Candy Crush Saga Level 451

If you find it difficult to beat Candy Crush Level 451why don’t you spend a moment to read our tips and watch our walkthrough vid?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 451

Striped/wrapped combos and color bomb/striped candy combos are excellent for clearing the jellies here. The toughest jellies will be at the top of the isolated columns—a color bomb matched with that color candy can clear it.

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3 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 451”
  1. Joni

    Sitting here watching Walking Dead Marathon and just beat this in one try. TOTAL LUCK in many ways. I got two color bombs and mixed with a stripe each time. Did the trick. I also looked on bottom and sides for any matches to clear jellies.

  2. Doug

    Ok, I feel bad but I got so frustrated with this level I bought my way out of it with an extra turn and then a hammer. Sigh….

  3. Lei

    This level was tricky but just passed it after about 10 lives.
    * Eliminate any jelly that can be easily cleared especially the jellies located in the lower part of the board.
    * Try to make a lot of color bomb + striped combo that is the best way to clear the jellies located down below. I made 3 of this combo that cleared the level. Good luck!

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