Why don’t you check our walkthrough video on Candy Crush Level 436 in case you can’t beat it? It will take you only a few minutes and it will probably save you of huge frustration

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 436

Since there’s only one ingredient to worry about, I concentrated on that side of the board. I focused more on breaking the blocks down the columns instead of working on removing the pieces of the candy pizza/cannon thing. If you create a color bomb and can’t readily make and match it with a striped candy, match it to whatever colored candy is in the locked spaces most. You need to break those blocks to get the ingredient out. You may have to move the ingredient as it will slip through the blocks at times and your best effort to keep in going straight down may not work. Striped/wrapped combos will clear the blocks and most likely clear out that pizza thing. (…which is great, because when it clears the board, a layer of blocks will be removed!) Then use vertically striped candy matches in that column to scoot the ingredient out.