Candy Crush Saga Level 376

Candy Crush Level 376Target
Bring the ingredients down (9 acorns, 9 cherries) and score 180,000 points in 40 moves.

This is a bit tricky here in what you need to do. You have 2 striped and one wrapped candy frozen at the bottom of the left column on top of the cannon. I would suggest unfreezing ONLY the left striped candy and set it off. Then unfreeze the wrapped candy (as the middle candy is now unfrozen and mix the wrapped candy INTO the striped candy so this will give you 3 of the 4 shots into the cannon. Just create one more vertical striped candy to set off the cannon to clear all the chocolate then you need to break through the blocks to drop the ingredients down.

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 376? Don’t get frustrated! Have a look at the vid and try to realise the strategy we followed to beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 376

Release and match the striped/wrapped combo. Release the striped and use to clear the pizza. Do not waste moves clearing the chocolate. When the pizza is cleared and the board clears, it will remove all the remaining chocolate. Use striped/wrapped combos to clear the rest of the blocks to get the ingredients out.

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19 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 376”
  1. Kathy

    Extremely frustrating level. Only needed one more move to pass so had to pay $1.29 to finish it off. I swear this game is just making money off fools like me!

  2. Kgrutherford

    Every time I get a striped candy on the left side, it ends up going horizontal, instead of vertical. Doesn’t matter if I match same color candy vertically or horizontally, it wipes out the other candies horizontally only. This does not work well when trying to get rid of the pizza to set off the cannon. Any ideas anyone?

  3. JanC

    Finished with three stars & seven moves to spare on my first try AFTER reading the tips here. Wasted probably five sets of five lives yesterday before giving up solving it on my own & came here & read the tips (thanks, Patricia & everyone!) … most helpful was the tip to set off the vertical stripe farthest to the left first. So I rolled through boardds to get one that set up that move within the first couple moves. Then I swapped the other two, and quickly made another wrap/stripe to wipe out the tart. Clearing the right side of the board was a piece of cake with plenty of moves left to do it. Where I was stuck all day yesterday was on trying to clear the tart by setting off the wrap/stripe first. Amazing what a difference not doing that made! Yay!

  4. john

    yes this is tuff ,need to make more stripes for the cake they are vertial only set them off and they shoot across only for me doing no good at alll here ,then i get the cake done and not many moves left to get the other cherrys and acorns down .
    had 3 games were i had only 6-9 moves left to get to the others side whats the point .
    lucky board is doing to do this only realy lucky board .hate it when it takes so many trys .

  5. Lori

    Asking again… DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE RED HAND DOES??? It’s on the Daily Spin & on the top of your board while playing a level?????

    • Sherry

      The red hand switches any two candies, even if they are different colors. I don’t think it works on chocolate sprinkle bombs or fish, but it should work on all candies otherwise.

      How to use it: say you have a set up where you could make a chocolate sprinkle bomb with orange candies BUT you have a green candy in the way of the center orange candy. You can use the hand to switch the green candy to where the orange candy is and move the orange candy into place to make the chocolate sprinkle bomb. You can also move a wrapped next to a striped (or at least closer) and so forth.

      The hand can be really handy when you have a lot of potential special candies set up, but you just have ONE off colored candy that is in your way preventing you making the combo you want .

    • DuffyM

      The red hand allows you to click on one candy and then click on another candy and exchange where they are on the board. It can be invaluable for creating wrapped candies and/or chocolate sprinkle bombs. I don’t know why no-one has answered your question before this.

  6. Sue Mohler

    This is a pure luck level! Played it about 15 times before I got three extra moves from a friend and a color bomb on my daily spin to start the game. This quickly cleared the cake. Then I was lucky to get four wrapped/striped combos on the right and that did it. If you want to play the game, you have put up with the “pure luck” levels! :)


      Thats great Sue! And your right, there are a few in there :)

  7. CCERfornow

    I haven’t completed this level yet, but it’s just a matter of time and luck. I’ve been going about clearing the cake differently. If you aren’t a purist, keep backing out of the board and re-entering until you get a board where you can make a match of three candies across at the bottom – so you can clear all three of the sealed special candies with the first move.

    Then move the wrapped (far right bottom) into the striped (center bottom), and this blows out all of the cake except for two pieces that are in the same line. So basically, you have used only the first two moves to clear all but two pieces of cake.

