Candy Crush Saga Level 380

Candy Crush Level 380Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 45,000 points in 50 moves.

All the double jelly here is located down at the bottom under the 2 hit blocks. So try to set off the cannons as fast as you can to remove all the blocks down below and then pieces will fall down. Now you have to work on removing all the double jelly and keep the chocolate at bay. Any striped or wrapped candies you make up top, let them drop to the bottom and use them there unless it is a vertical striped candy. The hard part will be keeping the chocolate out of your way. If you can mix a wrapped and striped candy or a color bomb and striped candy, you will be way ahead of the game here.

This walkthrough video will help all Candy Crushers that are not able to pass Candy Crush Level 380 to beat it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 380

Try to clear the pizzas separately. One clearing of the board will leave all the blocks in the lower board “crackled” and the second clearing makes them all jellies and candies fall into them…making clearing the jellies that much quicker. I matched a color bomb with the most predominant color in the jellies to speed things along. A striped/wrapped combo in the lower section finished things up.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 380”
  1. Eccles

    Finally did it…….with 22 moves to spare……YEEESSSSSSS



  2. broome

    why on your last move did the bubble burst even though it was under chocolate? when I shoot my stripped candy just removes the chocolate

    • Buzz buzzard

      Because they use cheats. Watch the naming of the video’s.


        We do not use cheats at all, and by our own knowledge there are no such things as cheats for the candy crush saga. This level contains layered-Meringue so when you get down to the last layer and chocolate is covering it. If you remove the chocolate, you remove the final layer

  3. Denny Boi

    Attempts to win: 5
    1. Best tip is to clear the pizza’s separately, when each cannon going off it clears 1 layer of meringue each time. If you clear both pizza’s at once, only one cannon goes off and you only get one layer of meringue remove.
    2. Cannon going of also takes out with it any chocolates that have formed.
    3. Chocolate bombs are easy to create as well as wrapped candies, so Chocoalte+ stripped combo and wrapped + stripped combos are effective. You’ll create these mostly in the upper level section. In the lower section, you’ll only be able to create the stripped candies.
    4. Keep in mind the horizontal stripped candies do a lot of damage in the lower section! Create them wherever you can and let them fall down.


      Very helpful and thanks so much for sharing! happy crushing :)

      • broome

        why on your last move did the bubble burst even though it was under chocolate? when I shoot my stripped candy just removes the chocolate

  4. Tuk

    Works for me: Focus only on color bomb combo with stripes. The ONLY time I messed around in the lower half was to create cascades with the intent of creating color bomb opportunities when there are none above. Only by staying strict to this strategy did I pass this level in quick order.


      Thank you for sharing so many tips Tuk.. it would be great if you could also provide tips for other levels!!

  5. Lei

    A tough but very doable level! The previous levels are harder than this.
    1. Priority is to clear 1 pudding cake as it will clear one layer of the 2-hit blocker cream on the lower box.
    2. Then clear again the 2nd pudding cake to remove the last layer of blocker. Do not clear this together because you will only get 1 cannon.
    3. When you can see the jellies, Make special combos especially wrapped candies and let it fall thru the lower box.
    4. I made a color bomb + striped combo that cleared almost everything!
    Have fun crushing more candies!


      Detailed strategy here! Thanks for sharing!

    • Karla

      I see several people suggesting letting the special candies fall thru to the bottom for better effect. But how do you get the special candies to fall thru to the bottom if you have no moves at the bottom? I always have to use them at the top.

      • Jane

        I was about to ask the same exact question. I hope somebody answers it soon.


          Try utilizing the tips available here and watch our walkthrough video. And maybe try creating stripped candy combos to help re-create the order of the board to give you moves to use at the bottom.

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