Candy Crush Saga Level 425

Collect all the orders (230 blue, 5 striped/wrapped mix) and reach 45,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 235000 points
3 stars: 255000 points

This level is pretty tricky, not necessarily because of the orders you need to make, but the 10 move bomb dispensers, 2 in the lower right, 2 in the lower left. If you can swap out the bomb for a regular piece and remove the bomb it will give you a lot more room to work, but you still need to mix 5 striped and wrapped candies, as well as collect a pile of blue pieces. You are given one frozen wrapped candy in the center at the bottom, but other than that, you have to make it all yourself. Most of what you have to worry about is the bombs, but the cyclones don’t make life any easier.

This is the last level of episode 29, Soda Swamp! For those of the candy crushers that can’t beat Candy Crush Level 425 this video will be proved pretty helpful:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 425

The twisters will take care of some of the bombs some of the time—other times, you will struggle to get pass that first round of bombs. The striped/wrapped combos that you need to collect will help to keep clearing the board so collecting the blues should not be a problem.

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97 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 425”
  1. soso

    It takes me 2 days to finish this level and definitely it’s luck the only thing that helped me…


      Congrats :)

  2. Hope

    Finally, I got a good board. Set out and got the bombs under control. Got the 5 wrapped / striped collected, all I needed was to do was collect 60 more blues with 14 moves. A challenge, but I could do it. Then the game froze. Grrrrr……

  3. Nastia

    To this day i loved a game, until i got level 425!! This level is not possible! I don’t want to pay to keep plyaing this game. I’m very upset. I think to leave a game. I play this level about month but Unfortunately ? see no chance of passing this level. :(


      Have you tried playing it on a different device?

      • Nastia

        I didn’t try to pass this level on a different device for one simple reason, I’m not mentally prepared to play from the beginning. How can you help me? Recommend me something…. Please!!!

  4. Maggie mae

    I have not been getting my free spins on my ipad for the last 3 days. Also I would like to purchase and have my choc balls accumulate for future use and you use them all up for me in 3 games. I think this is the most hopeless level of all. (425)

  5. NuckinFuts

    I’m have been on level 425 for about a month now and let me tell you, you have to have luck on your side, pure and simple. All these strategies are great in theory, the problem is reality. The tornados block your moves and/or prematurely explode any and all wrapped striped candies. My point is this, every level is possible, but not every screen is., and that’s where I have a problem with certain levels. Every screen should be possible, if you make the right moves, but there is no way that is the case. I have read about 4 or 5 different strategies and I have tried them all individually and combinations thereof and I have gotten through all the moves only 3 times in a month. You can strategize all you want, the long and short of it is that there cannot be a strategy, you have to rely on luck.

  6. chaplain

    This is the first clearly impossible level I had met in the game. As stated in a previous comment, your only chance is when the game “lets you win”. I’ve had a couple of tries where I’ve been close to winning, but that’s about 1 in 20. In most of the other attempts, I wasn’t even able to clear the first wave of the bombs, and whirlwinds would crush all my little chances to do so, even though I restart if I don’t see at least two promising moves. It would be hard to get rid of bombs in 10 moves even without whirlwinds, since all of them are in the corners. I understand player frustration is an essential part of this game in order to encourage buying boosters, however, on this board, I don’t see any paid boosters to be a real help (unless you happen to be in those 1/20 games and a few extra steps would help in the end).
    I learned during my CCS carreer, that the hardest boards are usually the last ones of an episode. I still won’t pay, but won’t give up either – it’s just a matter of patience, if it takes weeks, I will keep on trying for weeks. King shall not rule my kingdom! :-)

    • Tiamaria57

      Every time I manage to make a combination to wipe out the time bombs my efforts are destroyed by the tornados. I play on an iPad. This level is programmed to make every move an unsuccessful move. Why does King think for one minute that people are going to pay money to loose? No one will through money at a looser time after time. King is about to debut on the NYSE….. Investors beware! Their revenue will be short lived and players will turn their backs on this game once they reach these levels!

      • Linda Abkarian

        I totally agree with everything that Tiamaria57 said. Just when I’m ready to make a combination of wrapped/stripped candies, the tornado destroys one of them!!! I have paid for boosters many times before when I know it was going to help me complete the level. I don’t think paid boosters will help on this board until I only have one more move and need a lollipop. I love the challenges of each level; it makes it fun. However, this board will only be completed with luck and when King gives me a winning board. My addiction to Candy Crush is fading and that might be a good thing!

