Candy Crush Saga Level 427

Are you stuck on Candy Crush Level 427? Don’t get upset.. just watch the video below:

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 427

Check the board in both outer sides for any readily made wrapped candy and use it in a striped/ wrapped combo to unlock and then detonate all the wrapped candies already on the board. (In all the games I played there was almost always one right there waiting to be made.) This also takes cares of the locked bomb. The one remaining wrapped locked at the top of the column can be accessed with a vertically striped candy match, thus leaving you only 1 wrapped to make.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 427”
  1. Fidget

    Bit of a boring level really. One of those where the game basically dictates your next move. It’s not difficult to get through it though.


      Thanks for the feedback Fidget! Keep crushing!

  2. Jesse

    Thanks for your tips over the last 426 games. They’ve been a huge help along the cc road. Do you have any further tips for 427? My games are not giving me the readily made wrapped freebie at the beginning. So far I haven’t got even one (15 attempts) and the bomb goes off before I can build a wrapped/striped combo from scratch. Ditto for the other combos I try. ??


      You’re welcome Jesse! Did try pat’s or Lei’s Tips? Most of the times their advice is gold!

  3. Lei

    Another fun level! You do not have much space for action here so you have to clear up space.
    I made a wrapped + striped combo that freed the frozen wrapped candies. Then made combos that cleared some wrapped.
    The rest just started forming and easily cleared the level!

    • X

      But if you don’t get that million to one combination, the level is impossible. It’s not fun at all, and from your slavishly devoted comments on every level I am 100% certain that you are an employee of King shilling for the game.

      • Ziggy

        I always read Patricia’s tips first then scroll down for Lei’s. Difficult to imagine a company as massive as King would resort to such low level marketing. She has never suggested buying any boosters, only ways to get through the level. I think your cynicism is a little misplaced here, not to mention just plain bloody mean.


        Some people like to help other people out, out of the goodness of their hearts and that is exactly what this site is all about and what players like Patricia and Lei do here. We’re sorry you feel the way you do but we can guarantee that players who contribute tips here are not working under King.

      • john

        i agree with you there x you have to get that lucky board other wise your lost in 20 games so far i got there once bomb got me everytime i still lost the game ,just wondering if any thought has gone into theses games as many people here just up and quit as they get tired of playing with no hope of winning , i’ve been there a few times wanting to quit.once i got a color bomb the next move i had to use it as i had no other moves to make , it ticks you off things like that .there has been a few games like this now and the fun is leaving the game for most of us , we all would like to finish wouldn’t we .

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