Candy Crush Saga Level 438

Following the right strategy is essential when we speak about Candy Crush.. this is why we provide this walkthrough guide for Candy Crush Level 438.. watch it, elaborate the strategy and beat it!

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 438

Another twisted candy level. This time there’s a color bomb and striped candies provided (locked in marmalade). Making additional color bombs was not difficult in any of the times I played this level and you’ll need to make a couple at least—as the twister took the one provided early on. You need to collect 30 striped and one striped/color bomb combo so that tells you to make the color bombs and go after the striped. That should help eliminate the heavy blocks at the bottom giving you more room to create any additional striped or color bombs. The additional requirement of 90 blues was not a problem…any blue candies the twister hits, counts in your score.

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6 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 438”
  1. Ducksoop

    I really dislike this level, primarily because of the return of the cyclones. Those things are the worst idea the programmers ever came up with. They eliminate a lot of the planning and strategy that I enjoy about this game, not to mention the irritating noise they make gets on my very last nerve. Can anyone tell me if cyclones are a part of the game from this level forward? I’m not sure I have the enthusiasm to play on if they are a permanent feature.

  2. Dennyboi

    At first I thought this level would be easy, but it ended up taking me a whole day to finally beat.

    1. To win this level you will most likely need to make 2 Chocolate Ball+ Stripped candy combos.
    2. By clearing away the bottom portion of the board, you can easily start to make Chocolate Balls +Stripped Candy combos, so focus on clearing the bottom portion of the board.
    3. Make either a stripped candy or chocolate ball or clear away the bottom portion of the board with every move.
    4. Don’t worry about collecting Blue candies, it will happen naturally through normal game play.
    5. Don’t try to get the frozen Chocolate Ball at the bottom of the board, just ignore it unless you can use it to 1) remove one colored candy off the board to help make more Chocolate Ball+Stripped Candy combos, or 2) you can easily combine a Stripped Candy with it.

  3. Fidget


    * Ignore the colour bomb at the bottom – the chances of getting to use it with a stripe are slim, so don’t waste moves on it.

    * Focus on creating stripes and colour bombs. Ideally you want to try and get 2 stripe/colour bomb matches. The game will be in the bag if you do that.

    * Don’t worry too much about collecting the blues – your stripe matches and stripe/colour bomb matches will rack them up for you.

    All round, this level isn’t as difficult as it looks. The key to it is the stripe/colour bomb matches, so make those your priority.


      thanks for the tips F. they will definitely help!!

  4. Lei

    It took me longer to pass this level than the previous level, maybe because of the soda cyclones and the lack of space to make combos.
    Some steps I did:
    * Do not make unfreezing the color bomb down below a priority. You will loose moves trying to free that. Better yet is form your own color bombs. I did that twice color bomb + blue striped and another color bomb + violet striped. That cleared 2 requirements.
    * If the soda cyclones try to ruin your planned moves, try and make another do not be defeated by these cyclones!
    * I think it is better clear the blocks below the ones in the sides so you have bigger place to make combos.
    * In the course of making the combos, you slowly eliminate blue candies. The more combos you make the more blue candies would fall down. If you only make matches of 3, no blues would come down. Good luck!

    • Joni

      I was really surprised more people didn’t post having problems with this level. I did finish in less than a day, but it took at least 50 tries. I did not enjoy it at all. LOL. Came down to making tons of combos and getting two color balls and stripes.

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