Candy Crush Saga Level 449

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 449? Then read the tips, follow our guidance and beat it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 449

Try to break the chocolate immediately—it’s not a factory, just a piece. Start unlocking the candies from the top down. Color bomb/striped candy combos are excellent to really clean house here! Match a color bomb with the color candy in the isolated jellies or use a horizontally striped candy match to clear them—they’re the toughest to get.

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One Response to “Candy Crush Saga Level 449”
  1. Lei

    Very challenging level! All you have to do is clear all jellies including the lone jellies in the lower part of the board.
    First move here is to eliminate the chocolate before it covers all jellies.
    Then make matches to unlock the locked candies if you make special candies and combos the better.
    Then you have to unfreeze the color bomb in the middle or better yet make your own color bombs then combine it with striped candies to clear the isolated jellies below. Only color bomb + striped combo can clear that. Clear those, clear the jellies you are good to go!
    Good luck!

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