Candy Crush Saga Level 382

Candy Crush Level 382Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 125,000 points in 40 moves.

If you can’t pass Candy Crush Level 382 you don’t need to get frustrated. Watch carefully the following video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 382

Break the row of blocks under the chocolate factories, especially the center one. Release and deploy the striped/wrapped in the lower center section to help remove the licorice whirls on either side. Then make striped/wrapped combos to clear the jellies. This is a chocolate battle, so be prepared.

Other Tips on Candy Crush Level 382

Play this level on your PC. Not only are there no yellows, but the frozen wrapped/striped combo does NOT clear the liquorice in the app version, but it does on the PC version!

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46 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 382”
  1. JanC

    Took a week but I got through with 3 stars playing on an iphone with no help from facebook or boosters (free or paid). Unlike some other commenters, I never got too frustrated or bored with this level. I won due to a lucky board that gave me quite a few sprinkled balls (& I mean “gave”: some just appeared), so that with more than 20 moves left I was able to match two & clear the licorice, and then with a few moves remaining, got another I could match with a stripe, which cleared the remaining jellies. So if you still enjoy CC, don’t let this level discourage you. Just wait for the lucky board.

  2. Laurie S.

    Has anyone gotten through this level using a tablet? I play on a samsung galaxy 3 tab and the srriped and striped/wrapped combos won’t touch the licorice. My laptop finllly quit on me so I don’t have the option to play it there. I saw where a couple of people got through on phones, but not tablets. I don’t want to keep wasting my time if it’s not possible. I’ve never paid a penny, nor will I ever, although I will use boosters I’ve received through daily spin wheel.


      Its true that some levels are harder on different devices, but still not impossible to do! But it’s a good idea to get as many boosters as possible on the daily spin wheel, What’s the harm in using some free help :D

      • Laurie S.

        Thats just it, are you sure it’s possible? From what I’ve read, the pc/fb version has 5 colors leaving out yellow. The mobile version also has 5 colors leaving out purple instead of yelliw. If I could find at least one video showing it can be done, I wouldn’t be so discouraged, but after scrolling through a ton of videos on youtube, not to mention also looking through all the cc web sites, I have yet to see one with yellow, they’re all purple.

        • Laurie S.

          Nevermind… I got through it!! On my tablet, no boosters. Wrapped/wrapped along top of blocks on each side, took out all but 2 licorice, and with 27 moves left, piece of cake! =))

  3. Ang.

    This level sucks, played over 200 games with all different types of combos. Still unable to crush it. Designed to make you buy. Refuse to spend any money on it.

  4. Peggy Wehr


  5. john

    i have read all the info on here and glad that it work for some,i can;t seam to get a good board as the stripe all go to the empty spots won’t hit the jelly at the bottom most of the time , will get a color when i’m just about of moves .
    i can see why people give up , you play for so long to get here and the fun goes away.i don;t mind a tuff one but when you get this stuff wow ,you want to quit .
    i have never gotten 2 colors , or even wrap and stripe together very often , im at 50 games now and getting bored with this again.????

    • Jennifer

      I’ve been stuck on this level on my Android for weeks. I’ve tried it on the PC – even using the free boosters I’ve earned – and can’t get past it. The only reason it’s still installed is so once in a while I can take a break and successfully get through a few levels with Odus on the flip side of the game!

  6. Sora

    Thanks to the tips here I cleared this level on my cell! Woohoo! I finally got a board where I could combine two disco balls i.e. sprinkle candies and then wiped a layer of the jelly with the stripped wrapped combo in the middle.Had to use one lollilop hammer at the end but always happy to do that for boring levels :D


      Thats great Sora, we love the feeling of winning a frustrating level :

  7. Manny

    Try using a fish booster. Not sure if it was just luck, but I won the level easily on my first try with a fish booster after about a week on this level. I wished I had tried it earlier.


      That’s great Manny. Those boosters are helpful to say the least :)

  8. Chris Prince

    This level takes a lot of luck. it generates color bombs like crazy. I used a color bomb-colour bomb combo to clear all but 2 of the licorice. Then I used color bombs to strategically wipe out and open up the bottom left and bottom right corners. A few strategically employed striped candies from the upper rows activated striped and wrapped candies in the lower rows and took out all but one of the jellies. I opted to use a hammer bonus that I got from the wheel to take out the last jelly.


      Great tips Chris, the daily wheel definitely is handy :)

  9. Lynda

    This level I can not beat. I don’t even come close. Been on this level for ever. Time to give up.

