Candy Crush Saga Level 441

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 441? No worries! Watch our watkthrough video and read our tips:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 441

Try to make a color bomb on your own. If you match it with either a striped or wrapped, the 2 locked color bombs should fall. Hopefully one will remain untouched for you to use in the second combo.

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21 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 441”
  1. Gabrielle G

    Is there a way to be able to get these levels on my kindle fire? Mine only goes to level 440!


      tablet and mobile phone devices are updates slower then the computer game – annoying yes, but will let you know as soon as we do when another release date is :)

  2. Laura

    I come here to learn strategies from other players. This level, I played one game, then came here. Second game, won with 34 moves left…crazy. Thanks for the great info.


      Glad we can help :)

  3. Laura

    I come here for great tips. After playing this level once, I came here to see strategy. Second game, completed with 34 moves left. Crazy! Thanks for the good info here.

    • Laura

      sorry for the double posts.

  4. Karrie

    Well, I’m not finding this level so easy. No fewer than 4 times I have been within ONEMOVE of winning only to have my candy crush dreams dashed. Arg. One thing I have found is that it is better to make your first combo a bomb/wrapped candy. A bomb/striped candy generally will kill the free color bombs you start with. I guess like so many of the previous levels, I just have to be patient. But FOUR TIMES!!!

    • Karrie

      P.S. I play on an ipad.


      I totally feel you, but as you stated you play on the iPad – maybe try a different device it may give you the boost you need. However there’s always our walkthrough video But keep going and good luck!

  5. Marge Amerud

    Just played 441 on my I-pad. Refreshingly easy!


      so it’s finally released?? :O

  6. Lei

    So easy level! Started playing this on pc version as there is no mobile version yet.
    *I made a striped candy in the lower part of the board. Then made my own color bomb. Again i made the combo in the lower part of the board.
    *Then made 2 wrapped candies in the middle part. If you make a wrapped in the lower board I figured it will be difficult to bring my color bomb down below. So i made it in the middle easily made the combo!

    Good luck! Thanks for the video!


      oh you entered Butterscotch Boulders! Bravo!

      • Lei

        Yes i am here! Hehe! I am more glad I am finished with the cyclones really..

  7. ontploffer!

    when does the new updates coming??????


      Are you playin on mobile? Can’t predict that..

  8. jessy

    Where level 441??????????


      I don’t exactly understand your question

  9. Henk Hellendoorn

    Waarom wil op mijn laptop Candy Crush verder dan 441 en niet op mijn I -PAD


      Please speak english

      • marsha

        Google translate says: Why does my laptop Candy Crush (go) beyond 441 and not on my I-PAD?

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