        • Linda Abkarian

          I’m still trying to pass this level. I have no problem buying boosters to finish a level. King knows how much money I have given them!!! But the only way one can pass this level is by LUCK!!! I will not spend one penny to complete this level. The boosters won’t help. Either the bombs detonate in ten moves or I can’t make the five combos. So I will play this level once a day and hope to pass it by luck, but will not give King any money for this level. Other future levels I will. Honestly, I think I will on this level forever.


            Just hang in there Linda, if the right board is what you are waiting for then it will definitely find you! We agree with the ‘No buying boosters’ motto, especially if this level is based more on luck. If you can, try playing this level on a different device – ie. Mobile/ Tablet/ iPad/ PC/ Kindle as different devices offer different boards, therefore making some levels easier or harder depending on the device you are playing on. Hope this works! Good Luck :D

  7. Max

    What a monstrous level. I must have been at it for three weeks and never even came close… until today. The wrapped candies finally came and didn’t blow up until I could use them. I still had to buy a place-switcher, but I finally cleared this awful level. That’s the second time I had to buy a booster to clear a level (the other one was 323). Glad to be past it, but I must say – I play this game to relax, and when it’s this difficult it’s no fun at all. I hope there won’t be another one as bad as this for a while.


      Level 425 has been one of our Evillest levels, so there’s no doubt you experienced problems in defeating it! But Well done on finally claiming Victory…Hoorahh!

    • Soncie22

      Congratulations to you on a job well done!! I have just entered the third level of hell known as level 425–wish me luck!

  8. Lori

    Wonder if anyone else is having a problem just getting past the first set of bombs?! Been trying for two days & can’t even get that far!!!
    Is it the new update or am I missing something???
    Thought 421 was bad but this one just may do me in!!!

    • Robina

      Yes Lori, I found it to be essentially impossible. I played for about two days also before I even got past the first round of bombs the first time.

      I just crushed it one minute ago (11 moves left and 3 stars left even)—–I think the game may have “let” me win. I gave up using any kind of specific strategy because that just cost me moves since the cyclones seemed to know what I was about to do and destroyed it before I could do it.

      After playing for several more days, my ‘strategy’ came to this:
      * Move my cursor off the page and my hand off the mouse as soon as I make a move.
      * Examine the board carefully for my best possible MOVE (forget about opportunities).
      * Focus on my immediate MOVE being able to crush a block or bomb, make a striped, wrapped or choco-ball, etc.
      * Make the move. 95% of the time it didn’t pay to be strategic beyond the current move, due to the cyclones which seem to know what I would do. Sometimes I would take a chance if I thought it was worth it, and the payoff for that would be about 50%. I am normally an avid strategist, but 425 changed some of that thinking.

      This is a hugely challenging level. It took everything I had to remain calm and approach each game as though it were my first and remain enthusiastic.

      • Lori

        Thanks Robina! I’ve been playing on my iPad and maybe should try on my laptop. I noticed they updated yesterday & today and I have gotten a little further now. Guess my complaining to King (along with many others I’m sure!) has paid off.
        So how long have you been on this level? And being that you passed it, what do I have to look forward to in the next episode???

    • Lori

      Still stuck on this God forsaken level & haven’t even come close to beating it!! I’ve complained to King about going back to the 15 move bombs at the very least. They sent me an email saying I could beat it eventually & to not concentrate on making wrapped candies at the beginning. Now they’ve added the option to keep playing for $1.99 or hit the “Give up” button, it’s obvious all they want is your $$ !!!
      I’ve paid to get off some levels but when you don’t even have a chance, give me a break!!! They must think we’re stupid!!!

  9. kdeej

    I have been playing this level for about one week, on my phone with 9-move bombs and 230 blue candy order. I was just kind of playing to play at this point and didn’t feel anywhere CLOSE to passing it. Buuut, I just ran out of moves with 4/5 of the wrapped-striped combos collected and ALL the blue candies. I didn’t pay attention to how the game was going until too late so I burned through a lot of my moves too quickly — had I been paying more attention, I would have finished the level. I had multiple specials on the board, just couldn’t get them together in time.

