Candy Crush Saga Level 421

Candy Crush Level 421Target
Collect all the orders (7 striped/striped mixes ) and reach 10,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 130000 points

Your goal is to mix 7 sets of striped candies and there are 4 striped candies on the board already, but they are in the far corners and you need to make room to make matches. Now remember once you set off the cannons, it clears ALL the pieces on the board, but you really have to at least remove 2 of them to make enough matches to work with. Bear in mind where you mix the striped candies, because if you plan poorly, it will set off one of the cannons and clear all the candy on the board. And yea, the ever present cyclone will make life just that much more difficult to plan.

No need to get upset if you can’t beat Candy Crush Level 421! You just need to relax and watch this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 421

If you can manage to leave the frozen striped candies in the corners frozen when the first cannon clears, they will drop to the bottom corners when the board clears for you to collect.

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96 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 421”
  1. Bob Jomes

    It’s rigged and not fun any more. C’ya candy crush. Time to move on.

  2. Max

    This level friggin’ sucks a**. Hey CC programmers, the whole idea of a GAME is that it’s supposed to be FUN. This level is impossible and absurd. I’ve played it scores of times and come close ONCE. If blind sh*thouse luck is the only way to clear a level, it’s not fun. I’m done with this so-called game. I’d say it was fun while it lasted but this level leaves a very bad taste…

  3. paula leiler

    level 421.. have been trying forever. will never be able to complete it. I have never even been close.
    I loved candy crush and am so sad to have to stop playing so close to the end.
    except for this level, I have had a blast playing your game.

  4. Debbie Finley

    This level is pure evil. There is good in it since it has finally helped break my cc addiction so for that I do thank you.

  5. Dave

    That’s it, done with this game, level too hard, makes a good game cr@p

  6. Christine

    I finally did it after months and hundreds of games. I had a board with a match in the first couple of moves. When I had 2 stripped candies close together I used a switch prize I have been saving up from the daily spin to put them right next to each other. I used 3 switches. It helped me to mute to sound too as the tornado can be rather annoying. Good luck.


      Thanks for sharing :D

  7. Margaret Wehr

    LEVEL 421

    I give up!!! CC has broken me!! After 100s of attempts at level 421 I give up and will find a new past time that does not totally frustrate me by blowing up all my stripes right before I have the opportunity to use them. You work so hard to get them in a useable spot and then they randomly blow up or a tornado destroys them! Has happened too many times to be fun anymore. I have had more than 4 tornados appear plus the corner striped candies do not drop they blow up with all my other stripes on the board. If you check my account you can see I have paid close to $500 on boosters. I refuse to pay anymore on levels like 421. Please get me through this level


    • Margaret Wehr


  8. chaplain

    I was getting frustrated with this level, too, although frustration should be nothing new if you have made it to this level. (There was a level earlier in the 100′s area that I needed more than 3 weeks to pass. I stick to not buying any boosters. Patience and steadiness is my strategy. It’s also a good way to fill your swear jar…) I used a tip from the above comments of restarting until I can start with a combination after one move. After that, I tried to shoot my hard-earned combos so that they hit that mean whirlwind thing. This will swipe it away for like 3 moves, and that helps a lot to plan and create combos. (I must admit, I got lucky on that this time.) You can use striped+wrapped or donut+striped combos for that.


      Thats great! Patience is a virtue and good things always comes to those who wait. Congrats!

  9. marsha

    Where are those things with the check marks on them that contain striped candies coming from? I’m playing on PC and there are none.

    • marsha

      They’re called Lucky Candies and I have none coming down.

  10. Robina

    Crazy….crazy….crazy. I didn’t expect to crush this one…..kept getting down to one or two combos left, then ran out of moves. Kept changing strategies. The strategy that brought me the most consistent results (and finally the win, with six moves left and three stars), was to take out the 4 pink pizzas asap, sometimes even within 5 moves. That way I had the whole board to make combos at my leisure.

