to the jelly. Remember, pieces flow from the right hand side bottom to the left hand side top, so you need to get the pieces flowing. Get the cannon going as soon as you can and then its just jelly cleanup from there.

Do you find it hard to beat Candy Crush Level 375? If yes you should watch this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 375

Notice the teleports at the bottom of the right hand columns and the top of the left hand columns…as you clear the pizza, the licorice whirls are going to filter out of the right side and end up on the left. Clear the pizza, the board clears and removes those licorice whirls. (Some will eventually begin to filter back in…but not to the same extent.)

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10 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 375”
  1. JanC

    Can’t say I loved this one. Before I came here for strategy (this is always where I come whenever I am stuck on a level), on my very first try i got like 72 out of 73 (just missed it by one) grrrr! Then I tried a few more times & didn’t get close. So I came here & with Patricia’s tips plus Denny Boi’s, I got it after a few more tries, with 14 moves left over. Three stars! Thanks, CrushingCandies community!

  2. Custard

    I’ve figured out how to do it, (Though I haven’t had the right board yet.)

    Take your first matches only from the left side and as high as possible. You need to try to keep one or two matches on the left side for later. Don’t worry so much about the pizza.

    As soon as you open up the right side destroy all the liquorice. Try not to shoot across until you have cleared all the right side liquorice. If things work out, you should then be able to fire of your remaining match/ matches on the right side and you will get a flow, not of liquorice, but candies, and with some luck you ail get a few hits on the left side liquorice as they come through. I am getting the pizza nearly every second go this way.

    And I’ve gone from not even close to very close most times.


      That’s a great tip custard! And hopefully your strategy will pay off soon :) We will have our fingers crossed for you.

  3. Kay Brewer

    Hi Patricia Thank u so much for your ongoing support. Very much appreciated
    Mentioned above is how to activate free moves on PC
    Is this available on ipad.

  4. Ruth

    Yes, Meesh, you can restart on iPad. Touch gold arrow bottom left on screen and then red circle. If you do this prior to first move, you do not lose a life.

  5. Denny Boi

    1 tip I think will help:

    1. Once I removed the pizza slices, I stay primarily on the left side of the board because the right side would basically clear itself from all the candy moving and all the new candy falling. (Remember, since the candies move from right to left, whenever you move something on the left side, the candies on the right side moves down. ) I didn’t waste any moves on the right side UNLESS they were 1. matching 4 candies, creating the vertical or horizontal stripped candies, because I would usually clear off 4 jellies while also creating a special candy. 2. matching 5 candies to create a chocolate bomb. I didn’t win until I used at least 1 chocolate bomb+stripped candy combo because I usually ran out of moves. Sometimes I would clear the pizza in the first 5 moves or so, but never clear both sides because I didn’t have a special combo. You might be able to do it without using a combo, but I suggest you do.


      Thank you for sharing, very useful tip! Please remember to drop some more tips when you come across them – Happy Crushing :)

  6. Joni

    Very good idea to focus on BOTH sides of the board. You really do have to clear the pudding cake early or no chance. Then I just made as many combos as possible. I got lucky and got a chocolate ball with a stripe. That did it. Took about 30 tries.

  7. Lei

    Quite a difficult level! Glad i am finished with it!
    Candies and licorice would fall from the right bix to the left box. There is a pudding cake in the middle of the left box.
    * The first priority here is to clean the pudding cake because when it is cleared cannon will go of and clear everything. Your first moves must clear it before the licorice starts blocking it.
    * In every move you must eliminate a licorice so that no licorice would come down.
    * When i have no more moves that could clear the pudding, I restart because it is difficult to clear the left board with horizontal stripes especially when it is blocked by licorice.
    * When the cannon goes of and clear the board, start making combos to massively clear the board.
    * Before you make your first move, if you see there are no moves to clear part of the pudding cake then restart.
    Good luck! Happy crushing!

    • Meesh

      Restart does not work on an iPad!

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