Candy Crush Saga Level 400

Candy Crush Level 400Target
Collect all the orders (20 color bombs) and reach 20,000 points in 45 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 300000 points
3 stars: 400000 points

Since you already have 14 color bombs frozen for you, you really only need to make 6 of them. Try to remove the 3 pieces of chocolate and unfreeze the top pieces. Once you clear that up, hit up the eggs below the spinners to see what you can find. Remember that mixing 2 color bombs will remove all the candy on the board or unlock anything that is locked.

Not able to pass Candy Crush Level 400? Why don’t you take a minute to watch our walkthrough video?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 400

Work to expose 2 adjacent color bombs and match them. This removes most (if not all) the other color bombs and exposes whatever’s in the mystery candies in the least amount of moves.

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 400”
  1. Sharon Williams

    This is the never ending land of chocolates.


      Chocolate we love to hate! Lol

  2. CM

    I have been coming here for a while to get tips, and I notice that it is really difficult to decipher some of the “instructions,” because people use different words for the items in the game. “Wrapped” candy and “Striped” candy seem to be straightforward. Jelly is straightforward. But every other game piece seems to have multiple names and I often can’t figure out if I’m understanding the writer. “Colour bombs,” “chocolate bombs,” “sprinkle candies…” all the same thing? Pizza? Frozen candies? Eggs? Marmalade?

    Maybe we need a Legend (diagram with names of the game pieces)


      That’s a great suggestion CM! We will get one of those created so that all Crushers can enjoy and will let you guys know when its published via Facebook and News on our crushingcandies homepage :) We will have it ready by the end of the week!

      • Patty

        Great idea for a legend, but please call the nut ingredient by its correct name – it’s a hazelnut, not an acorn (that’s squirrel food!)

      • Lia

        Did the Legend ever get created?

  3. Linda

    I’ve tried all the above but some of my color bombs aren’t being counted. I play on my I pad and count how many I make and it doesn’t subtract from what I need. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. Karen

    Noticed that if you combine a chocolate candy with a wrapped one, you create a second chocolate (both of which explode, but it doesn’t matter here)


      thanks for underlining that!

  5. Lei

    And i thought 400 would be an easy level, i finished it and just happy to move on., 400 is a big milestone!
    Thank you for all your tips and videos!
    * Open up all the frozen candies, make a wrapped + striped combo to remove chocolate in the middle and unfreeze the color bombs.. You only have to make 6 more color bombs.
    * Open up each color bomb one by one. When you use 1 color bomb, stop to check the board for potential color bombs, do the move to make more color bombs then use the next color bombs.
    * Remove an off color the one with less color candies so there would be more opportunities to make more color bombs with candies of the same color.
    * Do not expose all color bombs at the same time. Do not make a color bomb + color bomb combo, it eliminates all candies therefore you lose your 14 opportunities to form more color bombs.

    • Susan

      Cannot get through this level no matter what I do. It’s very discouraging so I just move on to other games. I will sure miss CC.


        Hello Susan! Did you read all the tips/chat for level 400? I am confident that some tips/strategies will work for you!!

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