    I’ve been focusing on clearing the bottom first. I pay attention to possible chocolate balls cuz if I combine that with a stripe, I eliminate all the bombs and clear a lot of the bottom. Once that’s clear, there’s a lot of room to make special candies. I make a lot and bring them together when I can. I completely ignore the cyclones and keep an eye on the bombs but for the most part, as long as I’m making combos, they get taken care of.

    I’ve gotten close a few times but this was the closest I’ve been. I’m DETERMINED to clear this level and finish this stupid episode! Everyonr says the next episode is a calkwalk in comparison lol


      You can do it! Level 425 has been apart of our Evillest league before, but many crushers have beaten its FURY! Good Luck and CRUSH ON :D

  10. Sam

    This level is impossible. I’m finally giving up. I wrote to King to re-design this level. Until they do, I’m done. It’s been fun and a nice ride.


      Hopefully they will re-design this level so that you don’t have to miss out on any candy crush fun!

  11. Leila

    I don’t think it’s possible to pass this level on a mobile device. I played dozens of times and was never able to get the first combo. Plus, it seems like there are a number of bugs. I did finally beat it on the desktop. It was much easier.

    One comment: Has the link for King support changed? When I click on the link provided her, I get an error message.


      Yes switching devices is a great trick, so whenever in doubt, use it :) and yes they have recently changed their support link – here’s the latest version. sorry for any inconvenience caused

  12. Shawn

    Conquered 425 on my 153rd attempt. Over 153 games, I used 25 Lolipops, 2 switches and in the last game 2 extra moves. I was hoping 382 on the iPad and 421 was a silly as they got, but no! Hope the writers remember this is a game for pleasure and hopefully skill will come back to the game soon.


      Levels do seem so much harder these days! But Congrats on passing :)

  13. Dennyboi

    This was the hardest level thus far for me. I was on it for 3 days on my IPAD.

    The psychology of the Tornados: There is no consistency of how many appear on the board, that, and their placements are entirely random. I did notice the caused me to feel anxious, and I would rush to move the candies around, somehow thinking I could outbeat them. But the player cannot effect the tornados in any way, so, just ignore then.

    1. The first priority is removing the first wave of bombs:

    So at the beginning focus on the lower half of the board. Try to make a Chocolate Ball+Stripped candy, or a Wrapped+Stripped candy combo near the bottom. This clears the first “wave” of bombs. (Chocolate Ball+Stripped candy is the best.)

    1A. If you are lucky, a perfectly placed Wrapped+Stripped candy combo will wipe out all the bombs in one swipe. It is where the bottom middle frozen Wrapped candy is. If you have a Stripped Candy + Wrapped candy combo, in the row that is ONE ROW UP from that frozen Wrapped candy at the bottom, it will wipe out all the bombs with one swipe.

    2. Once you get rid of the first wave of bombs, you then have some breathing room.

    3. From here, every move you should either make a wrapped or stripped candy. That’s all you focus on.
    4. If an opportunity to make a chocolate ball arrives, then make one. THis chocolate ball can help you 1) get rid of a bomb, 2) or get rid of a specific colored candy to make it easier to make wrapped and stripped candies. Sometimes I’d just hold onto a Chocolate Ball incase a bomb was going to go off, and then get rid of by using the Chocolate Ball with that color bomb.

    Best Tip:
    Pause between each move and LOOK at the board. I would rush through, and almost frantically move candies around because the tornados made me feel anxious. I stopped doing that, and paused between each move to look at the board. I couldn’t effect or outbeat the tornados, so I just took my time.

    I beat the level after about the 5th time doing that. That’s how I won.

    • Soncie22

      This is some of the BEST Candy Crush advice I’ve received to-date.

      Thank you sooooo much!!

  14. Lolo

    I offer constructive criticism and u take me down?? People use fowl language etc and it’s ok? Unbelievable…………


      Lolo, we never took you down, it simply takes a day or two for your comments to generate and we would like to also make clear that we are only a support community to help crushers beat levels. we have no input into the game itself. Any complaints about the game itself we recommend that you take it up with King’s support group at Hopefully they can do something to aid in the problems you are experiencing with this level. Hope this helps

  15. L Edwards

    This level is a joke!!! It would take a small fortune to win this. At this point it’s all about how much you want to spend. Pathetic… should be challenging but not impossible. Making too much $$$$$ enjoy it while it lasts!!

    • Robina

      Gosh, I haven’t crushed this level yet, but so far I’ve never spent a penny on any level of Candy Crush. I just keep at it and try to figure out a strategy that works for me. Keep going. You CAN crush this one.

