Candy Crush Saga Level 437

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 437? Don’t give up.. just watch our walkthrough video guide and pass it in the very next plays..

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 437

This level is tricky. Your goal is to clear 3 candy pizza/cannon things so you can get to the jellies underneath them. Clear out as many of the visible upper row jellies you can, while staying away from the jellyfish, because they can help remove pieces of the pizza. At the same time, make matches and combos to remove the pizza pieces. Each time you clear a pizza, the board clears a layer…so I didn’t focus too much on any jellies revealed by a removed pizza…I focused on removing the remaining pizza pieces. (This one came down to the wire and it was tough to beat. I used an upper row vertical candy match to hit a wrapped candy that then slipped to the bottom row and cleared my last 2 jellies.)

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11 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 437”
  1. Maggie mae

    My major complaint is On the prize wheel the arrow has been on the big bonus prize at least 6 times and moves to the next one and will not let me win the bonus. Why not just remove the bonus from the wheel. Very unfair

  2. Stella

    This is too too much, have enjoyed the game and been addicted. This level is anyone able to contact the company to say this ? Don’t want to give up as that is not my way…but may have to. Give this 2 more goes, then goodby, like the other games I played for years !


      King has got their own support page where Crushers can present any issues or complaints they have about the game. Follow this link to get your voice heard :)

  3. Ron

    Played it a 100 times now and found that on the PC the jellies onder the cake need to be crush twice, while on mobiles the jellies only need to be crushed once.
    So playing it on the PC is not the way to go for this level.

  4. Carol

    One of the 5-10 worst levels. Pure luck. Haven’t had enough of that yet to beat this…

  5. Joni

    What a hard level! It took an extra fish booster and lollipop hammer (both free earned from Bonus Wheel) to finally win after 4 days. It also took several combos. I didn’t worry so much about clearing the top or clearing pizzas as making as many combos as I could. Wraps are your friend on this level- they were for me.

  6. Lei

    Crushing candies is working great again! Loving the new design! No more bugs!


      not something more to report?? We are so glad to read this :)

      • Lei

        Yes i super love the new crushingcandies design! Everything is working great and loading fast!

  7. Lei

    Now that was a challenging level! I just notice that I easily pass the level with patience..
    Some tips:
    1. Clear 1 pudding cake one at at time. Do not wait for the ultimate combo color bomb + striped candy because chances are you lose your moves before that will happen. Make some vertical striped candies and shoot it down the pudding to set the cannons of.
    2. Save the fishes for last, they can clear the jellies under the pudding cake. You need at least 3 fishes to clear the 12 jellies under those cakes. The fishes can eat jellies under the pudding cake without you clearing the cake itself.
    3. While trying to form vertical striped candies, start clearing of the blocks and jellies above but do not use the fishes.
    4. You can use a striped + wrapped combo or wrapped + wrapped combo to easily clear the pudding cakes.
    5. The priority here is actually not clearing the pudding cake but clear the upper jellies without using the fish. After all upper jellies are cleared fishes can clear all jellies under the cake! You are cleared!

    Have fun playing! Just take your time be patient don’t hurry don’t whine because you have already reached this level then you have the guns to finish this one too! Happy crushing!

    • Sukie

      Did exactly as you suggested and early in the game I was left with just two pie pieces. I used my two hammers won on the bonus wheel to get rid of them. The fish were released and took care of the rest, worked on the first try! Disclaimer…I had struggled with this level for over a week before trying it your way. Wish I had come to this site first!

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