Following the right strategy is essential when we speak about Candy Crush.. this is why we provide this walkthrough guide for Candy Crush Level 438.. watch it, elaborate the strategy and beat it!

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 438

Another twisted candy level. This time there’s a color bomb and striped candies provided (locked in marmalade). Making additional color bombs was not difficult in any of the times I played this level and you’ll need to make a couple at least—as the twister took the one provided early on. You need to collect 30 striped and one striped/color bomb combo so that tells you to make the color bombs and go after the striped. That should help eliminate the heavy blocks at the bottom giving you more room to create any additional striped or color bombs. The additional requirement of 90 blues was not a problem…any blue candies the twister hits, counts in your score.