  10. tony

    Ah yes Level 382…this level is annoying, frustrating and totally boring. After playing 100′s and 100′s of times on computer, tablet and phone I’ve decided it’s just not worth the grief.
    Haven’t even come close…and yes, I’ve tried the ‘tips’. Combined 2 chocolate bombs several times removing only a portion of the licorice. Had multiple wrapped/striped, wrapped/wrapped, etc. ad nauseum. Used all the the free boosters, combined and individually. Never have come close to passing.
    This level is unlike all the other difficult levels so far. At least with those you had the feeling a combination of luck and skill would get you thru if you played them enough. Anybody who has come this far knows the ‘tricks’. And yes, people have passed it, but how many haven’t and just haven’t posted their experiences? I believe the few who passed it were just incredibly lucky.
    So for me I won’t be playing this anymore…maybe they’ll fix it making it somewhat doable. Then I might try again.
    But it’s just not even ‘fun’ or remotely ‘challenging’.
    It’s just stupid and aggravating.


      We’re sorry you feel that way, but some levels really are a pain! Plus who knows, if you ever feel like playing the game again you may just get lucky! SO Good Luck.

    • CCERfornow

      Totally agree Tony. I was stuck on this level for a very long time. I usually don’t get too worried about being stuck because, as you point out, we all know that suddenly you will magically win the board if you just keep playing. But this one felt like there was something wrong with it – maybe the programming or whatever – because I was never even close, usually ending with only one licorice cleared on each side.

      I wasted 3 color bombs from the daily free spins before I stopped wasting them on “not good” boards. I started quitting the game if I didn’t have two color bombs in the first 8 moves or so because it was such a waste of time.

      But then … I got two color bombs side by side in the first 5 moves and they took out the licorice. I matched things up as best I could, but with 9 moves left still needed 5 hits in the left side and could tell that I was not going to get them cleared. I had 6 lollipop hammers accumulated from daily spins, said to heck with it and used 5 of them clearing those last 5 spaces.

      Without having the boosters, I don’t think I would have finished 382. It really does feel like something is fundamentally wrong with this level. If you have already played 381 levels, you know when something is just different – not just a hard level, but different.

  11. Rough

    I’ve been stuck for a day and probably had about 30 tries. Then I read about combining 2 color sprinkles here. With 1 try I immediately passed this level. It took about 15 moves just to create the 2 side by side sprinkles. I was left with 6 moves on the board after all the jellies cleared. And managed to get 3 stars. Thanks for the 1 great tip u guys gave. It saved me days of just aimlessly trying.


      Thanks for sharing :)

  12. gabrielle

    This may sound like a stoopid question, but how do you know where your sprinkled ball is going to be? EXAMPLE: You have red red blue red red, you switch the blue in the middle for red above or below to make a sprinkle… will your sprinkle be where the blue was (in the middle), where the 1st red was, where the 5th red was, or where??? Kinda makes it hard to set up a 2nd sprinkle to form next to the other one if you dont know where in the 5-spot its going to form! HELP!!!

  13. Susan Lieb

    This haas been the hardest level so far. I keep trying to follow other comments with no success


      Don’t give up! Keep trying and sooner or later you will do it!!

  14. sansan lee

    horror level! stuck in this level for almost 3 weeks now.. really hate the chocolate… play it in computer n my android, the computer is easier but, i always running out the lives.. I Followed the tips but, the chocolate always eat the candies before i got the combo (most of the times) Really” frustrating level..


      Don’t give up Sansan! Stay focused and calm and you will definitely do it!

      • sansan lee

        Thanks, already completed the level.. With one lollipop booster. Never buy and i always avoid to use booster before, but i got an offer from facebook, (if i reach 10 level in other game, i’ll get 1set of lives and booster). When i played, there’s 1 jelly left at the corner, so i just hammer it with the lollipop.. Lol.. Not too proud of it, but this level is getting me crazy.. So yes, i passed it already. Thanks God.. and Candy Crush :)

  15. Drvn2skcede

    After reading the tips on this website for so long and finding them so useful, I finally felt compelled to contribute as I felt this was one of the most challenging levels by far. I only play on an iPad so the tips to match two sprinkle balls as early as possible were a great help. I finally got a board where I got a two-sprinkle combo within the first 5 moves. A few moves later a sprinkle ball fell automatically for me and I was able to match it with a stripe to get rid of all but three jellies. Lastly, I lucked out to make a fourth sprinkle ball and combined it with another stripe and killed the board! It took me about a hundred tries over about a week but I did pass it on an iPad. Thanks for all the tips! I’ll continue to contribute going forward.


      Thank you so much for your kind contribution! This is the point of ! if everyone was in the mood to contribute, it would make it much easier for other crushers!!

  16. Fidget

    phew! Level Completed

    Just done this without boosters, so for anybody in doubt, it can be done.

