Candy Crush Saga Level 419

Candy Crush Level 419Target
Collect all the orders (100 yellow, 6 wrapped candies, 2 color bombs) and reach 18,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 18000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 75000 points

This is a pretty straightforward level. You see what you need, and basically the middle of the board is blocked off with 2, 3, and 4 hit blocks that you need to make quick work of to be able to make the color bombs and the wrapped candies. Any striped candies you can make are super helpful here.

If you can’t complete Candy Crush Level 419 you’d rather watch this walkthrough! It will help you beat it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 419

You’ve got to get rid of the blocks in order to create and collect the orders. Look to the mystery candies for help with the color bombs and wrapped candies.

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26 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 419”
  1. Kist

    I come here lurking almost every level & am surprised at all of the players wanting to quit after coming so far. I come home from work today with intentions on relaxing & going after a few levels. I’ve played for a total of about 3 hours since coming home & crushed levels 417, 418 & 419. 419 just needed to be opened up to make room for candy to flow. One of my choco balls were swapped with a yellow to get closer to my order needed & i try to always match mystery candies since many of them contained wrapped that are needed. Once i open up the middle section i tried to play closer towards the bottom to take advantage of cascades making some of what i need. Many players have made it to much higher levels & that is my goal although I don’t know what I’ll do if I run out of levels to play. I’m not a great crusher… I just really enjoy playing the game & enjoy passing what seemed to be a difficult level. I wanted to comment because I read other comments on these last few levels & I’m shocked to have even passed with all of the difficulty so many are having. My husband is stuck on 182 or 183 & I’ve spent forever trying to pass this level for HIM & can’t seem to do it. This game is funny sometimes but I keep trying. I think I’ve come too far to just quit because a level seems too much for me. Be it “luck” or “skill”… Eventually it will happen. For those who have come so far KEEP CRUSHING. Someone has to in order to help other crushers. It’s the only way “I” knew it could be done. :)

  2. Robina

    After I don’t know how many tries, I finally “got” this one (3 stars) with several moves and striped/wrappeds to spare.

    Some boards were just impossible. I’d play them anyway, but there were no moves and lots of reshuffles. The strategies that got me closest to my “wins” were exactly as Lei wrote.

    The one strategy that really turned my game around on 419 was to not specifically “go after” the yellows. That way I didn’t waste moves on them and had them all fairly early in the game.

    The hardest for me were the “wrappeds.” It takes several moves to create them and that just isn’t reliable with a tornado running around. So I spent a good amount of time between each move looking for opportunities to create a wrapped within that very move. Color bombs and stripeds are easier for me to see and create, so I used them liberally.

  3. Sora

    This level is a Godsend.
    I am cured of my addiction to candy crush. For real. I actually don’t feel like playing due to the extreme boringness and continuous reshuffling going on at this level.
    Soda swamp has been a great rehab. :)

    • Mark

      Lol. Was thinking exactly the same thing. I used to get annoyed on certain levels but I perservered because with strategy you could beat it. Not with these levels. Absolutely no fun in them and I’d go as far to say as CC is becoming one big con. I hear they earn about $20m each month. Looks like greed is finally getting the better of them. Time to uninstall this game and look for games where I can enjoy them and actually have a chance of winning.

    • Mark

      Good to see that we live in a democracy and freedom of speech still rules. Hold on, thinking about it you didn’t post my reply to Sora even though it wasn’t at all abusive. What’s the matter? The truth hurts?
      I suppose this won’t get posted either so it’s just like the game. A complete waste of time.


        Mark sometimes these comments take a while to appear, your comment has been approved and posted to Sora. We review these comments to prevent abusive behaviour, and of course your previous comment was not. We do not get in the way of free speech, our site is here for Crushers to gather and provide tips, show their support and to vent of some anger. All is welcomed :D

  4. Beau Nerr

    About every twenty boards there is a really tough level. Every fifty levels a board which seems unbeatable. I have never spent more than 1 week on a single level as a late adopter to this game. When the booster wheel was introduced, it did aid my ability to clear some of those really tough and seemingly impossible boards. This board is simply not possible. Even the tip video posted here has repeated check-mark boosters (which I have never seen on my end except the occasional mystery candy.) To those that passed and made it through this level without buying moves, you are in a statistical anomaly. Congrats. Otherwise, not possible. And since King has broken the mobile booster wheel, I guess I’m done with this game.

