Candy Crush Saga Level 383

Candy Crush Level 383Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 40,000 points in 50 moves.

All the ingredients will fall in the last column, so there is only a few ways to make them drop. Making horizontal striped candies is the easiest way, but not the most effective. Mixing a wrapped and striped candy will take out 3 rows and columns all at once and making a color bomb and mixing it with a striped candy is the most effective way to bring down the ingredients. Otherwise, there is absolutely no strategy here. You might want to drop some horizontal striped candies down on the bottom towards the end to help when the ingredients get down towards the bottom.

Its about time to beat Candy Crush Level 383! View this video, elaborate the strategy and do it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 383

A striped/wrapped combo is the best way to remove the licorice whirls (3 at a time). Horizontally striped candy matches can remove single ones that may get in between the ingredients.

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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 383”
  1. Lori

    I’ll keep asking this until somebody answers me!!
    WHAT DOES THE RED HAND DO?? It’s on the daily spin & on the board when you play.

    • cathy

      For Lei… yes, it’s frustrating when you ask and don’t get an answer. :)
      It allows you to switch 2 candies that don’t match. You click on one spot on the board and then click on the position next to it, where you want it to go.
      Useful for getting 2 special candies together to make a power combo or for getting rid of that last candy on the board by making a match!
      Did that make sense?

      • cathy

        Pardon me, that reply was for LORI. :) (it’s still early— need more coffee)

  2. Robina

    I kept getting down to just one ingredient and one or two candies left to clear, using striped/wrappeds. Then I got a little frustrated, so I tried a different technique. I played two color bombs off each other. That really cleared things out. I did this twice. It cleared the board completely and the candies dropped right through. I still had many, many plays left. Only got two stars though.


      King does like to put their 3rd star at high points for some levels so don’t be discredited. Well done for passing :)

  3. eugene smith

    I was totally panicking when I read the intro – it says you have 5 moves – then I looked at the picture and saw 50 LOL – much better :)


      Thats great news! :)

  4. Lei

    It is about time I passed this level! It took me longer than everyone else to finish this level. I think i am the only one having a hard time passing this level!
    What i did was i made sure all 4 ingredients are lined up together. Then i made a color bomb + striped combo that cleared the licorice and some candies blocking the exit. Then placed a striped + wrapped combo in the lowest row that cleared the ingredients.

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