  11. Lori

    I got to 6 matches & am so fed up purchased 5 more moves. I had two stripes close to each other & as soon as they were next to each other, the damn cyclone destroyed one!! Can’t believe King is making all this damn money off idiots like me!!

  12. Jackie

    This level is the worst thing to happen to mankind. This level is probably the reason death and mental breakdowns exist. This level is the devil. I have been stuck for like 3 days now and the closest I’ve gotten was 4/7 stripped combos. And when I do get the 4/7 I celebrate as if i passed cause that’s a great accomplishment. I wish I could just pay to pass levels. I hate this level. HATE!! this level makes me not play cause think about how discouraging and evil this level is and im like man, no negativity today. No level 421. My life is sad. But as a full time student studing Marine science, candy crush is a nice escape. But not anymore….

    • Jackie

      I did it!!!! Honestly the best strategy is patience. Just keep trying and it will happen!


      Level 421 has been on our Evillest list before, but if you’ve made it this far then you can definitely beat it! Try playing this level on a different device and see what results you get there

  13. Dennyboi

    This was the hardest level so far. I was on it for 2 days straight. Did not use any boosters.

    1. First, I concentrated on making a Stripped+Stripped combo with the frozen stripped candies in the corner. Either by making a stripped candy near the frozen stripped candy and then combining them, or by unfreezing each of them and dropping them down onto each other.

    2.The biggest problem was usually running out of moves before getting all 7 combos, so use your moves to either make a stripped candy or work to activate the cannons…. nothing else.

    2A. If you notice you are making lots of stripped candies, try to then avoid activating the cannon. You may even end up not activating all the cannons, and that’s fine too, since you don’t NEED the cannons to go off, you just need the stripped candies to be combined.

    3. Making Chocolate Balls: THis is up to the player. Is it a waste of a move, or does it come in handy to be able to ride yourself of a certain candy when the time is right with the chocolate ball. its up to you. Having that chocolate ball did help when I needed to just eliminate one candy in the way of a stripped combo, and I would do it by combining the chocolate ball with that color candy.

    Things to KNow:
    The frozen candies do NOT drop down onto each other if they remain frozen when the first cannon goes off. I think that’s a glitch, I think it was suppose to do that. but it would not work on my ipad. The candies just disappeared if they were still frozen when the first cannon goes off.

    If I made at least one Stripped+Stripped combo before the first cannon goes off, then I’d continue to play. If I did not, then I just quit because the chances of getting all 7 Stripped Combos by the end of the game by then, was basically zilch.
    This helped me to not “burn out” on the level.


      Thanks for the great tips Denny Boi!

  14. Kami

    Anyone know if you switch a striped with a plain with the Hand booster will it count as a stripe combo? I’m grasping at straws here…

  15. trer

    This game was really fun to play but after level 400 it has so many difficult “lucky” levels. It’s really boring to play the same level day after day, just waiting for the game itself to provide the right candy combos to clear it.

    Game over for me.

  16. Maryd

    This level is ridiculous when the cannons go off they clear the corner striped jellies and the tornados sabotage every decent move you set up. I am ready to quit.


      Hang in there Mary! :)

    • Melissa

      Ive played this level hundreds of times for about a month and it is pretty impossible! Ive been stuck before on other levels but never like this. I think I am with the rest and ready to say goodbye to CC. This level has way too many sabotaging things. Ugh!!!

    • Jackie

      I call B.S. on the tornadoes being “random” theres no way. They distroy every chance I get.

  17. colleen

    i just passed it!!! 6 moves left! it can be done! played this level dozens of time and finally passed it on pc. just have to wait for a good board! :)

  18. lj

    so ready to quit playing! this level is ridiculous!

