Candy Crush Level 395Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 40,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

The left side is filled with double hit blocks and the right side is filled with spinners. Hidden within each is a color bomb and horizontal striped candy, but you nee to make your way through both sides to get the ingredients to fall. Only the 3 columns on the left and right will allow you to exit, so it’s best to clear up a bit of the middle area to open up 4 columns to work with and try to make vertical matches to hit more blocks or spinners at a time.

Are you stuck on Candy Crush Level 395? Then you are pretty tough player! Watching the vid below will probably help you:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 395

Break the cream blocks to release the color bomb. Match it with the striped candy provided. Do the same if necessary with the licorice whirl side.