Clear all the jelly and reach 40000 points to complete this level.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

A fine video to help you beat Candy Crush Level 38:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 38

As you unlock the candies and break the blocks, look for any opportunities to make a color bomb (to match with a striped candy or just with a similarly colored candy as in most of the remaining locked candies.) As always, striped/wrapped combos are great for jelly levels.

Other Candy Crush Saga Level 38 Tips

  • Make as much stripped candies heading up/down as possible
  • Search for XYXX patterns ¬†(X: color 1, Y: color 2). ¬†Then try to get rid of Y (with a horizontal match) and its probable that another X will come near to the Xs!
  • A good tip is to try switching a chocolate bomb with a striped!
  • No need to hurry while it is not a time-beat level so you can take your time and try to figure out what will happen after you next movement!