  19. Randy

    Well maybe a few lucky candies and 7 or 8 switches would do it , otherwise odds are you will not beat this level …..super boring…. another crusher quits…. level 421 is death to candy crushers ….see ya

  20. Mbrown

    I give up!!! CC has broken me!! After 100s of attempts at level 421 I give up and will find a new past time that does not totally frustrate me by blowing up all my stripes right before I have the opportunity to use them. You work so hard to get them in a useable spot and then they randomly blow up or a tornado destroys them! Has happened too many times to be fun anymore.

    • Pam


  21. Nawsheen

    I just did it!!! I still cannot believe that I’m done with this most horrible and insanely hard level and it’s so many bugs, after 2-3 days of struggling! What helped me most was to always restarting unless I can see at least one order coming through in the first moves.. Finally I even had some moves left and I never bought any booster.


      You don’t need to spend money on this game to win Nawsheen and you just proved that! Well done :)

      • pamzjamz

        Im done with cc too. This level is ridiculous. I will work on my other addictions. Uninstalling now…

      • Donna

        please help. I’ve been on level 421 for over five weeks. And i play on my ipad, computer and phone and still cannot get past this level. I would gladly pay to just bi-pass this level.

  22. Andrea

    That’s Candy Crush done for me. Sick of having my stripes and line ups deliberately sabotaged. It’s all luck and long must I wait to get a lucky board, as that what seems to get you past this level. Know another good game anyone?

    • Kami

      Yes, sabotaged is the right word. This tornado seeks out your setup and destroys it. I’ve only played this level less than 20 times but figured that out straight away. At least in the other tornado levels it was random. Still annoying, but random. IDK how I’m going to proceed since you can’t even try to set something up. It’s like you wait for chance because it’s all you’ve got. My patience with CCS is waning. This isn’t an enjoyable level AT ALL.

  23. Lynn

    This is crazy !!! I don’t like the cyclones at all!!! Looks like I might be here awhile.

  24. Tim

    No boosters, 3 stars, ~30 to 40 tries. On mobile reroll the board until you can create a stripe that touches and unjellifies one of the corner stripes and lands right next to it or on top of it. Doesn’t take that many rerolls, maybe 5 on average. 6 is easier than 7.


      Thanks for the tip Tim

    • Christina

      What? How do you reroll the board? If you exit you lose a life…

  25. Linda Richardson

    Well I think I may be getting too old for this. So bored on level 421 I could die. Whirring idiot moron thingies are giving me a headache. So bored I played the game sideways , and still had one order left! It’s like playing noughts and crosses. Move, whirling countermove, and you teach a stalemate! Over it! No advice to offer, and none to receive on this level really, feel like a hamster on a wheel, except if I were, I’d be fit right now!


      Have you tried playing the game on a different device? ie. PC,Tablet or Mobile? You may receive a better board to help you beat this level :)

      • Johnny

        Many of us don’t have other devices to play on. Shouldn’t be this hard on the PC. Ridiculous.


          It can be frustrating when some levels are easier on a different device, but if you’ve managed to reach this level on just the one device, then you’ll definitely be able to beat it. Good Luck and Crush on!

  26. khandie

    Here i thought 350 was the damn WORST, but im wrong!!! What were you guys on candycrush thinking, this is beyond impossible. Ive spent numerous hours @a time playing on different devices with no luck. Every strategy i tried has failed. Im so angry @ this game because my determine streak has kept me going. But, Im officially done!!. Ive been yelling @ my 6yr old because im angry and fedup with candycrush..This is no longer fun and its very unfortunate cause im am very OVER WITH CC…IM OUT..


      The Candy Crush Saga is supposed to be a fun game and there for enjoyment. Yes there are very frustrating levels and there’s nothing wrong with having a break from the game.

