For those of you that are stuck on Candy Crush Level 439 we have a solution.. watch our video guide and elaborate our tactic.. next step is to beat the level!

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 439

This level combines twisted candy and those candy pizza/cannon things. The boards are narrow –only 4 columns each and with the ingredients in there, there’s not much room for making specials. I noticed in my games, that the twisters did tend to hit the blocks on the sides of the pizza/ cannon things quite a bit so I moved whichever of my ingredients that I could over to those columns. This gave me room to make my striped/wrapped combos and striped candy matches to clear out the pizza. (one ingredient managed to drop out the exit before the pizza was even cleared!) Once that first pizza is cleared, you will have room to create horizontal striped candy matches (at the bottom 2 rows) to clear the remaining pizza pieces.