Candy Crush Saga Level 434

In case you find it difficult to pass Candy Crush Level 434 you should keep your patience and take a few moment to carefully watch this video:

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 434

No twisted candies in this level, but there are bombs and a chocolate factory. The bomb area is wider which allows for matches to be made there…check that first. Then try to make striped/wrapped combos on either side…avoiding the middle until the bombs are disposed of. Then attack the chocolate factory. Again nothing clears the area like that striped/wrapped combo. The jellies right around the factory will be the toughest to clear.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 434”
  1. Sandy

    Lei, where is the exit door? There is a little red button on the right but it says if you quit you lose a life. Thanks!

  2. Joni

    I was a bit intimidated by this level, but in the end it took less than one day and yes, two free lollipop hammers. A chocolate sprinkle with a stripe matching the main color on the board really cleared things up.

  3. eugene

    I am not even coming close to getting the bombs before they explode – another one that takes a good board I suppose…


      Unfortunately it probably does Eugene, but good luck and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you :) Let us know when your beat it!

      • eugene

        finally got it after many many many many tries
        had to use a lollipop hammer I got in the free spin to finish it off but well worth it

  4. Lei

    That was not really too hard a level but very challenging level! I am glad I am out of this level! I finished it with no boosters so yes it is very passable without one. Just a keen eye for potential color bombs and taking your time..some tips to help:

    * First priority: eliminate the move bombs. The best way to do this and what I did was you can do a color bomb + striped combo! You can also make a wrapped + striped combo on both sides and 1 in the middle part to clear jellies. But that is harder to do.
    After all bombs are cleared pressure is lifted of from your shoulders.

    * Create space to make special candies but clear the blocker in the middle covering the factory last.

    * Then start eliminating jellies but avoid the freeing middle blocker first because when you do that chocolate will start covering up everything.

    * Try to make more color bomb + striped combo to clear hard to reach jellies like in the middle surrounding the factory and the ones where the bombs are located.

    Good luck happy crushing! Oh and everyone just watch the walkthrough videos just to see his strategy and don’t nag afterall it did not say that it was crushingcandies’ videos. They just posted it to show you strategies.


      thanks for the tips Lei!

      • linda rogers

        this level is horrible, you cant win if the board doesn’t allow you to set anything up. I’ve played for a week and have only come close a couple times.


          do the “restart trick” in order to get a board that helps: To restart on I-pad without losing life, hit symbol on lower left where you can mute music. There is a door with an arrow. Press that and if you haven’t played, you will exit without losing a life

          • Susan

            Can you restart on a PC without losing a life? If so, how? Thank you.


            I think this can’t happen.. other crushers should confirm it!!

          • Lei

            Oh that trick about exiting without losing a life really works. You can just check the board first if it has good moves then by all means play if. If not, do not make any move then click the exit door then you are back to the map with no life lost. Good luck!


            absolutely agree!!!

  5. Shawn

    So after 1 move you had a choco-ball and many of the top blocks knocked out, and you STILL had to use 2 lollipop hammers? What kind of walk-through is this?


      This is not a walkthrough created by us! We are trying to replace all walkthrough vids by our videos but this will take some time.. you’d rather have a look at the written guidance!!

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