Candy Crush Saga Level 377

Candy Crush Level 377Target
Collect all the orders (100 green, 100 purple, 100 yellow) and reach 30,000 points in 50 moves.

To score 100 of the 3 pieces each, it’s going to take some work. You need to break through the 5 hit blocks to get to the locked pieces, and spinners, and then hit the cannons to clear up some pieces, You can shoot vertical striped candies down to either unlock the pieces or take out parts of the cannon, but aim for the blocks first, try to make horizontal matches to remove more pieces at once.

For all the fans of CCS that can’t pass Candy Crush Level 377 here is a helpful walkthrough video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 377

Use striped/wrapped combos to help remove those thick blocks and licorice whirls. Then work on the pizzas. Color bomb/striped combos can really help clear the pizzas. Every time you clear a pizza and the board clears, all the greens, purples and yellows count towards your orders.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 377”
  1. Kathy

    Seriously is there a trick to this or what! I can’t even get close to clearing all the pizza and I’m using all the tips provided.

    • Kathy

      Ok that’s it, the ‘couple’ of times I have been able to break the pizza, I don’t have enough moves remaining. Lost count of how many games I’ve played but I think this level has done it for me. Bye bye candy crush.

  2. JanC

    I had just about given up on passing this level, for me the most seemingly impossible by far. Been on it for more than a month I think. After a couple weeks, I only played 377 a few times a day & instead went back to every one-star level and replayed those. As someone else here said, my winning 377 board was not especially lucky and I dont’t think my play improved with practice. But with maybe 10 moves remaining, I had cleared one tart and all but one piece of the second, and saw I was very close to filling the three orders. Every morning I have been spinning the free token wheel & saving them up. So, I used a hammer to finish off the last piece of the pie, after which I only had one yellow
    to get. Used two red-hand free switches to get that yellow & FINALLY crushed level 377 with one turn to spare & three stars: whew!!!

  3. Ang

    I have played at least 500 games on this level and I got down to 1 and also 2 colours left it is designed to make you buy extra candies. I refuse to buy any, it’s not fun anymore. Good Bye candy crush

  4. Lori

    Lucky, Lucky, Lucky that’s all I can say! Phew…brutal board but cleared it without spending any money. Cleared one pizza and had about 9 moves left with small amounts of yellow, green and purple. Ahh feels so good! Keep on Crushing!!

  5. Jan Smith

    Waving the white flag. You win..I give up!!!! Spent alot of money to get this far but this is the worst level!! Its not fun anymore and not worth raising my blood pressure out of frustration!! By the time I break through the 5 layer blocks and if i am lucky enough to clear a pizza, I have only 6 or 7 moves left to clear 50 each of colors! Please dont say to watch video because we never get those boards which renders them useless for us !!


      We’re sorry to hear that our videos could be of no use to you – have you utilized the tips that other Crushers have provided or tried playing this level on a different gaming device? If not, it’s worth a shot as sometimes levels play better on different devices. We don’t know why, it’s just the way King has made their software. Good Luck!

    • Groge

      Money? Most people that play this game pay nothing because they are patient. Eventually all levels are cleared because you always get your chance with a lucky board.

  6. Melika Sobizadeh

    It’s so hard to get the bottom slices of the cake bomb. Since there are meringues on the side of the cake bomb, it’s hard to clear the sides. The striped and wrapped only cleared 4 slices with a direct hit. Could anyone tell me why?

  7. Leenie

    I HATE this level!!!!! You can’t even make the moves you need if the board doesn’t help you! I’m ready to quit! I’ve gotten through some really tough levels but I don’t think I have the patience for this one!! I can’t even get close!!! Beyond frustrated.

  8. Mbrown

    This is impossible. Tips tell u what to do – combos but those are so rare!
    It is clear what needs to be done to beat this level but board never allows u the opportunity!
    I have not even come close to winning and have been playing for a couple of weeks. Can’t even get close enough to make boosters useful. This is an awful level!