  5. Kami

    Not saying anything new but this level is frustrating. You start with 50 moves but since making a wrapped or a candy ball is nearly impossible until you clear most of the pudding cups ( or whatever they are) in the middle then its more like you have 25 moves to make 5 wrapped and 2 candy balls PLUS hoping you get enough yellow in the process… Which i have yet to clear. Even on the one occassion i actually checked off the other 2 i still had way way too many yellow. I tend to use them right away because im afraid of loosing my hard work if the tornado lands on it so its hard to make special combos. Ugg, i just want my “lucky board” to happen. Im tired of things being so complicated on mymlife right now. This is supposed to be a distraction, not part of the problem.

    • john

      i hear ya just saying the same thing 40 trys and came close twice this is pissing me off also close to giveing up when you feel like you can;t win

  6. Lynn

    I don’t see how this is possible!!! Not even coming close to gathering the yellow let alone the wrapped candies ????


      Keep at it Lynn, you’ll do it :)

  7. Kirsten

    This level sucks …. You just waste time playing this level, you don’t even get close to completing the level. Not enough yellows or any wrapped candies. Time wasting with no challenge whatsoever. The special candies give you striped candies more than anything. All I am saying is a stupid level. I am done!

  8. Joni

    This one only took me one day and that was pure luck! I will say pairing a chocolate ball with stripe really did help, but I’d done that several other times and with none of the same effect as the game where I beat it. I really hate this whole episode. Way too much luck involved.


      Thanks for sharing and you’ll definitely get there! The next episode should have something more different to look forward too :)

  9. eugene

    this is ridiculous – I don’t mind a challenge – when you have a chance. I don’t know how many of these I have played and it sucks the fun out of it – for example on the game I am playing now – I have used 35 of my 50 moves and STILL need 94 yellow, 6 wrapped and 2 color bombs. where is the fun in that????

    • eugene

      FINALLY – had to use 2 lollipop hammers I got from the free spins to get the last two yellows but it was worth it – what an awful level

    • john

      lol i hear you pal same crap here but i got down to 50 -60 yellow that i needed , one game the twister took out the white thing before i could lol now that sucks

  10. Tuk

    This is NOT totally about luck. Just focus on the top middle and nowhere else, and your chances go dramatically up. Seriously. No other strategy apparently works, but will definitely waste your time. That’s what I’m finding about these crazy levels, if you don’t know the exact strategy, you will not pass. This is the tip I wish was posted from the very beginning.

  11. Drvn2skcede

    I think the trick to this level is just perseverance! I managed to get all the requirements several times with the exception of the yellows, I just wasn’t getting enough yellows. Then finally I got a game that started giving me yellows (after about a hundred plays) and I finished the game with all the requirements except the wraps. Then the very next game I got all the requirements. It was almost as if I needed to play it a magic number of times before it would release enough yellows to actually win it!

    As for strategy, I just tried to make every move count towards clearing the middle, unless a move could create a special candy. If two or more moves were available but neither cleared blocks or made special candies, I favored moves that would benefit my yellows.


      Good tips here Drvn! Thanks for that!

  12. Lei

    Wow I just passed this level 419 today! I am still trying to absorb everything! I even topped all my friends’ top scores finished with3 stars and 3 moves to spare! I can feel other candy crush players when they get down after staying in a level for weeks, these few episodes i spend days stuck in them! All levels are just so difficult. I am still trying to think of helpful tips…
    Some tips to help you:
    * Clean up the blocks because you need space to start matching candies.
    * Striped candies are helpful too, if you got them, use them.
    * At the start make any match that can clean blocks, but make the 6 wrapped candies first as that is the most difficult to do.
    * If you got color bombs use it match with yellows or any other off color. With candies eliminated the easier to match and make wrapped candies and eliminate yellow.
    * Do not make eliminating yellows a priority because in the process of cleaning the board you can clear yellows.
    * I think i spent about 16-20 moves doing wrapped candies!

    Good luck everyone! This level is super difficult for me since 350!


      once again, amazing tips :)

  13. Lei

    Wow that walkthrough video is awesome! Patricia can make lots of wrapped candies! Good for her! I can barely clean the board of those blocks..


      Still didn’t beat it? I almost bet that right now you are at 420 :P

      • Lei

        Nope i am still stuck in level 419…i played it both in pc and iphone.still the same i dont know which one is more simple to paas thru. I am rewatching your videos! How did you form a lot of wrapped?! Amazing!

      • Lei

        Oh i already passed this level i am just amazed how good you are making wrapped candies. Amazing!

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