  16. Dan Heffington

    I finally have had enough of this game. You take a level that is already too difficult ( and based purely on luck ) and make it even more difficult. It is obviously designed to make players spend money to get past it. On rop of that I had 52 lives saved up only to have the update remove them. If I am going to put money into a computer game based solely on luck, then I need to go to the casino and feed a slot machine instead ( I might get something back )

  17. Tim

    With the App Store update from feb13. King has just made this irritating level even harder. Now the bombs start with 10 and the blue candy order is 230! They should have made this level easier not harder. I just got the five combos this morning but fell short of the 230 blues by 22…would have cleared the level if not for the stupid update. Reset the bombs to 20 instead of 10.


      Wow the update has definitely made this level harder! Please send your suggestion to Kings support group via the following link –

      • camamma

        would be good idea to send suggestions to King, but the link doesn’t work and I can’t even get to them. I agree, and I am DONE with not just this level but with CAndy Crush. I have found several other non-King games that are much more enjoyable, but challenging to play. ridiculous that it is only pure luck. you shouldn’t have to play a level for more than a MONTH to pass it. it is just dumb now.


          We would like to apologise for sending your the wrong link, as King has only recently updated their support form and a new link has been provided. Please follow this link to have King answer your queries –

    • L Edwards

      Absolutely Tim and why have them reoccur after u have cleared them once!! Let’s make it playable folks….people at this level have worked hard to be here.

  18. Susan

    Barbara….you’d be doing a bit of whining on this one if you had been at it a month and no luck…just saying…

  19. Mbrown

    Formed 6 wrapped candies! Unable to use a single one of them as tornados ate every single one of them. Have been playing this level for days and haven’t even come close! What is the purpose in making this so hard!

  20. Janelle Martinson

    Oh – and thank you for this site. It has provided inspiration throughout this saga. Thanks for all the tips to all who post. Good luck all!

    • Robina

      Thank you. I agree…….and fortunate crushing to everyone from me too.

  21. Janelle Martinson

    I don’t even care anymore. No skill, no planning -just endless levels of random luck on convoluted boards of chaos. I’ve planned on giving up on many other levels before this, thinking it might get better – but this is it. King doesn’t appear to be listening – THIS SAGA IS NO FUN, not fair, not entertaining. No tips help, because the board is random. Not a penny spent on this foolish game. Over and OUT!

  22. Denise

    Playing this level at the beginning, I thought there is no way.I was lucky if I made one match. Patients is the key to this level. Only got one star on this level, but more important, I made it through the swamp. Good luck to everyone stuck on his level!! Remember this is the last o the swamp.

  23. Lynn

    OMG!!!!! I keep getting one move away and those hurricanes keep exploding it before I can make the move. I think it somehow knows I would beat it if allowed to make said move ????I’m really getting frustrated with this one!!!

  24. Tom

    This game cannot be won on a phone or I pad. I don’t want to play on PC. I guess I’m done

  25. Lynn

    OMG!!! Got close a couple of times. Those crazy cyclones are awful!!

  26. Lynn

    I really do not like this one!! The bombs are the pits!!!

  27. Debbie D

    Several times I have been one move away from finishing level 425. I am having trouble buying hammers or extra moves. I click on either and apple asks for my password. I give it and it says cancel or ok instead of buy. I click ok and it charges me for the purchase but the game ends and my ipone goes back to the cancycrush icon. Also sometimes I hit play and it clicks on and off and I lose a life without playing. Anyone else had this problem. Not sure what to do

  28. Debbie D

    several times I have been one or two moves away from finishing level 425.I am having trouble when trying to buy hammers or extra moves. I click on either and apple asks for my password. Once I do that is usually asks if I want to buy. Now is says cancel or ok. I hit ok and it charges me for the purchase but my screen goes back to the icon for candy crush on my iphone. The games ends instead of continuing due to my purchase of extra moves. Also I click to play and its goes on and off and I lose a life without playing. Anyone else has this problem. Sometimes you just need that one hammer or extra lives and I cant seem to purchase them.


      Sorry your experiencing these difficulties Debbie. Maybe try purchasing these boosters on a different device?

  29. Debbie D

    I am on level 425 and have gotten to just one or two moves from finishing level. I am having trouble buying hammers or extra moves. I click on it and it ask for my password and I give it and hit ok and the game goes blank and the icon for candycrush comes up on my iphone. the game ends and they charge me for the purchase and I don’t get them because the game ended. Has this been a problem for others. Also I click to play and it comes on and goes off and I lose a life without playing.

