Candy Crush Saga Level 412

Candy Crush Level 412Target
Collect all the orders (5 striped/striped mixes) and reach 5,000 points in 25 moves.

1 star: 5000 points
2 stars: 30000 points
3 stars: 40000 points

You need to use the striped candies as they are still available before they cyclones get them. You are given 9 striped candies that are frozen with one block in between them. Remove the single hit blocks (preferably with a vertical match to allow the candies to drop right on top of each other and then mix them. Be aware of how you mix them though as you don’t want to shoot through them. These cyclones are super dangerous and random, fortunately they only take the piece out for 2 turns.

If stuck on Candy Crush Level 412 you need to watch this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 412

The frozen striped candies already provided can help, but it is possible the twisters will take them too. A candy goes around a wrecked square until it heals, which can lead to the striped candies you create exploding before you can match them.

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 412”
  1. Megan

    I finished level 412 an uninstall the game. The Cyclones are not fair. 4 times in that game I made a striped ball and had it immediately erased by a cyclone. That’s not fair and its not fun. I’ve spent money on the game and I don’t mind it because I was enjoying it. I expect it to be hard but I expect it to be fair and this isn’t. And the Cyclones are not random. They pop up in the worst possible places. Bye

    • Marsha

      I agree Megan…I’M out too!!!!

  2. Nancispin

    I passed this level ONLY because the game was stuck on my IPAD and gave me 79 moves! But hey…I will take it!!!!!

  3. Sam

    Play this one via Facebook, on PC there is only 1 tornado!!! Been stuck for days on my phone, then tried on PC and completed it second try!


      Your right Sam! For some reason levels play better on different devices, who knows… But well done :)

    • Debi

      Not on my PC. Four cyclones, all evil.

  4. Wendy

    Got through in 2 tries. When i had one pair left to get, mixed a wrapper and stripe and it took out all the cyclones for a few turns.


      Good going, keep posting your tips

  5. Kzd

    This level is bugged at least on Android, a lot of the marmalade blocks don’t break the first time.


      any other to report the same issue?

    • Lucciola

      I think these tornado things are what will inspire me to finally quit. The bombs almost did it for me, but these are horrible and frustrating. It’s really more aggrivation than fun anymore. Besides, I have spent waaaaay too much $$ already, doubt I will be spending any more on this.


        if you’ve reached 412 then you are definitely capable to beat it.. having said that i totally feel you about the tornados – such a devil-sh invention! I would suggest that you read tips/discussion that took place here!

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