Candy Crush Saga Level 440

If you are stuck on Candy Crush Level 440 you need to remain cool, watch our walkthrough and build a strategy that will help you beat the level:

Patricia Frederick Tips for Candy Crush Level 440

Bombs and twisters! The twisters will remove some of the bombs for you, but your first priority is to get the rest cleared. I ignored the whole top of the board in favor of any matches I could make with the bombs…and once you unlock that first few, you should be able to make some good headway there. Once you’ve taken care of the bombs, striped/wrapped combos can clear a lot of remaining jellies. The hardest part of the level is looking past the fuses and timers and recognizing the opportunities to make special candies with the bombs.

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28 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 440”
  1. Naomi

    I really need to vent J. I do believe Level 425 was still the worst of the worst; and I surprised myself by nailing it, even in 16 days’ time. I had hoped nothing would equal that ridiculous level. But Level 440 sure is trying. I am reading tips on combos ‘stripes and wraps’ and ‘stripes and chocolate balls’. Really?? There are FOUR rows of bombs with FOUR cages. There are thick rows of meringue along the top – AND if that is not enough, we have Cyclone H*LL to deal with too. In what universe does one have the room to even make combos? Yes, I have had the very rare occasion of making a few. I have actually started out with a chocolate ball in my first couple turns. That is a real treat – NOT. A few turns later I am forced to waste it on a “plain” color because I have no other moves. Most every time I even try to make, let alone set off, a striped candy – the tornado makes sure I don’t.

    What exactly is the point? I have been screwing with this for several days and ONE time I got through the bombs – and of course still couldn’t clear all the jellies. I have gotten down to one or two bombs left on numerous occasions with no similar colors even remotely nearby (apparently getting just ONE stripe-chocolate ball combo still isn’t enough to clear all the bombs – we have to have a few scattered about afterward). Why do I keep doing this? Because after getting to 440 and spending no $$, I am still determined to get to the end. I just wish it was a little more fun doing so. This level is just discouraging and getting to be a real bore, as well as a frustration. Such a shame…

  2. Sandy

    I don’t believe I just got through this level! I tried not concentrating on the bombs and clearing the upper level. Candies continued to drop and got rid of some of the bombs. Then, I got a color bomb and after several moves, a striped candy landed next to it. Exploded them and it took away all but 4 bombs. Got rid of those with a few moves. That left me with 27 moves and only about 5 jellies to get rid of up above. I was able to get rid of those quickly. Only 1 star, but I’ll take it. This was one bad level with all those bombs to contend with!

    • czare

      It’s luck that you need. If you’ve reached this level especially without spending a single penny you’ve got the skill required. This is another ridiculous level I’ve cleared the bombs but couldn’t finish the jelly with 20 plus moves left. I’ve tried ignoring the bombs like you did but it didn’t work as well.

      My motto ” If others can do it so can I”. Even for the hardest levels I’ve never required more than a week to clear them. Reading of others’ success spurred me on. It’s an ego thing.


        Well we will be rooting for you, because YOU can do it! Crush On!

  3. Hels

    Very poor show, kept thinking if I keep going the game will become challenging and fun again. Since I hit 400 developers have made the game boring – I am not stupid and I hate following useless instructions on my next move, why bother it is the only one available, whoopee,!!!!L will finish this level – game will let me eventually then it is over. No fanfare for cc just condemnation that you try really hard then meet an annoying devebler, we know you can do this but gjve the players a chance, can’t develop anything if you constantly blow it up. Now just a game of chance and not skill. Sorry always moaning on posts but really hacked off now.


      Our site is here for Crushers to share their experiences, good or bad, so always feel free to write what you think within in reason of course. Hopefully King will start making some of those harder levels much easier :)

      • sukie

        I was stuck on this level for well over a week. By following the tips posted I passed on the second try…just one star but who cares? It’s over!


          Haha, well congrats on passing! And glad we could be of some help. Crush on!

  4. maggy

    Just beat this was a score of 527,000….score was still going up and game froze!! Now it doesn’t recognize the win! ggrrrr!!!!


      We know how frustrating that can be and so sorry that its happened to you! Good thing is, at least you know you can beat this level! Good Luck!

  5. gero

    Finally passed this level after a few days stuck. It was purely by luck of a decent board, I do think. Reaching this level we’ve all know to look out to make that special candies, so long as those dreaded twisters don’t take them away.

