Candy Crush Saga Level 443

In case you can’t beat Candy Crush Level 443 why don’t you take a moment to read our tips and watch our walkthrough:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 443

This level is fairly straightforward. Color bombs and striped candies as well as striped/wrapped combos are great for any “clear the jellies” level.

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4 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 443”
  1. Joni

    I have to agree with Lei- that was really difficult for me. It took at least 70 tries. So many times I would either get down to just a few jellies OR the bombs would get me. I just got a lucky board BUT I did concentrate on making as many combos low on the board as possible and getting rid of the bombs quickly. Like, Lei color bombs didn’t win it for me, but I really think the game “sets” you up for wins on boards like this.

  2. Lei

    Whew that was a bit difficult level it took me a lot of lives to finish it and why the clouds are there no comments here? I guess it was just me who had a hard time.
    Some tips here:
    * Do not let the bombs drop below because you will waste moves just trying to eliminate it. Plus you need to unlock the locked candies.
    * Color bomb + striped combo is the way to go it clears almost everything! Funny there were 2 times i played where i had color bombs 3x yet i did not finish the level at all.
    * After unlocking the candies go stright to clearing every jelly! Those are just 2-hit blockers. Glad to move on!

    • Richelle

      I’m having a hard time as well. I’ve had striped/wrapped, color bomb/ striped & non striped. Hopefully, my lucky board will come to me soon! Thanks for the tips!


        Your Welcome! :)

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