Candy Crush Saga Level 409

Candy Crush Level 409Target
Bring the ingredients down (1 acorn, 1 cherry) and score 20,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 80000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

While there are only 2 ingredients that need to go down, this gets tricky because the ingredients keep cycling from one the dispenser column to the one next to it with the teleporter and keep going back and forth. What you need to do is two fold. You need to create a vertical striped candy in the center column to shoot down and unfreeze the striped candies and from here you can mix the striped candies, but make sure you mix it so it shoots through the bottom pieces of the cannons. Now from here, you need to remove all the pieces of the cannons to open up the exits for the ingredients. If either ingredient is in the outer of the 2 columns it keeps fluctuating between and you have an opportunity to swap it to the last 2 columns do it, because it can sit there and once the cannon is removed and shoots off, the ingredient will drop right through! You will still need to create vertical striped candies to get to the bottom pieces in the cannon after setting off the striped candies in the middle on the bottom.

Watch this video in order to beat Candy Crush Level 409! You need to elaborate the tactic we utilize in order to beat this level

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 409

You have dual priorities here: moving the ingredients to the exit columns (above the cannons) and clearing the cannons. Of the two, moving the ingredients can be the tougher one to do. Striped/wrapped combos can clear the cannons quicker than vertically striped candy matches.

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34 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 409”
  1. JanC

    Tried twice, couldn’t figure it out, came here, read Robina’s strategy and got it, easy as pie, first time! Thanks, Robina! Three stars, played on an iphone, no facebook, no helpers, free or paid

  2. Lori

    This level has got to be the absolute worst one yet!! I’ve never considered giving up on CC but this one just may be the end!!
    If I get the pies to break, I can’t get the ingredient down & out. Have gotten one out of the hundreds of times I’ve played!!! Tried all the strategies & I guess this one is just pure luck!!
    Either way this level BLOWS!!! Boring as hell!!!

  3. Robina

    I almost lost interest in Crushing during my working of this one. It just seemed impossible to get those ingredients to go sideways AND knock out the pudding cakes (or whatever they are called). Not to mention how boring it was since I couldn’t seem to rely on any future set-ups since things seemed to move unpredictably.

    What started working for me was to REMEMBER that I could knock out the entire top halves of the cakes by just matching candies of three across or three down. This is actually pretty easy to do.

    Also it helped for me to remember to look (between each move) for opportunities to:
    1) move ingredients sideways
    2) make vertical stripes (or vertical/horizontals or striped/wrappeds) that can take out parts of the cake
    3) Trigger the two lower middle horizontal stripeds
    4) Set off color bombs that match one of the horizontal candies at the lower center
    I had mental lists of things to look for between each move.

    I got my three stars on this one by figuring out a strategy that started getting me reliably and consistently close, game after game. Ooooofffff.

  4. Kim

    I just want to say this was a very challenging level. The hardest part was getting the ingredients moved over but it can be done! hang in there folks, you CAN do it!!


      Some are worst then others Kim, but thanks for the encouragement it can go a long way! :)

  5. Mbrown

    Worst level yet! Cannot move both objects to above cakes and burst cakes. I can’t believe people actually pass this level. Too hard and skill doesn’t matter, just luck and I am not one of the lucky ones !


      Give yourself a break and maybe luck will come your way when you return! Good Luck :)

  6. Ron

    This is by far the most boring level of all. I understand how to solve the level, but the amount of luck needed is just ridiculous. Luck is more needed than skill.
    The nice thing about finishing a difficult level is the satisfaction that you did it. I’ve been jumping up and down screaming YES! after finishing level 350.
    This level will not give that satisfaction, because it’s not me that did it, it’s just the damn luck of the right candies dropping from above, so a horizontal switch is possible.
    I’ve tried every booster I got from the wheel of fortune that works in this level, still no chance of finishing this level.

    If it was a fun level to play, it would be ok, but just making combination to see what candies are coming from the top is just no fun.

    I quit. (wow, that felt good)

  7. khandie

    I am about done with this. I am no expert but i manage to get to this level in 3months. After having a hard time with 347 and 350, this is the worst level yet. I am so annoyed and i’m about done playing because this level is making me hate the game. It is supposed to be fun and its contributing to my foul mood right on Christmas eve. This level is BRUTAL..I AM DONE!!!!!

  8. Doug

    Got the fruit to the top of the donut. Tweaked to blast away at it and then used a lollipop hammer to clear the last piece. Fruit fell right through.