      • Denise

        If it’s supposed to be so fun, then why doesn’t CC offer up more boosters or help when you’ve been stuck forever?? I agree with some of the other comments, I used to encourage others to be patient and persistent, but this is ridiculous. I’ve tried on my PC and phone, taken breaks, tried different strategies…I’m fed up! The booster wheel is a nice addition, but even that seems “rigged”, I land on color bomb most of the time, and have never landed on the Jackpot, even though twice it hesitated on that spot, then suddenly jumped to the adjacent prize. I’m ready to uninstall this game. :(


          Ahh we’re sorry to hear that your in a sticky situation, but Level 421 can do this to you seeing as its part of this weeks Evillest 5! We do not know what King did to this level on their latest update but we do not like it! Seeing as all else has failed Denise, why not have a break from the Candy Crush Saga and play the Dreamworld levels for a while? You get that board you’ve been waiting for on your return! :)

  27. Miriam

    This level was the worst for me. I started about six months ago and must have tried over 300 times both on PC and iPhone mobile. I even tried boosters and paid to continued game play once three times in a row out of desperation. I put the game down for several months and gave up, but the dreamworld sucked me back in. Then, one day, I tried the dreaded level 421 again and it was like each combo was a gift from the king.. I completed the level with 10 moves to spare. Complete luck.


      Some games really do rely on complete luck so congrats on passing it :)

  28. Mindy

    I finally beat this after a couple of weeks. I beat it on my very last move without boosters. It is crucial to play this level as slow as possible. You must look for combos on each move and not waste any moves.
    If you can’t open the four corners and match them right away just forget about them and clear the pizzas together or individually as quickly as possible to open the board.
    This level did not give out stripes readily but if you don’t examine the entire board before making a move you will miss opportunities to either make a stripe or set up a stripe.
    If you get a color bomb, use it to eliminate a color to create better odds of making stripes. If you get a wrapped, get rid of it so that it doesn’t interfere with anything you are trying to set up.
    The only thing you can do about the twisters is curse them and pray they don’t wipe out any stripes you’ve created.
    Make as many stripes as possible as you will inevitably lose some by quirks in the game and those pesky tornados.

    • Luanne

      This level is pure bs…done, done, done! A game should be challenging…yes, but fun at the same time…cannot say this about this level…cya CC…it was fun while it lasted.

  29. Rachel

    I’m on level 421 for the last couple weeks. I noticed that I would have stripped candies in the jelly, and after I cleared a cake, the hammer clears the board, clears the jelly and takes my stripes. I’ve noticed on videos, when others clear a board, the strips that were inside the jelly become free and don’t disappear.

  30. Joni

    I did it! After one long week and SO many tries, I completed the level. It took a free Hand Swap, but I did it! All I can say is try and clear the pizzas as soon as possible and look for every single opportunity to make stripes. I also did use the Chocolate Ball to clear the board once and that helped me make stripes. As with every single level in this episode, luck was HUGE.

  31. eugene

    I got this one on my third or fourth try….I was trying to follow the tips here but ended up getting two matches and then the cannons went off one right after the other – and lo and behold – with that last clear board I got rest of the matches with 1 move to spare. Not sure why the cyclones didn’t ruin them all – but that is what worked for me…

    • eugene

      oh – no boosters either.

  32. Susan Lieb

    I have to say this is the hardest round. Multiple times I have gotten 6 out of 7. I think I have to stop this is not fun anymore.

  33. Alison

    This level is almost impossible. Been stuck for over a month and I am not even getting close. This might be the end for me playing CC. They need to do something about this level.


      Some levels can seem impossible at times, but if you’ve made it this far then you can definitely beat it! Good luck!

  34. Pattie Cottrell

    Beware crushers!! After struggling for 3.5 days, I “bit the bullet” and purchased a booster. Much to my dismay and disappointment, the special candies dropped ONLY while the board was obstructed with the cannons. I never once got a special candy when the board was completely cleared, therefore, I’m still stuck here. I have left a comment at the King website, however, they don’t respond, and this isn’t the first time I’ve commented. If they continue to ignore their gamers/fans, they soon won’t have anyone left to play and their cash cow will disappear. There must be some way to have at least a fighting chance of passing this level, and you’d think that even spending $ would help, but not so much. I, too, am getting to the point of quitting, and I think that if any of us have gotten this far, we all must have a certain level of playing ability, so I know it’s not “our fault” it can’t be beat. This is the worst level since 350 that took weeks to clear. I’m ready to give up…HELP!!


