Candy Crush Saga Level 417

Candy Crush Level 417Target
Bring the ingredients down (3 acorns) and score 30,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 130000 points

Okay, you have 3 ingredients to bring down the entire left column and then over to the right hand column that is filled with 4 and 5 hit blocks. All of the 6 cyclones are over on the right side initially, but shoot over everywhere, so try to move the ingredients down and shoot a few horizontal striped candies over to help clear out more. You are given 2 coconut wheels that you should use vertically right at the beginning before you lose them to plow through some of the blocks at the top to make room for the ingredients once you are ready to bring them over. and then down and out.

Don’t give up with Candy Crush Level 417 if you don’t watch this vid:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 417

The twisters should help break up the blocks on the right side, but use the coconut wheels to move that along. Match the bombs as soon as you can. The ingredients will skirt around blocks, so a clear column is not necessary—focus on getting the very bottom row on the right cleared though.

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59 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 417”
  1. Ruth

    Let the activity FINISH before you END the session!!!!!!!

  2. Robina

    It took me a while to get the hang of this one. My keys were to activate a pink wheel on the left asap. I’d take it down about three squares and release it upward so it would open the other two wheels. Then I’d release the top right wheel dragging it to the left. Then release the last wheel downward. That gets things moving.

    Next phase I’d do whatever possible to open up the right side, maneuver the acorns downward, and watch the left side closely to take out bombs asap. I got so I could reliably get down to one, two or three jellies left.

    This is one of the most challenging levels to win with three stars….it was thrilling to accomplish it. It requires multiple, flexible strategies. It helped to remain calm and avoid frustration when the tornadoes repeatedly took out all my planned moves.

    • Robina

      p.s. As tough as this level is, I actually thought this was very fun.

  3. Lori

    Patricia, the video walk-thru is not working. It says the video is unavailable. When will it be up & running????

  4. john

    yes these games are getting harder and harder can’d get by the bombs takes all you moves you got planed just as you go to get something the twister takes it getting to the point dont want to play anymore

  5. JocelynkaZimova

    First a quick thanks to this board for helping me get this far. I’m a frequent lurker, but this is my first post.

    This level didn’t seem as hard as some of the others, but it took me one of the longest times to pass. Others that have seemed more challenging, if you play them long enough, you seem to get a lucky board and pass by chance. I FINALLY got that board on this level and passed without any boosters. I was discouraged when watching the video that it needed a lollipop hammer to beat because I couldn’t seem to get that booster on my daily spin.

    Randomly, I matched the first coconut with another stripe, which gives you more than three stripes as it keep rolling off the bottom and back up to the top creating more stripes. I think this hit about seven rows of meringue. (I didn’t know rolling over a stripe or wrapper with a coconut would create a super row, so at least I learned something new in this level!) Then I got lucky with the second coconut not getting hit and it fell to the right side of the board. I used this to create 3 down stripes. From there, I just made sure to clear the bombs wherever possible, and made matches on the right wherever possible, while the cyclones took care of the rest. I finished with 1 move left and got 1 star for the level. Whew!


      Wow what an experience! Thanks for sharing :) On to the next one!

  6. Dennyboi

    This was probably the second hardest level for me in the game. I was stuck on it for about a Day and a half.

    1. YOu start with 3 coconut wheels frozen. 2 on the left side, 1 on the right side.
    2. Unfreeze one coconut on the left side and push it upwards to activate it , it will give you 3 horizontal stripped candies, one ontop of each other. Be sure one of the candies unfreezes the one coconut on the right side.
    3. Unfreeze the other coconut on the left side, push it either upward or downward to give you 3 horizontal stripped candies to break away more of the meringue on the right side. (Be sure not to hit the coconut on the right side that is unfrozen.)
    4. Take the unfrozen coconut on the right side and push it across to the left, to give you 3 vertical stripped candies that breaks away more of the meringue below it.
    5. From there continue to play as many horizontal stripped candies on the left side to help break away the right side. The tornados will also break away spaces on the right side to help you.
    6. Be aware of all the bombs, you’ll have to maintain getting rid of the bombs as your priority throughout the game.
    7. The only way I finally won, was I made a chocolate ball and combined it with a stripped candy and it blew away most of what remained, and the ingredients were able to fall through.

    BE AWARE that on the right side, the very furthest column to the right there is NO EXIT point. YOu must keep the walnut or move the walnut out of the far right column or else it won’t exit when it hits the bottom.

    This is truly a difficult level, but once you start getting the hang of manipulating the coconut wheels to get rid of much of the meringue as possible, you have a much better chance of completing this level. With some luck of scoring a good combo like chocolate ball+ stripped candy or even a wrapped+stripped candy combo, you can remove a large portion of the meringue in a few moves.

    • Dennyboi

      p.s. The far right column on the right side with NO EXIT POINT is with using the Ipad. I don’t know if that is the same for the other mobile devices or for facebook users.