  9. Jane

    Wow!! That was a horrible level!! Been playing since Thanksgiving and only got close a few times. This time I had one move left to win. I never buy boosters but this was actually worth $1 to get off of this level so I bought 5 more moves. Whew!!! So glad that is over!!!


      Congrats and $1 is nothing to beat a level, but well done for making it this far without spending a penny :)

  10. noncentric

    That was certainly a tough level. Probably took about 50 lives to finally vomplete the order.

    Got so close around 35th try, needing only 1 green with 3 moves left. Couldn’t get a single match and was so disappointed, but kept on trying and finally completed the order after another 17 tries.

    1) Be sure not to set off both pudding pies at the same time, because only one cannon blast will happen.
    2) When close to clearing a pudding pie, then try to use color bombs to get ordered colors. When the cannons blast, then all special candies get blasted away without having their usual effects.

    This was a fun episode, despite the frustrating levels. it was fun to have a new feature (pudding pies) to figure out.

    Good luck all!

  11. Denny Boi

    After about 50 attempts I finally won. I used 1 Lollipop Booster to break the last pizza slice since that’s always been the hardest for me to get, and I end up wasting a lot of moves doing so. Once I did that, I had about 19 moves left, which was enough to finish the order.

    Getting the pizza slices removed in order to get the cannon to fire, has always been my biggest barrier. But, once you get that done, its easy to win from there.

    If you are truly stuck, I do suggest using one lollipop booster to do that, so you have enough moves left to finish the game.

    1. You must first get rid of the licorice before any candy combos have any effect on the pizza. So, be aware that your first candy combos will ONLY get rid of the licorice.

    2. The hardest slice is the bottom slices. But, a vertical stripped candy lined up in line above it will remove it, or a horizontal stripped candy horizontal to it, and of course the stripped+wrapped candy combo can remove it too.

    3. I did use the Lollipop booster to remove the last slice, I think I had about 19 moves left to get the rest of the candies.

    4. IF any one knows if it is possible to win this level by never removing the pizza slices at all, please let us know. But, I doubt it.


      Thank you so much for sharing your strategy, don’t forget to let us know if you find anymore. Good Luck!

  12. Denny Boi

    QUICK QUESTION!!! Can I use the Lollipop booster on the pizza to clear away a slice?

  13. Joni

    Yes! 5 days later and finally completed. I was only able to set off one cannon, but got lots of combos and that did it.

  14. Mark Schumacher

    Wow. I am not even getting close on this after at least 100 tries. I am lucky to make a stripe let alone a combo. Oh well I am saving money because I will buy a booster to get to the next level, but I don’t think I could clear this in 200 moves. I guess it is a waiting game or maybe it is finally time to uninstall.


      If you ‘ve reached 377 then you can definitely beat it with no boosters! My humble opinion!!

  15. Nicki

    This level is tough :/ nowhere even close to the required amounts.. Where’s all the tips?


      Didn’t you read the tips above? Both Mat and Patricia provided their strategies!

  16. Lei

    It amazes me why there are no comments nor tips from cc fans for this level, that was a hard level!
    * What I did was make wrapped + wrapped combos or wrapped + striped combos to eliminate the 5-hit blockers of cream. I just worked on clearing just 1 pudding cake first as it is very difficult to start attacking both pudding cakes.

    * Cannon went of and cleared the board including the licorice. Then I worked on clearing the second pudding cake making sure to eliminate yellow, purple and green candies along the way.

    * Believe me I tried just eliminating the required candies without the cannons and it was exhaustingly difficult! I can only clear 50 candies each.
    So you have to clear at least 1 pudding cake.

    * when the cannon clears everything just do make any combos to complete the requirement. I made lots of color bombs so that made it easier.

    * If you go down to 20moves and you still have not cleared the cream blockers you have to restart already as that board is hopeless plus those blockers are 5-hit blockers.

    Good luck! I just want to finish this pudding cake episode these levels are difficult. The only saving grace of this level was there are no bombs, chocolates nor chocolate factories.
    Thank you crushingcandies and patricia for the tips very helpful videos too!


      now we have tips from 2 experts (Pat & You)! Thanks for that!

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