Candy Crush Saga Level 428

For those of you that can’t pass Candy Crush Level 428 you need to take a few moments and watch this vid:

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 428

The first priority here is to clear the chocolate because you don’t want it to completely close off the section. As you’re clearing that, check the section below for anything that might help you, and then work on clearing those blocks. The cherries will keep falling and they can clump up an entire section making it impossible to make any matches, so at every opportunity keep dropping them through the teleports to get them over to the right. I made striped/wrapped combos on the bottom left section to clear the blocks on the right bottom section and since all my cherries were on that side, they rapidly starting leaving.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 428”
  1. Cherie

    Frustrated to say the least. Never get a good board. I cannot believe I made it this far and cannot pass this level!! If you can’t make a move in chocolate box you might as well start over. I lose all my lives very quick…..


      Have you read all the tips/discussion available here?

  2. Khandie

    This has to be one of the most annoying level yet!!!urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… This is so NOT any fun.


      Level 428 is a head sore! But hang in there and you’ll beat it eventually! Don’y forget about the daily free spin boosters as they could be the key to defeating this level :)

  3. Joni

    I hated this level. It took me a day to finish. I play strictly on PC so every time the chocolate got too heavy, I would leave the game and lose a life. It was worth it though because if that upper right gets too clogged, you might as well quit as others have said.
    I found that ONCE you get the opportunity and you’ve cleared the chocolate, really concentrating on the bottom left, trying to make matches is the best move. That way you can clear the blocks in the bottom right, releasing the cherries. Once again, I got very lucky with wrap, stripe falling next to each other twice.

  4. eugene

    totally lucked out first try on this one. could make one match on the chocolate and then a horizontal stripe in the right spot in the upper left that took out rest of the chocolate. Totally a lucky board.

    • eugene

      PS – thanks again for all the great hints – I always ck here before I start a new level – and even re read sometimes during if its giving me problems (like most of soda swamp)


        Glad we can help Eugene, that’s what this community is for :)

  5. Tuk

    1. Don’t continue the game unless you can clear the chocolate in the first few moves.
    2. Focus on wrap/stripe combos in the bottom left quadrant, that’s pretty much your best hope unless you get some lucky clears on the right side.

  6. Marge Amerud

    To restart on I-pad without losing life, hit symbol on lower left where you can mute music. There is a door with an arrow. Press that and if you haven’t played, you will exit without losing a life.


      Thanks for noticing that Marge!

  7. Susan

    How do you restart the game without losing a life?

    • Sandy

      I would also like to know how to restart the game without losing a life?

  8. Lei

    Some tips:
    1. Before you make your first move, check out the box with chocolates in it, check if you got matches to eliminate chocolates. If you are good then play the game. If you don’t have good matches then restart the game without losing a life.
    2. Eliminate chocolates on the upper right box.
    3. Eliminate the blockers in the lower right box so ingredients can pass thru. You can make wrapped + striped combo in the lower left box to clear blocks and let ingredients pass.
    Have fun crushing candies!

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