Candy Crush Saga Level 433

There is no need to worry if you can’t complete Candy Crush Level 433! Just take a breath, watch our walkthrough video and beat it..

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 433

This is a timed level with twisted candies, but don’t panic. There seemed to be plenty of opportunities to create color bombs here. If at all possible do NOT break through the cream blocks on BOTH sides of the board—those outer 2 columns are bomb dispensers. (I broke through one side by mistake, but I compensated by playing that side almost exclusively) I ignored the +5’s locked in marmalade at the bottom.

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4 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 433”
  1. Gail T

    The cyclones are making it very slow to respond so I am wasting precious seconds just waiting to be able to make a move! What can I do to compensate for this? Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Tuk

    The dumbest thing about this level is that you can hit 100,000 points, and if you let a bomb explode, you lose. How are you supposed to know that? If you hit over 65,000 points, just let the time run out and you’ll move on.

  3. Lei

    Wow and I thought this level would be very easy, I absolutely hate those soda cyclones!
    *What I did was just do all matches in the middle. Keep all the action in the middle of the board.
    *Do not break the creams on the side because when you do, move bombs will start coming dien and you will be preoccupied with removing them at looking for candies for additional time. That is a tedious task!
    *If you have matches for special candies do it but still make sure you do not break the cream.
    * If you reach the required score and you got a move bomb it us wise that you stay put do not make any move and wait for the time out. Game finish!

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