Candy Crush Saga Level 450

Candy Crush Level 450 is not really tough but if you are stuck you should watch the vid and read our tips

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 450

Try not to let the chocolate grow across the teleports or you won’t have many candies to clear the bottom cannons. Work on the cannon pieces and not clearing any revealed jellies if you can because subsequent clearing of the cannons will clear layers of jelly—so try not to waste your moves.

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  1. Lei

    I finished this level the fastest i did not even realize i already cleared the level! Haha!
    *Just clear the pudding cakes one at a time so all jellies under those cakes will be cleared when cannons go of! When the cakes are cleared you can clear jellies like any other standard jelly-clearing levels.
    *Do not allow chocolates to cover your board or you would not be able to make matches that would clear the cakes.
    *Your moves should be directed into clearing the cakes and not clearing the jellies. Because when cannons go of it clears the jellies. After all the cakes are cleared, that is when you start removing jellies, the jellies that were not cleared by the cannons.


      once again thank you for your tips Lei!!!

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