    This is significantly worse than 350. Actually, I think a lot from the last two episodes are worse than 350, how is it that they’re never on the ‘Evilist for….’ list?

  6. Mummy Llama

    I passed this a while ago but my goal was to get to 485 with mainly 3*. I’ve managed it until this level and the ridiculously intuitive tornadoes! I’ve been trying to get 2* since before Chrsitmas, has anyone managed 2 or 3 stars?
    I’m almost hoping no-one has so I can give up!

  7. Lynn

    Twisters are not my friends!!

  8. mike

    if you stock on one level – for along time- KINGS will let you pass , they want to make money- people abandoning the game is not their interests

    • john

      i hear ya i put a few dollars into it , there are times you just cant pass you need that extra bit , just not the type to spend days or weeks playing the same game i play about 25 games a day iphone and computer ,too many of these tuff ones now , i dont mind a bit of work but again when it get like you haven;t got a chance to win it ticks me off and i should quit

  9. khandie

    I’m so so enraged!!! After 50 or more attempts, i gave up, spent 2bucks, which i rarely do on candy crush and still IS YET TO PASS THIS LEVEL. @KING, this level is beyond impossible, i want my 2bucks back. If i had passed it, it would have been 2bucks well spent. Ive tried every strategy known, its an unfair and impossible level. I am highly enraged.!!!!

  10. Joni

    This level is very unfair and so much luck is involved. In the end, it took 2 free lollipop hammers earned from Bonus Wheel to defeat it. I could’ve kept trying without the hammers, but I’d had enough. Like most are saying, keep looking for matches to get rid of the bombs. What really helped me were the combos, color ball and stripe, wrap and stripe. I found stripe/stripe to be pretty ineffective.

  11. Jan A

    I’m done with this game – played hundreds of times and rarely got close. Challenging is okay, but impossible and frustrating for weeks at a time makes me move on. Sad.

  12. linda rogers

    The worst level so far,not really hard but the tornadoes are relentless. I’ve had it down to one jelly a couple times and the tornadoes always take my move away. Then like magic, on the last move a color bomb and stripe candy appear beside each other out of nowhere!!!! Really? Seems like king just wants people to buy extra moves. Haven’t they made enough money already? I think my crushing days may be over.


      This is really frustrating Linda.. probably you should report it at

    • Kiwipom

      I’m in exactly the same boat. Every time I get towards a special candy match the tornado takes away a move. These tornadoes aren’t random; they specifically make the game harder. I give it 2 more days and GONE!


        Don’t give up yet, but Crushers have noted that if you take a break from the game and come back to it a couple of days later, you’re more likely to pass that level within a couple of goes. So breathe in, breathe out and keep Crushing!

  13. Lei

    Wow I just passed level 440 and finished candy crush saga! At least in the mobile version and at least today where there still are no updates. Yehey! This level was fairly hard I lost a lot of lives!
    Tips to help you:
    * Priority: eliminate the bombs! Before you make your first move check out the board first if in your first move you can create a sort of hole in the locked candies so you can penetrate the middle.
    * Make a color bomb + striped combo or striped + wrapped combo twice. First to unlock the bombs, second combo to eliminate it. Place these combos in the lower part of the board.
    * After the bombs are cleared, start clearing jellies in the upper board. These are 4-hit blockers so good old combos will clear it faster.

    Good luck! More candy crushing days to come! When I was in level 65 I thought of quitting and am looking above the map wondering when I might get there and now I am here at last! Thank you for all the tips and videos!


      Thanks for sharing once again your effective tips! Any talent in Pet Rescue, hopefully???

      • Lei

        Youre very welcome love sharing my tips too paying it forward. :D
        Funny because i play pet rescue saga and i think that was bubble witch saga or some other bubble bursting game of King. Whenever i play on pc i actually play those just to get the free lives and boosters. I was so into playing those games i accumulated a lot of hammers! I was laughing after hammering every jelly i did not even realize where i got my loads if hammers hahaha!


          If you have the same talent on Pet Rescue you should definitely have a look at our newly born Pet Rescue Saga site:

  14. Emma

    I have passed this twice now with no boosters and the second time a higher score. I found the best tips would be to concentrate on eliminating the bombs with striped/wrapped combos.once they are out of the way the rest is easy.


      Another guru crusher is sharing her tips! THANK YOU so much Emma :)

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