  30. Nichole

    I’m giving up if I don’t pass this after today-sad to get this far and quit but this isn’t fun anymore…

  31. Ka

    Finished with no boosters, 3 stars, and 9 moves to spare after trying for three days (I play on my Droid, and set the time forward 3 hours each time I run out of lives, so I don’t really know how many tries it took, alls I know is that it was a LOT of tries, lol).

    It really does come down to a “lucky” board. That’s all there is to it.


      Congrats for passing!

  32. Colin H.

    What…no chocolate fans?
    A couple dozen licorice would be super also.

  33. Doug

    Finally! Two days on this level. The cesspools kept attacking my wrapped candy. Finally made it with zero moves left. Good riddance to this episode!

  34. Joni

    I completed this in about 5 tries. I never expected to. I will say that you need to play as low as you can looking for horizontal stripes and matches to wipe out bombs. Things just fell in all the right places. I absolutely HATED this episode. The tornadoes are awful. So much based on luck!

    • Joni

      Oh and I didn’t even think about the blues. They came very easily.

  35. eugene

    ok – I’m only on my third game and can tell this one totally sucks – it is not fun at all – the only reason I keep going is cuz I keep thinking it has to get fun again at some point. I have not spent a dime on this and I won’t so I have a feeling this might be the end – what a stupid thing for King to do to such a great game

    • eugene

      there is a survey you can click on under the game board now – sometimes it shows up instead of the ads for the other games. I pretty much told them what I thought of soda swamp :)

    • eugene

      well I don’t believe it but I got it – good-by soda swamp and good riddance – hope the fun comes back in the next episode
      Thank you crushing candies for all the great hints – and to the other people that post their hints too – :)

  36. Dennyboi

    I am also suspicious of how the cyclones are placed. I had only 1 wrapped/stripped candy order to fill, and still had 5 more moves left. I had 1 wrapped and 1 stripped perfectly aligned, and just before i moved them together, the cyclone landed on one of them. To finish the game, had to use 2 of the 5 extra move “boosters”.

    I do think it is done purposely to ensure we use a booster to finish the game. It generates more revenue for them.


      Sometimes we get lucky boards and then other times we get unlucky ones, but well done for passing the level anyway and thank you for sharing :)

  37. John E

    Has anyone actually passed this level on an iPhone? It does seem impossible. However I have only tried 200 times. Maybe I need to wait for the 500th.

    I think there is a bug. I’ve noticed that if a cyclone sets off a vertical striped candy and it causes a wrapped one to fall into the column the striped candy WAS in (a different column) after it has gone off, the wrapped candy also goes off when it falls. Does this happen on ipad and PC?

    Not going to bother reporting the bug. There are 50,000 bug entries on the site not responded to.

    • John E

      I can answer my own question. Yes this level is possible on an iPhone. It just takes a lot of attempts.

  38. Jan A

    I am happily quitting Candy Crush and am encouraging many of my friends to quit also. I’ve tried over 500 times (not exaggerating) and used all the tips and hints, etc and cannot even come close to passing this level. What is the point of a game that is nearly impossible – lot’s of us are looking for something challenging but not this ridiculous. Hopefully enough people will quit (I know many who have) that the creators will figure out a way to let people move on . Happy to be done with this game!


      Sorry to hear you feel this way, we all know how frustrating this game can be at times! However instead of giving the game up for good, maybe try again after a week or so? Who knows having a break may be just what lets you beat this level once and for all. But Good Luck and hope you’ll share another Candy rush experience with us again soon.

      • JV

        I’m quitting as well. This level is ridiculous.. Not fun any more.

  39. Mark Schumacher

    So, I was down to my last move which was going to be combo 5 and big surprise the cyclone hit it and I lost. My last 5 tries I never made it past the 15 move bombs. Writing this as I prepare to uninstall this idiotic game.

  40. Mark Schumacher

    Been on this for over a week. 4 out of. 5 tries has been the average in not being able to clear the bombs. Strategy does not work here because you can make a 2 play move only to have it hit by a twister. I wasted money buying extra moves and was still blocked and could not complete.

