Candy Crush Saga Level 396

Candy Crush Level 396Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 70,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 70000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 125000 points

The good news is there isn’t a lot of jelly to clear, but all of it is double jelly. here are also three 9 move bombs to contend with. Work on the bombs first and chocolate as you can, try to remove the top chocolate to give you some space to work down into and take out 2 chocolate at a time whenever possible.

Walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 396! You have to watch it if you are stuck:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 396

Clear the chocolate as you make special candies to clear the bombs. Striped candies or maybe a striped/wrapped combo is really all that’s needed for this level.

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16 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 396”
  1. Robina

    Your site used to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed the realistic interaction with other players and Patricia. So now that you have removed all of that, I am searching for a better site to interact with for solving Candy Crush mysteries and puzzles. Thank you for all of the previous support from this site.

    • Robina

      As it turns out, my internet security was blocking some (not all) input from some sites. My husband who was a tech at Microsoft sleuthed by system and repaired it. Now I receive feedback again from your site. Thank you for helping me to solve this (ahmmm).


        We’re happy that you were able to sort it Robina and sorry we couldn’t get back to you sooner. Happy Crushing :)

    • Robina

      p.s. Once I was able to clear the bombs at the bottom of this puzzle (which wasn’t always possible), then crushing the jellies was pretty straight forward.


        Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Buzz Buzzard

    Given that I nearly cried at level 394 and thought that I would definitely be quitting CCS, these last two were actually fun again. Got through them both on the first try. Whereas level 394 made me consider psychiatric counseling.


      Lol Buzz how funny! Hopefully your not serious about the counselling and very well done for getting to level 394!

    • Soncie22

      Oh no!! No no no no noooo!! This is not good at all. I’ve just started level I’m really nervous..However, I appreciate your candor–even got a good chuckle as a result. On the bright side, you did manage to get thru it. so there is that.

  3. Wicked lol

    After I got rid of the bombs, I found it easiest to pop the furthest jellies on either sides first. The rest of the jellies were a breeze to finish off.


      That’s great!

  4. Lei

    Just keep on matching blue and green candies and make lots of combos so more blues and greens would come down. The more you eliminate the more candies come down. Fun level!


      Thanks for the tips Lei?

    • charlaew

      I’m relatively certain these comments should be for level 397. That level requires collecting blue and green candies to complete. Maybe they can be moved?


        Oops you are absolutely right.. i am not sure we can move them :/ will try it!

  5. bookworm

    I cannot get iPad to update level 396 but I can play on my pc which I don’t like


      you need to be patient for the next episode to launch on Mobile Devices!

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