  9. Lisa

    After being stuck for over a week I used the strategy of moving both ingredients to one side. It took one try to clear the level!


      Well done Lisa!

  10. Meesh

    I am ready to give up…either get two ingredients moved to exit columns OR pizzas removed but never both!

    • Ron

      It’s a cake, not a pizza. Otherwise it would be called Pasta Crush instead of Candy Crush! ;-)

      • Sherry

        You can blame Patricia for the pizza description. ;) But it is a wedding or anniversary cake in either Chinese or Japanese tradition – I think Chinese, since it’s introduced in Pudding Pagoda.

        And clearing the cake does not release a “cannon”, it’s a Temple Gong that goes off with the GONG mallet produced when you clear the cake.

        King programmers obviously tried to introduce a bit of International culture to the game, which I appreciate. Much better than some of the lamer “saga” stories a few stages back and the “sparkly hair” saga on this 400 level. LOL

  11. Meesh

    Ready to give up…been playing this level for almost a week.occasionally get either acorn and cherry moved to exit columns or pizzas removed but never both!

  12. eugene

    the hint to use a speckled bomb to clear a color to make it easier to move the ingredients is the one that did it for me – once I tried that it only took 2 tries . Thanks for all the great hints….

  13. Joni

    I beat it after 2 1/2 days. I never thought I would beat it at all, but I kept practicing how to move the objects. That was really hard for me. In the end because that was so hard, I moved each item to its own side of the board in one of two arrow portals. Then I was lucky enough to get each pizza down to 1 or 2 pieces, unfreeze bottom center stripes and move the top stripe down over the bottom stripe that cleared both pizzas at the same time and both objects.

  14. Nancy

    Have tried all of these strategies and am still stuck. I mostly want to get through this level and the next few quickly, because that guy’s drippy nose makes me nauseated!


      All i can say is that you’ve made it this far, so you can definitely beat it! Just hold on and good luck!

    • Joni


  15. Yvonne

    Have noticed the video supposedly showing how to beat this level has no yellow candies! With one less colour getting in way, combos are much easier to game has all colours, why? Fed up and bored with playing this one day after day an
    Not coming close


      Are you playing on mobiles? If yes please try the pc version! Don’t give up! And do read the tips/discussion that took place here!

    • Ron

      The mobile version has yellow instead of purple candies. So the number of different colors is the same.

  16. KT

    I just noticed that if you combine 2 wrapped candies you will clear 90%-100% of the pizza in one move. I am still struggling to move the ingredients and haven’t yet completed this level. 1 1/2 days so far :(


      1 1/2 is not much if you ask us.. other crushers spend months for a specific level.. guess you are a capable crusher so you will do it in the next 2-3 days!

  17. Lei

    A very tricky level this is! I have to say i tried different strategies in here, i tried the strategy where you bring the 2 ingredients into 1 side and when the cannon goes of you are cleared. Did not work for me as it was a lot of work to move an ingredient to 1 side and a whole different level of difficulty to more the 2nd ingredient to the same side by 4-5 moves!
    Some strategies I did:
    * made a color bomb and cleared an off color candy that removed it from the board making it easier for me to swap the ingredients with candies, easier to move it sidewards.
    * Made a vertical striped candy to unfreeze the 2 frozen striped candies. I then swapped them removing the lower bits of the pudding cake.
    * While slowly clearing bits of the pudding cake, look for chances to move ingredients to 2 different sides. If you see 3 same colored candies surrounding the ingredient, you can start swapping and moving it to the exit columns it does not matter which row it moves just as long as the ingredients are placed in the exit columns. When the canons go of, you are cleared!

    Good luck! I finished this level with only 2 moves to spare, 3 stars after about 4 days.


      tough level indeed! Only 2 moves.. that was clooose!

      • Lei

        Yes it was just very tricky but very passable.
        Oh i actually noticed something here I made a wrapped + wrapped combo here I combined it and the ingredients got lost flew somewhere i could not see anymore! That was weird but that was the first time it happened to me. I just replayed it again as the ingredients just blasted or something.

    • Cornel

      I actually beat this level with10 moves left by bringing the ingredients to one side


        Thanks for sharing your tips Cornel!

  18. Emma

    I cleared the cannon but the ingredient didn’t fall through. Is there a bug on this level


      will contact Pat and come back!


        Problem solved, right?

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