Candy Crush Saga Level 391

Candy Crush Level 391Target
Collect all the orders (77 yellow, 66, blue, 55 red) and reach 240,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 240000 points
2 stars: 500000 points
3 stars: 800000 points

You have 2 outer rows with nothing but 15 move bombs in them, an inner U shaped line of blocks that go away after one hit and leads you down to the 5 frozen color bombs. If you can make some matches with the bombs that are in the columns, go for it, but otherwise you need to get down to the color bombs and then use them to remove the bombs. Try to make striped candies and mix them with the color bombs to get a large amount of candy accounted for in one shot. After that, keep your eyes on the bombs and what pieces you need to complete your orders and you should be good to go.

For the many Crushers that can’t beat Candy Crush Level 391 here is a decent walkthrough video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 391

The hardest part of this level is actually releasing the color bombs. Once you release 2 adjacent color bombs, match them together to clear the bombs. Make vertically striped matches if you want, but do not make horizontally striped ones until you have less than 15 moves left. (More bombs will fall in those outer columns if you disturb the candies in there and those bombs are 15 move bombs.)

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38 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 391”
  1. Denise

    Patricia – Your tip was right on – Use the 2 candy balls to clear out the side bombs – the remainder of the game is just making good choices with striped candies.

  2. Anthony

    I have finished this level on android with one star. There are five color bombs in the bottom. Try to match as many as possible the color bomb with the color candy before matching two color bombs. I hope this tips can be helpful, because i could reach the target points several times before succeded collect the order.


      Thank you for sharing your tips Anthony.. we are expecting for more in the future!!

  3. Lei

    I just finished with 2 stars but i an glad i am finished with this level after watching patricia’s walkthrough video. Thank you!
    *What I did was i had 15 move bombs on the sides. So in the middle box I made some matches for blue, yellow, red candies then made my way down when it is down to 6 moves.
    * I made color bomb + color bomb combo to eliminate all the candies and bombs.
    * Do not make horizontal striped candies as it will bring down more move bombs.
    * Make lots of vertical striped candies to eliminate more candies. A wrapped + wrapped combo made it easier for me to eliminate more candies without freeing bombs.
    * in every move make sure to eliminate the required candies so you would get nearer to your goal.
    Good luck! Keep on crushing!

  4. Tox

    I played this on my ipad for two weeks and never came close to getting the points I needed. After reading this page, I played on my PC and cleared the level on the first attempt. Thanks, but how frustrating!


      good to read that! Keep crushing!

  5. Sarah

    Run an update it gives lots of points now. Now I just have to get the orders again!


      Good news Sarah :)

  6. Sarah

    wtf? Also can’t get the points but have cleared orders several times. Watched Patricia’s video and the points are much more generous than on IPad. The most points I have got is 176,000 and that was with four extra colour bombs – there must be a problem. I think I will try to figure out how to do it on pc. I just want to finishe and move on from Candy Crush.


      yes, give it a go on pc! Patricia and Matt did it on PC

  7. Rachel

    My gf can collect the orders with no problem and the highest score she can get is 230000 but nothing past that and that’s using her iPad. She has spent several weeks on this level and still trying to beat it without the cheats nor having to spend money.

  8. carla

    I keep clearing orders just cant reach the points. Has anyone passed it on mobile version (Android)?? Is it passable?


      sure it is.. thousands pass it everday :)

  9. Jeff

    Ok i watched the above posted video and im guessing it must have beeb done on a pc. I noticed after the player cleared out the opening bombs their acore was over 400,000 and mine at that point is only 75 to 100 thousand. The first time i filled the orders i still had 13 moves left and ended up with 160,000 points. They must get a lot more points on pc for bombs than we do on iphone. Jmo

    • s20100

      Actually the video jumps in just 2 moves to >400’000, which I have never seen happening ever on the thousands of games I played on any plateform I played on. I suspect that first, the video might not be entirely genuine, and second there is a glitch on the mobile version for this level 391 between scoring and score target. A fix would be nice, but the price of success seem to be a low concern for players’ feedback by King.

      • s20100

        Hi people, the bug was fixed in the just arrived latest update of CandyCrush for mobile, although the list of changes does not mention removal of bugs: the people at King must only be a little shy! Thanks in all cases


          Great news indeed :)

  10. Monica

    This is so bs I’ve collected the order several times but to get that score of 240000 is impossible


      its tough indeed, but you can definitely do it, if other people already passed the level with not spending even a cent!

  11. lisa duke

    how do you download a pc version ? i can’t get the score on ipad or iphone and i have a macbook – when i look in the app store there isn’t candy crush to download onto a pc ?


      You just need to connect your device with your fb account and then play the game on your pc (via facebook)

  12. tubby moby

    Give up on Level 391 – must be a programming bug to set target at 240,000 on ipad and android phones.


      why don’t you give it a go on PC?

      • Chessie Bess

        What about the people that don’t have a PC? All I have is my phone to play on. Am I just supposed to quit playing?


          probably you should consider playing this level on a friend’s pc.. just thinking!

      • s20100

        To do that you need a PC. Who has one these days?

  13. Katie

    I can only play on my iPhone or iPad and I have the same problem with this level! I’m pretty ticked off at how many times I’ve completed the order but never even come close to the amount of points needed and the money I’ve spent! How come there aren’t any bombs (just count down candys) on the mobile devices?

  14. Bert

    Can you fix the bug in this level.
    On. I-Pad it is impossible to reach the 240 000 points.
    I am not the only one complaining abouth this.


      we definitely can’t fix anything. We are not connected to King, we are just a support community! Actually there is not a bug.. it just a big score to beat. You can report your complaint by dropping a message at

  15. Trina

    Only got three more and I’ve completed it but it won’t take me past 391 grr

  16. Trina

    Same here I’ve done this level 10 times on my phone and its not taking me to 392,does anyone know why?


      Did you complete all orders and got 240000?

  17. Jose M Alicea

    You can’t Garantee ??? Really?? there is a real problem ( Glitch) on Iphone version and Im sure in android version too. So dont assuming and look at it… Im not the only that have the same problem. Use google and you will be aware about the problem. thank youuuuu


      You misunderstand our role here! We are not the developers of the game, we are just a support community! Are you aware of that?

  18. Marie Pyatt

    Level 391 is impossible on iPhone. Its easy enough to collect all orders but impossible to get the score needed. I know people say to go on pic but I only ever play on phone and completed all other levels this way. Is there any chance this problem will be sorted soon?


      sometimes newer versions of several levels have different target (probably the score will be reduced), but we can’t guarantee about that!

      • Marie Pyatt

        So how do I get passed it if the score doesn’t reduce and what do I do in the meantime. I have continued trying and not even been close to the score needed. It’s really frustrating.


          I don’t know what to suggest! Any thought of switching to pc for the specific level!

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