  7. triv

    Just cleared the level, but I got so tired of this game I’m stopping playing it. Makes no sense to have to spend a week playing the same level over and over. It looks like it’s going to be this way, so I quit now.

    It was fun, cleared 400 levels, . Bye Crush..

  8. CCERfornow

    I passed the level by being careful with how I used the coconut wheels. The two on the left should both be used to make horizontal stripes (three rows) that take out the top three rows of blocks (rows 2-4) on the right side. That is, BOTH coconut wheels have to hit the exact top three rows. This leaves the top part of the right side as all one-hit blocks, and from there the tornadoes help create paths for new candies to fall on the right side. Ideally, then use the coconut wheel on the right side to make three columns of vertical stripes.

    To get the coconut wheels on the left side to take out the top three rows of blocks on the right, the wheel will preferably free up and stay in the top spot. If it drops a spot or two, maneuver it down to Row 5. Also make sure that there aren’t any cracked spaces, tornadoes, or ingredients in the rows where you need horizontal stripes. If the 2 coconut wheels don’t get those top three rows on the right, this board is almost impossible. I would even quit the game if a coconut wheel dropped below where I could use it for the top three rows (although I came close to winning once when a coconut wheel dropped so far on the first drop that I actually got it over to the right side intact and had 2 wheels there).

    Good luck! Tornadoes are as much your friend as enemy in this level – they do a lot of the work of clearing out the right side once you get the blocks to single-hit level.


      Thanks for the great tip!!

  9. tri

    This level makes no sense at all, you just can’t play it.. You don’t have any chances to do anything really, you have to wait until the tornados solve it themselves ! Boring, I’ll do something else with my time.

  10. AndyCrush

    Apparently Candy Crush listens? This board was updated. It now includes a 3rd pink wheel in the top right corner. The trade-off appears to be that now the bomb drop rate is significantly higher. Most of the times you’ll find yourself just scrambling to defuse the bombs. I will say the board is a bit easier though. I’ve come much, much closer to beating it 3 or 4 times. Before the update, I was not getting anywhere close.


      Well at least we know our voices are being heard! Good Luck with future crushing!

  11. Doug

    Had to buy my way out with extra moves. Blackmail level for sure. I hate those little cesspool thingys.

  12. Nan

    This level is not unlike playing a slot machine, without the chance of monetary rewards. Give this a few tries and find another game to play. There is no opportunity for strategy and little chance of clearing the boards. Candy Crush blew it with this level.


      There’s no doubt that some of these levels are hard. Just keep trying and good luck! :)

      • Mary Healey

        If you have so many complaints about this level, why don’t you change it? Isn’t that the reason why you want our input is to make the game better???


 is only a support community for crushers to help each other out by leaving tips and sharing their experiences. You will have to contact King direct for complaints and problems as their support team deals with those issues. Here’s their link and hope it helps

  13. eugene

    well I passed this level and I have NO CLUE how or why – since I don’t think I got any ingredients down – but it said “sugar crush” and moved me to the next level and I’m sure not going to complain one little bit LOL

    • Nan

      You are spot on!!


      There’s nothing like a bit of luck when your playing the game :) well done!

    • Pam Harris

      I wonder how you get “Sugar Crush”?

  14. carley

    Clearly this level is beyond unfair
    and set up to generate income. Im not paying so where can i go to compain?


      If you wish to make a complaint then follow this link to directly


      You can reach King by following this link But maybe try having a break from the game and come back when your less frustrated? Crushers have beat this level without spending money so you can too :) Good luck!

  15. John E

    I agree that this level is just plain stupid. They should get some of the designers to play it to see how boring and silly it is. No skill or strategy required just wait 50 to 100 times until it decides to let you through. What a waste of time. King must want people to give up playing by creating this level. I had downloaded some of their other games but deleted them now if this is an example of how they treat their customers.


      Many crushers have made it past this level and I’m sure you can too, check out our walkthrough video or tips from Patricia and the fans from this page itself

      • John E

        I have passed this level but it doesn’t make it any less silly. I used the wheels one after the other to weaken the top of the right hand column and then managed to get some vertical striped candies and a wrapped candy into the right column to create a downward corridor that the acorns fell through. My advice to others is to ignore the bombs. If they go off they go off. Don’t waste moves trying to clear them as there are only enough moves to complete it if you concentrate on the objective. Just keep trying to make as many specials as you can to weaken the right hand side and pray the cyclones or chance clear the bombs.

  16. Ruthie

    This level is evil. Even the most frustrating levels so far haven’t been this annoying. The twisters purposely sabatoge more often than not, so it looks like just dumb luck and the patience of a saint are all that is needed to pass.

  17. juan miguel



      Nice tip, thanks.