      We’ve got some great walkthrough videos you can try and Patricia’s tips have always proven useful. So here’s a link to level 421 The Candy Crush is a mixture of luck and strategy, just keep going and you will beat it! :) Good Luck

      • Terry

        But the video shows the check mark candies dropping – the game doesn’t do that! any other walkthrough ideas??

        • X

          The game doesn’t do that because the walkthrough video is not a no-booster video. This blog often does that, and it’s very dishonest.

  35. beth haas

    I too am done with CC – this level is beyond difficult. best I ever did was 5/7 and the tornadoes seem to take out any possible mixes to make combinations. can’t tell you how many times I lined up 2 striped only to have the tornado take one of the out. It was fun while it lasted.


      I totally feel you ! I’d rather check again after the next update.. but till then probably you’ve found another game as addictive as CCS!

      • Edward

        Ccs can stick their game up their ass. I can accept a game being hard. I can’t accept a game relying almost exclusively on luck. The makers only care if you pay and play. I have better things to do with my time.


          You can win this game without paying a penny Edward, but there’s no doubt that some levels are overly hard and considering you’ve made it to level 421 – you can definitely beat it

  36. Christine Schlumpberger

    I quit I am not playing anymore I can not beat this level and I can’t afford to put anymore on my credit card thank you for nothing this game is a pain in the you know where good bye.

  37. Espie

    like so many others have come to the conclusion that this level goes beyond mere matching and is just set up in favour of the game. What with the tornado and pizza’s everything you try to set up goes, it is the level I have decided to quit on now – which is a shame as I’m usually addicted to Candy Crush. Sorry King but this level doesn’t even offer a fighting chance, it’s not just frustrating but beginning to bore me – which is a first! I think there’s being hard and then being near on impossible! This level is the worse of them all.


      421 is super hard.. and these tornados is such a pain in the ass! But if you did it till 421 you can definitely pass through this, if you ask me!

  38. Fidget

    phew! Through at last! Thoroughly boring level with the odds stacked ridiculously against you. Out of all the tries I’ve had had it, this was the first time I’d got down to only one match to be made.. so I used the hand thing to line up a match and x’d fingers that the whirlpool wouldn’t snaffle it. Glad to see the back of it!


      We are so happy when we see that real experts start sharing their tips.. thank you so much Fidget!!

  39. Aimee

    I have tried the suggestions and still cannot pass level 421. I have watched some videos showing check mark candies. I haven’t seen any of these when playing this level. It seems like they are making it more difficult to pass this level instead of easier.

  40. Nancy

    Bye bye candy crush !


      421 is the reason for many crushers to abandon the ship.. hope King will realise that and provide an easier 421 in the future

  41. Fidget

    This level is hard enough without all the bugs in it. Dunno if anybody else is getting this but for me I’m finding that sometimes:

    * matching 4 doesn’t turn into a stripe
    * matching 4 turns into a colour bomb instead of a stripe
    * making a move to get two stripes together sets them off when it shouldn’t.
    * the hammer comes in when I haven’t fully cleared a pizza
    * the stripes in the corners go off before they’ve been unwrapped

    All round rubbish level. So far the closest I’ve got is 4 out of 7 matches.

  42. miriam

    amazing after encountering all the possible bugs i can think of in this level i just got a choco bomb that blew my stripes without even having enough candies of the same colour to get a choco ball there loooll i’m just laughthing my ass off because this is so sad and pathetic that i can only laugh about it lol i really need to figure out how to record my games as prof of how bugged is this freaking level is.


      we feel you soo much! please try to keep calm and you will do it!

