Candy Crush Saga Level 410

Candy Crush Level 410Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 155,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 155000 points
2 stars: 265000 points
3 stars: 295000 points

The entire level is covered with double jelly and to complicate things you have 4 30 move bombs in each bottom corner, a chocolate fan in the center at the bottom and spinner dispensers in the middle 3 columns. Your small bonus here are the 2 frozen vertical striped candies on the far left and far right that will shoot down and give you one hit on the bombs to remove 2 of them, but you will need to create another vertical striped candy in the second and second to last row to completely eliminate them. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to take care of them. It’s probably easiest if you take care of the 6 double jelly pieces in the 2 rows on top of the fan so you don’t forget which has chocolate and which doesn’t. Then go for striped candies and massive carnage with striped, wrapped and color bomb mixes.

If you are stuck on Candy Crush Level 410 you should take a few minutes to watch this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 410

You have 2 moves before the chocolate starts growing so use them to take out as many jellies surrounding the chocolate factory as possible. You want the annoying licorice whirls to drop on the chocolate factory to immobilize it. Then move to clear the bombs. Unlock the striped candies in the corners and create any specials you can. A striped/wrapped combo dropped low enough can take out all the bombs or create a color bomb and match that to the predominate color of the bombs to remove them. After that, work to clear the remaining jellies and release the chocolate if you have any jellies underneath to clear.

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30 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 410”
  1. Robina

    I’m not sure why this level was so challenging for me, but as soon as I got a board where I was down to just a two jellies left, I started using some of the goodies I had gotten from the wheel (lollipop and some kind of chocolate troll which appeared). It worked.

  2. Kami

    First 2 attempts at this level gave me stripes and multiple color bombs that were just there for me. Both tries I was within 1-2 jellies of winning. I thought, this is so easy for the final episode of a level. My charmed existence come to a crashing end and I haven’t had even the smallest amount of luck since. Sinking feeling knowing I have 3 hammers I could have used on my first attempt (well I really only needed 1!) and been done and over with this long ago blissfully unaware of how difficult it really is.

  3. noncentric

    Ugh, this level is a challenge. Have played about 50 lives, and had 5 games where there was only one jelly remaining. Those remaining jellies were always in the row directly above the chocolate factory.

    From the other comments, it sounds like I need to change my gameplay and focus on the center jellies at the outset. Usually, I try to get the color bombs cleared first…and that obviously hasn’t been working.

  4. Joni

    Getting a lucky board DID not hurt. LOL I got a chocolate ball and a stripe and that took care of all the bombs. VERY LUCKY. Also somehow a piece of licorice fell down and blocked the chocolate factory for a great portion of the game. As well, I have some free lollipop hammers from the Bonus Wheel and used one of those. It took a few days, but the right board just came along. RELIEVED.

  5. Bill

    This level drove me nuts for better part of two days. Was so close many times. The tips here helped some. Remove jellies by chocolate maker early. A stripped candy to drop licorices on chocolate maker helps, At the same time make sure to take out the bombs. Always look for a way to make a donute hole stripped candy. Luck also helps ton’s.


      Well done for seeing it through :) And luck does play a factor into these, but thank you for your helpful tip

  6. Drvvn2skcede

    I got past this level but it was mostly luck. I used the strategy of trying to clear the jellies near the chocolate factory first but that only got me so far and I couldn’t block it with a licorice so I moved onto the bombs. I was lucky to have a few bombs that could be cleared with just matches and then I got sprinkle/stripe match that cleared all but one bomb and most of the built up chocolate. The last bomb I cleared with a match and a couple moves later I again got a sprinkle/stripe combo that cleared most of the board except a few jellies at the chocolate factory and in the corners. A couple quick matches at the factory and a horizontal stripe on the bottom row cleared the rest for me with two moves to spare.


      Thanks for sharing your experience! Keep crushing

      • Tiger

        I use the bonus wheel every daywhich is great. However when I spin it and get a lollipop hammer as a prize it never materialise, Do you know why this is and can it be fixed.


          these games experiences technical glitches all the time – your best bet is to turn your device off and on again or try using a wheel on a different device to see if it works there :)

  7. James

    My God. What a level. Finally beat it on my iPhone a few minutes ago after a good 50 goes at it. I’ll admit that I ran out of moves with one single jelly left, so I bought 5 extra moves just to finish it!

    Blocking the chocolate fan with a liquorice whirl is the way to beat this level.


      It’s a relief to beat a level after 50 tries! Keep crushing james!

  8. Lei

    A very difficult level i have to say i almost deleted the game after being stuck here for days! One of the more difficult levels after 350. I stopped playing it on iphone bec nothing is happening there no good combos i played kn pc.
    I just started with a very good board on pc.
    * I started clearing the bombs because those are the most difficult to eliminate. I got 2 wrapped candies that cleared one side. The other clearedby wrapped + striped combo. This combo was formed right on top of the chocolate factory.
    * the 2 frozen striped candies can be helpful tok. You can blast it down. But you need to form 2 second striped candies to eliminate the remaining bombs.
    * i blasted 1 striped in the middle then licorice started falling that stopped the chocolate factory. I started clearing some jellies bec i got a color bomb that cleared almost everything.
    * i used the free bubblegum troll in pc to stop the chocolate factory for 5 moves. I cleared everything in that 5 moves.
    Good luck guys! I suggest play this in pc it is a lot simpler there.


      So PC is probably the solution for people stuck on 410! Thanks for highlighting that!

      • Pat

        I beat it finally on iPad. But had to buy extra moves and lollipop hammer.


          Good to read this, though you can definitely make without boosters!

      • Lei

        Yes this one I think is best played on pc! For some reason the pc version is easier than the mobile version.

  9. Emily

    Just FYI, this level is MUCH easier on the computer (Facebook) than it is on mobile devices. The board is more open on the computer (as shown in the video), so it’s easier to get at the bombs. I tried it a dozen times on my iPhone, with no success, but when I sat down to play at my computer, I got it on the 2nd attempt. Hope this helps someone out there who might be frustrated with the mobile version!


      Lei reported the same! Guess Everyone should try it on PC

  10. Jjones

    62/66 twice then 65/66 jellies on 410!!
    On iPhone with no boosters so far, I did notice extras (free?) on the Facebook version but that’s cheating ! ?
    Probably 3 weeks of 410 ……
    411 seems far off in the distance……..


      aouch! this was too close!!! Keep trying

  11. Emma

    Omg completed this level on second attempt…yay…I’m playing on android mobile too.
    Best tip use 2wrapped bombs together as clears a lot of jelly.
    Now what to do until the update


      not able to play on PC? there are 70 extra levels waiting for you!

  12. Sumiya



      ! good cheat i guess ! Real crushers shouldn’t try it!

    • Lisa

      I did that, but didn’t get any boosters.

  13. Viv

    I must have played this level 100s of times and still no luck


      did you read all comments and tips? did you try to take advantage of them?

  14. Erica vogels

    Grrrrr trying this level for 8 weeks now, and stil didn’t make it….a few times i was so close…bu t yet so far away…


      did you try to follow Matt’s or Pat’s strategy?

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