Candy Crush Saga Level 384

Candy Crush Level 384Target
Collect all the orders (5 striped/striped mixes) and reach 50,000 points in 40 moves.

The bottom of the board is where the most action is here, and you need to get to it fast as you have 10 move bombs you need out of your way. Match up the locked pieces so you can get into the bomb area, try to match end pieces if you can unlock 2 pieces at a time, that is a big bonus to you. You have 6 striped candles frozen around them to help fill your order list, so use those to your advantage or use one or 2 to clear up the locked pieces to give you a full board to work with. Once the locked pieces are out of your way, start matching up striped candies whereever you can and then you need to mix them just 5 times total and you will finish this one off.

For those of you that are stuck on Candy Crush Level 384 have a look at this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 384

Unlock one corner or side of the locked area at the bottom and release the striped candies to get rid of the bombs. As you start making the matches to complete the orders, be aware that more bombs will be released from the dispensers above.

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7 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 384”
  1. Robina

    Whoa! That went way faster than I expected. Must have been a lucky board. I used a few color bombs to clear things up, and then in between I watched where things fell and arranged striped/stripeds to get all the required combos. Had lots of moves left and wound up with nearly 600 points. Hmmmm?

  2. Jayne Harry

    I am finding this level frustrating. I am sure you will agree that having made it this far, I do have some idea of what I am doing (not doing.) I am watching the bombs carefully but a few times the game finished saying that the bombs are about to explode even though they have 2 moves left. There have also been a couple of incidences where I have matched the 2 striped candies, but they have not registered on my score. I am using a PC and have never experienced any glitches before (lucky me.) This level is a nightmare, but with the glitches as well I have decided to give it a rest for a while. . .


      Having a rest is always a great idea when your finding yourself a bit stuck and hopefully those glitches have sorted them selves out by then! Your luck you haven’t experienced any till now! Happy Crushing

  3. Joni

    This was very tricky. Took about 15 tries. Try and unlock the frozen area. Then switch stripes that were frozen, as many as you can. What really helped me though was using a couple color bombs. I just used them by themselves to clear the board and get rid of bombs, basically starting over. I had about 8 moves left that way.

  4. Lei

    Just mix the free candies inside the locked pieces in the middle to unfreeze the striped combos. You can at least form 2 combos from those frozed striped candies.
    Do not get frazzled with the bombs coming down just use it for the combos.

    • MystiDC

      Thanks Lei. So glad you are joining Pat and the others on a regular basis. Your comments are also very helpful!


        Say that again! This is really helpful!

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