  43. chok

    This is an impossible level.

    After hundreds tmes of play it comes to an end, good bye candies…


      if you’ve reached 421 you can definitely pass it.. but if you are so much tired, i fully get it!

  44. Lei

    Hi crushingcandies,
    I have problems with your new website design. It is not easy to navigate, and the dates on my posts are very late. Oct 20 is dated june 28. But i still love this site!


      Don’t worry Lei . We will fix the issues.. the list with the levels appears in the left column (on PC) and below the welcome message (on Mobiles). As for the dates of comments and the Previous Level – Next Level buttons they will be fixed asap

      • Lei

        Yes the dates are fixed thanks so much! I still cannot see the next buttons..


          we are working ton that, hope it will be fixed pretty soon!

  45. Lei

    I have to say this level was very difficult to pass! I kept rewatching the video, in one of my plays when I got down to just 1 striped combo, I got so enticed to buy extra moves! But finished the level without boosters, 2 stars and a few moves to spare.
    Some tips to share:
    * Before you start your first move check the board if you can make striped candy near the frozen striped candies. I usually use the upper left frozen candy, it is easier there.

    * Clear only 1 pudding cake one at a time. After clearing 1 pudding cake, stop and check for possible striped combo. You must make at least 1 striped combo for every pudding cake cleared. I tried clearing all 4 cakes but i only ended up with lost moves and not meeting the requirement.

    * After a pudding cake is cleared the cannons will go off clearing the board. Sometimes if you still got your 2 striped candies frozen at the top it will fall down to the bottom but for me it only happened like thrice or sonething. Most of the time when the cannons go of all frozen candies get lost.

    * When you have already formed a striped candy, do your best to make intelligent moves and form a second one. Better if the combo will clear the next pudding cake or eliminate the soda cyclone. When hit by a striped combo the cyclone disappears for 2 moves or so.

    * You need patience more than luck in this level. Always stop and look for striped candy in every move. Eventually the game will give you a very passable board! Good luck and keep crushing candies and these cyclones!

  46. Jeanne

    Twice I collected 6 out of 7. Both times I had 2 stripes right next to each other. Because I’m so sick of this level, I broke my rule of not buying extra moves. Both times after buying the extra moves, the tornado broke one of the stripes. Coincidence? I think not.


      If you ask me, i don’t think that there is an algorithm that makes a level easier when you pay. I can’t prove it, of course.

  47. Lillian Olejnik

    After 2 weeks of trying everyone’s suggestions, I’m giving up. I loved the challenge of CC , but this has stopped being fun. There are no candies with check marks. The corners do explode when wrapped. Just totally frustrated.


      I feel you.. i would suggest that you keep calm, take your time and give it a go a few days later

  48. Joan king

    I guess this is the end of my candy crush days, I’m usually good, this level makes NO sense, you use all of your moves getting rid of the pizzas, then stripe candies collide into each other. I will find another game, I will not pay to win. Goodbye CCS. I’ll join my friends and find something else.


      i won’t argue with you.. if you feel your CCS circles is closed the best you can do is try another game.. but if not, please tell me if you tried all the strategies mentioned here!

      • Joan king

        I tried all of them and on all devices


          next thing i would suggest is to wait for the next update.. hopefully this level will be easier after the next update!

  49. jackie quinn

    I, like so many others have come to the conclusion that this level goes beyond mere matching and is just set up in favour of the game. What with the tornado and pizza’s everything you try to set up goes, it is the level I have decided to quit on now – which is a shame as I’m usually addicted to CC. Sorry King but this level doesn’t even offer a fighting chance, it’s not just frustrating but beginning to bore me – which is a first! I think there’s being hard and then being near on impossible!


      i will agree with you, it’s tough!! But you can give a go to Matt’s Strategy!! And also read the comments.. in addition we will soon add Pat’s Tips for this level!

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