    At that point, ANY combination in that left box will work – striped/striped, striped/wrapped – as long as one of the pieces is in the center column. Sometimes I get that in 3-4 moves, sometimes much later. If I haven’t cleared the cake in about 12-15 moves, give or take, I give up.

    My problem has been in getting the right side cleared and the ingredients down. I have major trouble getting the blocks to clear because the cherries/nuts sit right on top of the candies. Very slow process.

    But with levels like this – where the problem is really on the right side with the ingredients – I know it’s just a matter of playing and waiting for the right board.

  8. Denny Boi

    This was the worst level for me.

    Lesson Learned:
    What I learned was that I psyched myself out too early. I played this level forever, and even with at least 25 moves left after firing the cannon, I could never come even close to winning. Eventually I had convinced myself I would never get through it. So, I ended up using a ton of boosters. (It’s Top Ramen for dinner till the end of the month!) I spent the most $ on boosters thus far for this level…..even more then Level 350. This was my fault, I gave up too soon and just resorted to using boosters. At first I thought I just totally suck at this game, but I”ve made it up to this level so I figure I can’t be that lame.

    Even with all the boosters I used, I still have to use 2 of the 5 extra moves to win. (A total of 50 moves all together.)

    Tip: The only tip I can give is a mental tip. Relax, if it gets too hard, just step back and give yourself time to relax. Put it down for a little bit and then come back to it, maybe even a couple days later. If you are obsessive like me, I get wrapped up in winning and then it becomes frustrating if I don’t win. This game is meant to be fun, and not an excuse to shoot the neighbor because he plays his stereo to loud at 2 AM. (“But your Honor, you don’t understand, I couldn’t get past Level 376!!)

    Thank you for all your suggestions!! I do appreciate all the help you guys give. :)


      Thank you, what some great feedback! You’re right if you have made it this far then you can definitely beat it. Don’t forget to leave more tips if you can and Happy Crushing, Good Luck!

  9. Fidget

    Took me a good few tries to get through this level, but tips:

    1. As others have said, try and use the left striped first, then the striped/wrapped combo.

    2. If you can get a wrapped and striped combo one above the other in the middle column, it will obliterate what’s left of the pizza. So it’s possible to zap it in your first few moves.

    Once you’re rid of the pizza, the cannon will take out the chocolate and the top layer of the blocks.

    3. Wrapped/striped combos are your friend for the rest of it. They will make short work of the blocks, and if you can’t get them, aim for vertical stripes.

    4. Your focus should be on the righthand side once you’re rid of the pizza, but keep an eye on the lefthand side anyway – horizontal matches there will help if there’s no good matches to be made on the righthand side.

    5. As ever, once you’ve unleashed the chocolate spinners, try and keep the chocolate in check – it seems to like growing across the bottom to block the exit.

  10. Lei

    My tips are:
    1. You start with frozen 2 striped candies and a wrapped candy. unfreeze the left striped candy. Shoot it thru the pudding cake.
    2. Unfreeze the remaining candies and make a striped + wrapped combo and shoot it thru the pudding cake.
    3. Try to make a vertical striped or striped + wrapped combo again then shoot it to the pudding cake. You need to shoot it about 4 times to clear it then cannon goes of.
    4. The cannon will clear the board and chocolate. Make wrapped + striped combo or color bomb + striped combo to clear the 2- hit blockers and get the ingredients down.
    5. Do not let chocolate cover the place where the ingredients must fall thru,
    Good luck hope that helps!

    • Lynn

      This was helpful for me, too. My strategy was to set off the two striped candies individually, leaving the wrapped candy. Then I would make a new striped to combine with the wrapped. If they were in the correct spot, and I swiped left, that usually took out the pie.

    • X

      If you unwrap all three candies at once and set off the wrap/stripe you will get three hits at once. Making the wrap/stripe in the centre lane separately will give you four, but your game will usually end before you can make a stripe – if you are forced to set off the wrap due to having no other moves the level is impossible.

      However, the point is moot as the level is essentially impossible anyway. I’ve managed to destroy the cake in just seven moves and still didn’t even see all the ingredients. As it’s not possible to destroy the cake in less than five moves whatever you do, this level cannot be completed without paying for a wrap/stripe combo or a licorice allsort and you need to pay for one on every attempt that fails because the game is rigged. I kid you not, I’ve been left with no moves on the right hand side; on a 4-colour board that’s beyond improbable.

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