    You’re best bet is getting two sparklies to match to get rid of the liquorice, then go for striped/wrapped in appropriate places to demolish the jelly.


      Thanks for feedback Fidget!!

  17. Polly

    I tried to play on my computer but it put me back at level 1. I couldn’t find a. way to sync my phone play with computer play. Any suggestions for this?

    • Lexi

      You need to be logged into Facebook on your phone and then connect to Facebook from the candy crush app. After that your progress will be synced on Facebook and you can log in on any device and be at your current level.

      Everyone should do this whether they are playing on more than one device or not. If something happens to your phone and you can’t access candy crush all of your progress will disappear unless you have it synced with Facebook.


        Thanks for sharing that Lexi, it’s pretty useful!!

  18. Sylvia pickich

    I played this level for a couple of days on the iphone. Did it about 10 times on the imac. I can see where it would be easier on a computer. I actually beat the level on the iphone. All I can say is luck and striped combos

  19. grnflash

    If playing on ios, Ali is totally correct above about having to set off 2 sprinkles together. Here’s a play-by-play strategy:

    1. Gotta get a lucky board that gives you 2 sprinkles next to each other pretty early. So if you get a sprinkle, don’t set it off – try for another next to it. This is not so terribly rare as I had this 3x, finally winning the third time. Until you get a sprinkle combo, work on the blockers but do not set off the center striped/wrapped combo – or even unlock them (just start over if this happens before you get your sprinkles.)
    2. Swipe the 2 sprinkles immediately which will take out most of the licorice plus remaining blockers.
    3. Next move is to look at the jelly boxes on the right and left. The center box will have a striped/wrapped combo ready to fire but the jellies are double so setting off your combo will only get you half way there. Make any moves you have to get rid of a jelly layer in the right and left boxes – leave the middle box alone.
    4. Once you’re out of moves to the right and left, swipe the center striped/wrapped combo. This will leave you with a few jellies to clean up.
    5. It can still be hard to get those last few jellies. It took a sprinkle/stripe combo for me to clear my last jelly. Clearing the stragglers with just stripes might be possible but it’s probably going to take a combo.


      detailed guidance!! thank you so much!!

    • Nancy Morris

      Thank you so much for your tips, it got me through this level rather quickly. You are right in that creating the color bombs aren’t as difficult as you might think, you just have to watch the board. I created two and then lucked into a simple 3 color combo to combine them. I stopped playing and came back here to read what to do next, haha!


        We are glad to read this Nancy! Keep walking!!!

  20. James

    This level was a nightmare. This is an IMPORTANT TIP. Play this level on your PC. Not only are there no yellows, but the frozen wrapped/striped combo does NOT clear the liquorice in he app version, but it does on the PC version!


      This is pretty important, thanks for noticing it!!

      • Bob

        So what’s the point in the difference between playing it on a phone/tablet or pc, other than crap programming?


          The point of playing on a different device is that some levels create different boards depending on the device you are playing. Also, seeing as phones and tablets get updated later then the PC, they could have easier versions or vice versa. By using this strategy – Crushers have found that they have been able to beat levels that they have been stuck on for ages. Hope this helps :)

  21. Lei

    It baffles me why there are not tio many comments and tips were posted for level 382..that was a killer level! I was stuck for days here!
    I got a lucky board really. What happened to me was when I started i got 4 color bombs in a row. I eliminated colors fast and paved a way for me to clear blockers and jellies and licorice in the left and right side of the board.
    I also made 2 wrapped combos in the middle part that cleared it.
    Then made good combinations to clear 2 jellies in the left side.

    Some useful tips are: this helped me to clearing with just a jelly left
    * make a vertical striped candy to unfreeze the wrapped + striped combo in the middle part. Use it right away before it blasts accudentally. This woud clear the middle portion and remove licorice in the right and left side. You haveto remove licorice so combos would work.

    * Make another wrapped + striped combo near the chocolate fans. Believe me there are lots of opportunities to make special combos. This would clear some pesky chocolates and clear the blockers covering the right and left side.

    * wrapped + wrapped combo or two of it can easily clear jellies and licorice.
    Color bomb + striped combo can be helpful too. If you don’t have this combo just eliminate an of color that does not accidentally blast of your special candies or else you are back to square one.

    Good luck! Oh if you continue playing endlessly you are given a board that is very passable. Happy crushing! Thanks for the tips!


      Thanks for the detailed tips dear! Keep crushing!

  22. tubby moby

    Candy Crush Level 391 – In android and apple phones, the score required is 240,000 and this is impossible unless you are very (10000x) lucky, with striped/packed combination and/or bomb/striped combination at least 10 times during the game. Totally impossible.

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