Candy Crush Saga Level 404

Candy Crush Level 404Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 55,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 55000 points
2 stars: 1100000 points
3 stars: 140000 points

This is pretty tricky since it looks innocent with just the 3 rows of jelly up top, but below all of the 2, 3, and 4 hit blockers hides more jelly! With a wall of chocolate fans, you have to shoot vertical striped candies down through this to make a dent to open up room. The frozen jelly is great as it will remove some of it. Try to match up the candy in the top 3 rows before heading down to the jelly so it will break up some of the jelly on the bottom. Note that on top and bottom of the chocolate fans are teleporters that move the pieces from the top down to the bottom once spaces opens up. The sooner you can make room down below, the faster you can open up room down there and achieve your goal.

Take a few moments in order to watch our video on how to pass Candy Crush Level 404:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 404

The chocolate in this level is really dangerous. It will eat the jellyfish, if you’re not quick enough, it can clog up the upper level making opening the bottom impossible and if it grows across the teleports, it stops the flow of candies to any jellies you open on the bottom. Try for anything that goes vertically to break those bottom blocks as quickly as possible.

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21 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 404”
  1. Lynda

    How do you know where the Jelly’s are in the bottom?

  2. Denise

    Reread tips supplied by players – paid attention to keeping the teleports moving – Surprise candy crushed with lots of moves to spare – 3 stars – I have to agree with Judi Jxnfan, confusing level; my board still had more than half the bottom covered when it crushed. I say, don’t look a gift horse in the eye!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rough

    Stuck about a day but finally got it! It seems the tip to clear as many jellies as u can at the top doesn’t really work for me. Somehow or rather 1. One or two of my fishes got eaten by the chocolate 100% of the time 2. I still have few jellies left uncleared at the top and wasted few fishes eating those jellies 3. worst, after all of that I am left with just over 25 moves to work the rest of the board with. So this is what I do 1. Select the board, I would only play if I could create a combination of a sprinkle and a stripe. This will clear the board instantly and unleash all the fishes at one go without losing any to a chocolate. That’s 27 fishes and 27 jellies/blocks cleared. Good thing is you would be left with still over 35 moves and the top board almost clear using this strategy. 2. Work to open up and clear the blocks at the bottom. 3. Let the chocolate spread on 1 side of the cleared board at the top if that helps, so it would not disturb the bottom board. 3. Be lucky, not all bottom blocks have jellies so strategize to maximize your moves. 4. Create stripes or sprinkles in the top board and create chances for them to fall into the bottom board. 5. Stripes or combination of wrapped and stripe don’t work well at the bottom as it only do 1 off wiping. Since some of the blocks in the bottom board are 4-hit blocks, a combination of a sprinkle and a stripe will do a better trick to clear the bottom board cause the wiping action is overlapping. Hope that helps!????

  4. Stacy

    I dont get this level. I cleared it without breaking completely thru the bottom at all.

  5. Joni

    So tricky. Felt lucky to finish in about 30 or so tries. I did try my best to eliminate as many jellies up top as possible before freeing fish just as everyone says. I also just really tried for as many combos as possible involving either color bomb and stripe or vertical stripes. The key I feel is to get that bottom section open. Once you do that, it is pretty easy. ONCE you do that though. Getting there is hard!

  6. Lei

    Very tricky level indeed! You have 27 jellies under 2-hit, 3-hit, 4-hit blocks in the bottom part of the board. Each fish removes 3 jellies. You have 9 fishes 9 x 3 = 27jellies to eat. You need to use all fishes.
    * Your priority here is clean up all visible jellies in the upper part of the board. After all if that is clean or majority of it is cleaned, it is the only time you unfreeze the fishes because when you do, chocolate starts eating it up too.
    * if you lost a fish to chocolate it happened to me a lot of times, make sure you make a fish + color bomb combo. When you have that combo one fish will produce 6 fishes in all. Enough to clear jellies.
    * do not let chocolate gobble up your fish. Combine fish with special candies for maximum damage.
    Good luck!

    • john59011

      Just how do you avoid losing at least one jellyfish after one gets unfrozen to the chocolate ? Always lose one jellyfish, even if the chocolate does avoid any more if it can. Maybe requires a following cascade, to set some off, with a wrapped candy exploding…seems very very difficult !!

      Very hard to clear all the upper jelly too, before touching the frozen jellyfish, making more work in the lower portion to be done. To overcome the loss of one jellyfish, you need the convenience of a colour bomb next to a jellyfish….very hard too !!

      So far, just a stinker of a level, no fun and all frustration. Still no strategy found to pass the level, except get very very lucky as above, or to get two colour bombs side by side early on.

      • Lei

        Oh that was my main problem when I started opening things up. What I did was for every fish i lost i made sure I get a fish + color bomb combo = 6 fishes produced not just 3! So that pretty much made up for my one lost fish gobbled up by chocolate!

        • Joni

          I am not finding that mixing a color bomb with a fish gives 6 fish. It gives 3 speckled fish that just clear 3 spaces on my board.

          • Joni

            Now I am finding that sometimes mixing fish with color bomb gives me six and sometimes it doesn’t. Weird.

  7. Rachel

    Did this one finally. The trick was first clearing the top jelly before freeing the fish,then setting the fish free without losing any to the chocolate. Then, the fish ate all the jelly under the blocks on the bottom.

    Simple but not easy. Took a lot of lives.


      Good tip here Rachel! Thanks for sharing!

  8. mary a

    Ok, really weird. I just completed the level with 20 moves left and tons of blocks still covered in the bottom rows. I still don’t get it! Oh well…moving on :)


      Guess the important thing here is that you passed the level! Keep crushing!!

      • mary a

        Now I am stuck on 406. Another very hard level that I have no clue about! The tips don’t help. :(


          Sorry to read this!! IF neither matt’s nor Patricia tips helped try Chris tips: I got this after two attempts. One coconut wheel combo (so two coconut wheels) left me with two color bombs together. That basically cleaned everything up apart from one cherry. Dropped that with a horizontal stripey.

        • Lei

          Yes the strategy and tips posted by the crushingcandies team are helpful you are not always assured you would be given the very same board but the point here is you can always copy the strategies and do the tips posted here so you have a fighting chance to pass this level.

  9. mary a

    I don’t get this. How do you know where the jellies are at the bottom? Not that I can even get anything down there. One of the most boring and pointless levels.

    • Lei

      Nope you would not know which block has a jelly under it. The fishes themselves are programed to eat any jelly left.

  10. belilou

    you still have bottom 3 blocks but level was completed???

    • Lei

      Yes because the fishes ate the jellies under those blocks.

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