    • kat

      Yes I had to pay to stop the bombs. it cost me $25 on this level. makes me annoyed as they know it is addictive and they should charge less or have more boosters like other games do (Pet Rescue has free booster x 1 and Farm Heroes give you 3 boosters a day).


        I feel you, but you’ve made it this far and by only paying $25! So i think that’s a job well done :) Happy Crushing

  41. Ali

    I hate this whole episode :(

  42. Charlaew

    I agree with Patricia that there are no real strategies on this level unless you get just the right board. Unfortunately, I came close to beating this level several times before I noticed the update was available which changed the move bombs to 15 instead of 10. IMO, this makes a big difference. Once I downloaded the update, it did not take me long to pass this one. However, I knew by the way the candies were falling that I had a good chance of winning. The 15-move bombs (instead of 10) and getting the right board are what helped me in pass this level. Once you start making the combos, the blue candies will take care of themselves. This, so far, is the only level I have had trouble with but it is passable. So hang in there.


      This is something you should check everytime.. when a new update is launched it’s possible that the new version of the level will be easier than the previous! So you should have it in my mind all the time!

    • Tiamaria57

      Reply to Charlaew…..October 26th, 2013? You state that the update moved the time bombs to 15 instead of only 10 ? I am always doing the updates on my iPad and I still have 10 on the time bombs??? It’s an impassable level with 10. Have they moved it back to 10 from 15? Am I missing something? I have decided to give up the game completely as it is not fun anymore.

  43. Wendy

    Read posts and follow advice on here without fail before starting another lvl and just completed 425 but does anyone know why you can’t get any further on the iPad ?


      it’s because no new episode is launched yet on mobile devices!

    • Debbie D

      Good for you. Tough level. Seems like a lot of luck

  44. Lei

    I finished the level with no boosters, 3 stars topping all my friends on my 2nd try so it is very passable. This is the updated version of the evil level 350!
    Some tips that might help:
    * Your priority here is make wrapped candies. So finish first the wrapped * striped combo requirement. It is quite easy to make wrapped here. Make the combo in the lower middle part of the board.
    * with wrapped + striped combo made down below this will complete the requirements and remove the 15-move bombs! Eliminated 2 birds with 1 stone.
    * Color bomb + striped combo are also very useful here. So use it when you got it. You can eliminate blue candies or an off color.
    * After the combo requirement is done you can start eliminating blue candies. In the course of completing the combos you can eliminate blues too so that makes easier for you.
    Good luck! – posted oct 20,2013

  45. Florence

    After so many days if not weeks and probably hundreds of tries , I had to resort to several boosters to complete level 425 on ipad. It was a money well spent and I feel good about it so I could move on and save my sanity….. Lol……I am now anxiously awaiting for the next episodes on ipad.


      we all need to wait florence! Good to read you reached the end of the road for now

  46. mary a

    I never thought I would say it but I give up! It’s just too frustrating. I see from the video that he uses quite a few boosters.


      This is not our video.. we are working hard in order to create vids for all levels, but this will take time! Would suggest that you try to take advantage of our tips/strategies!!

      • mary a

        You can give all the tips you want but there is no strategy for this level. It is all luck. The cyclones make this impossible to plan.


          Cyclones is a huge trouble, this is what we were talking about with Pat, a few days ago!! I still believe that a strategy is necessary because if luck comes, without a decent strategy you will probably ruin your chances!

  47. Jeff

    I agree 100 percent with patricia. This entire episode especially this level is based on luck. The bombs are difficult but the twisters are so random. Way too many times they take out my combos. Not gonna give up not buying any boosters either

    • kat

      I agree what a joke this level is. Other games have free boosters (Farm Heroes 3 a day and Pet rescue can get a booster from a friend). I was so angry I paid $25 on this level = they suck you in. Every attempt to strategize was ruined by 4 whirlwinds on few candies = what chance do you have. I stopped the bombs with a candy smasher. lollipop thingy.


        Did you manage to get past this level? If so any extra tips you could share with your crushing community? You can always send your complaint to King, who knows if enough crushers want the same thing they might change it so here’s the link :)

    • kat

      good on you for not buying boosters


        Yes well done, we can dodge paying for boosters after all :)

  48. kathy37166

    I’m still having trouble with this level. Haven’t beat it yet but I have noticed that you can eliminate (temporarily) the little tornadoes by using a striped candy combinations or striped color match ups if the tornadoes are in its path They do comback but you get to make a couple moves before they do.

  49. fvdc x

    sarut mana

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