Candy Crush Saga Level 402

Candy Crush Level 402Target
Collect all the orders (7 color bombs) and reach 10,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 165000 points
3 stars: 185000 points

Alright, a whole lot of locked pieces with a few blocks involved. Look over the entire cage of pieces and see if you can find some pieces to unlock right off the start. The more you can unlock, the easier this level will be. Remember, the goal here is to create 7 color bombs (1 is pre-frozen, so really only 6), but the only way you are going to do that is to clear space. Try to focus more on the upper half, but unlock pieces at every opportunity. If you can create a vertical striped candy, those are ideal for plowing through the locks to give you more to play with.

Candy Crush Level 402 walkthrough video in order to help you beat this level

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 402

Break the blocks to give yourself room to create the color bombs, but constantly scan the board for almost made color bombs—they pop up frequently with this level.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 402”
  1. Anton

    Play this game on your pc. You have no yellow candies there.

    • Laurie S.

      And if you play it on mobile you have no purple, either way you have 5 colors on board….

  2. cand

    Ufff struggling with this level…. don’t mind to struggle if the level is funny or interesting, but this one is boring like hell… can lead me to stop here:/


      Hang in there Cand, take a break a play Dreamworld for a day and see what results you get when you return to the Candy Crush Saga!

  3. Danniella Woods

    I played this board about 20 times! Then I came here for advice like I always do when I can’t pass the board and passed on the first try! Thanks for the tips about staying up top!!!! Once I concentrated on breaking open the locked candies and then focused all attn towards the top of the became very easy!! Thanks!


      Glad we can help and you passed within an hour! Wooo! If you come up with any tips please do not hesitate to let us know :)

  4. Danniella Woods

    Wow ! Im surprised So many of you all are saying this level is very easy! I’m finding it to be hard :-( I’ve read the tips and watched the vid.. hopefully I’ll go pass it!


      Good Luck, we know you can do it!

  5. Joni

    Took about 15 tries or so. I found freeing up cages candies is really important to free up board so color bomb can be made. I played all over the board at that point just looking for any way to make a color bomb. Some just popped up on the board, others I really had to look for, move candies around to make.

  6. Mark

    Wow. How do you ever get past this one?


      Please read Pat’s & Lei’s tips on this level.. they definitely work!

    • john

      i hear ya got down to 7 moves left and got my first color bomb wow eh ,cages and lickorice blocks not inpressed

  7. Lei

    Since you have limited space before you make your first move, check locked candies if you can make color bombs. Then make color bombs in the upper part of the board. Because if you make it in the bottom part, you have limited space you can barely make color bombs.
    You can also make color bombs on the left and right side of the board it is easier to make color bombs there. Quite a difficult level. Good luck!


      oops, if Lei says its difficult, the things are tough :/

      • Lei

        Haha yes it was quite difficult but very doable and passable level it takes a lot of patience.

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