  18. Julie

    I have been a lurker on this site as I have climbed my way up the board. Your many tips have given me an advantage throughout this ardourous trip. Thank you! I think this level is someone’s idea of a joke that went south. I guess I’ll wait until the computer takes pity on me.


      You are welcome! May i supposed you’ve read all discussion that took place here? if not you should do it, it always helps!

  19. Christine Schlumpberger

    Level 417 is the end of the game for me. There is too much going on I and I can’t afford to buy anymore things to help me finish it. I don’t have any moves left to clear the right column so the nuts can fall down. Terrible level.


      I’d rather keep trying.. after 425 these cyclones that make a game so much random are over! Did you try to take advantage of our tips?

  20. Fidget

    I was stuck on this stinker of a level for a week, but through it now with no boosters. Those soda whirlpools go out of their way to wreck your game leaving you mostly with just one move available on each turn. Mind you, I found that they’re quite good at disposing of bombs for you, so they’re not always the enemy. :)

    Can’t offer any more tips than has already been posted, but just to say that you *will* get through and you don’t need boosters to do it. :)


      Can’t agree more with you, Fidget!!

  21. Rachel

    I’ve been trying in this level for months
    I’m so pissed up!
    No matter which way I tried it never worked out!
    Must be kidding me! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      did you read carefully everything written here? tips/discussion etc?

  22. Kzd

    It’s clear that the tornados target specials that will be made on the next move. To me that’s cheating by King. They should be random or they shouldn’t exist.

    • X

      Some might say this is confirmation bias, but I’ve seen it happen six times consecutively after setting up to make colour bombs and striped candies on the next move. It is absolutely the case that tornadoes move to screw combo pieces wherever possible.

  23. Lei

    Passed this level today after reading all tips and strategies. This level is totally controlled by the soda cyclones! These cyclones destroy your every good move but it was not as difficult as level 350 or some other levels.
    Some tips that might help you pass:
    1. There are 2 frozen coconut wheels in the left and right columns, when you unfreeze those and use those wheels, time bombs will start falling as above them are bomb dispensers.
    2. Unfreeze the right coconut wheel first, if you can combine it with a striped candy and roll it downwards to make horizontal stripes the better. Eliminate the middle to the lowest blockers doen below.
    3. Unfreeze the second coconut wheel on the left. Let it fall to the lowest row of the board. Better if you can match it with a striped candy you get 6 striped candies and eliminate more blockers. Roll it upward.
    4. Those are 4-hit and 3-hit blockers in the right part of the board so concentrate on clearing those. You do not need to clear every block though as the 3 ingredients will just pass thru the openings!
    5. Watch out for bombs you must eliminate them before the cyclones does damage, they will place these bombs on places where you have no moves. I lost the level a lot of times to these bombs trapped everywhere.
    6. Take your time before doing a move don’t be in a hurry. Be smarter than the soda cyclones. I made a color bomb but I already cleared the level without using it. You can pass this level without boosters. Played this on iphone using it in a landscape orientation if that trick helps because using it in portrait position i lost levels and have not even unfreezed the coconut wheels! Good luck hope that helps.


      This is what we refer to as “Good tips” ! Thanks Lei!

      • Lei

        Thank you too Pat and crushingcandies for the walkthrough videos! Very helpful videos! Lets keep crushing!

      • MystiDC

        Yes Lei! Thanks for continuing to contribute. Your tips are great. Thanks to Pat and the others too!


          MystiDC, you are absolutely right.. your tips would also be helpful! All people should keep contributing!

        • Lei

          You’re welcome mystidc glad my tips helped you! Continue crushing!

    • Susan

      Wow Lei…your tips are awesome. Thank you. Now I will try this level.


        Pat and Lei are our stars indeed!

      • Lei

        You are very welcome Susan! Lets continue crushing! Glad my tips helped you!
        Thank you crushingcandies team for acknowledging my tips and strategy! Crushingcandies and my fellow crushers are the real stars!


          It’s so nice to see people help each other. That was the reason was made for! In the beginning noone was sharing ANY TIP! But after Matt, Pat and now you this has changed so drastically! I was dissappointed in the beginning but now i am so much satisfied!!

  24. Speri

    Finally beat this stupid level! Here’s how: combine both coconut wheels with a striped candy vertically. This will make the wheels create 6 rows of striped candies instead of just three. The level becomes easy from there on.
    Once I figured out that the coconut wheel / stripped candy combo creates 6 striped rows, I beat the level in one try.


      Thanks for sharing Speri!

  25. mary a

    It’s frozen a few times for me too. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway…a useless, boring level. Even the video uses a booster. I quit.


      just updated the tips section! Pat’s tips are here!!

    • Lei

      Don’t quit mary you have gone so far already to start quitting! Do rewatch the video and use pat’s tips and our tips and strategies posted here.
      Try restarting your phone. Log off from facebook in your candy crush clear your cache then log on again to refresh your memory. Start playing again.

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