Candy Crush Saga Level 437

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 437? Don’t give up.. just watch our walkthrough video guide and pass it in the very next plays..

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 437

This level is tricky. Your goal is to clear 3 candy pizza/cannon things so you can get to the jellies underneath them. Clear out as many of the visible upper row jellies you can, while staying away from the jellyfish, because they can help remove pieces of the pizza. At the same time, make matches and combos to remove the pizza pieces. Each time you clear a pizza, the board clears a layer…so I didn’t focus too much on any jellies revealed by a removed pizza…I focused on removing the remaining pizza pieces. (This one came down to the wire and it was tough to beat. I used an upper row vertical candy match to hit a wrapped candy that then slipped to the bottom row and cleared my last 2 jellies.)

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