Candy Crush Saga Level 452

For those of you that have trouble with Candy Crush Level 452 you should watch our helpful walkthrough and take advantage of our tips

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 452

The easiest way through this level is using the mystery candies –hopefully revealing color bombs which you can match with striped candies.

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28 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 452”
  1. Elliem42

    I like a challenge but this is becoming tedious and boring. Life is too short to be miserable and this level is causing me misery and angst so I think it’s time to admit defeat.


      Why not take a short break from candy crush and play some of the dreamworld levels? You may find you pass this level when you return to it :D

  2. Dennyboi

    I’ve played this level on both my PC and my ipad Air. I honestly can say that I’m a bit mystified. When I play on my PC the game is significantly easier then when I play the level on my Ipad.

    I can easily either win or come close to winning this level nearly every time I play on the pc. But, I’ve been stuck on this level all day, and haven’t even come close (except once) to actually winning.

    Has anyone else noticed something like this? I would think that the game is exactly the same on both devices. but, honestly, it seems like its much, much harder on my ipad.

    • Dennyboi


      I can easily either win or come close to winning on this level nearly every time I play on the PC. But, I”ve been stuck on this level all day, and haven’t even come close (except once) to actually winning ON MY IPAD.

      • SB Crusader

        You need to do a video of winning and post it here because I can’t come close to under 60 combos left. multiple chocolate bombs don’t show up until its the last move.

        • SB Crusader

          I should say I use the PC all the time.

  3. Kay Brewer

    Can someone help me. I am trying to download CC onto my mobile
    Samsung Ace

  4. Eileen

    I have played this consistently for several days now and have not had a board remotely like the video one! I also only get 1 mystery candy and it’s never been a chocolate bomb – more likely to be a bomb or a chocolate blocker


      Every board is different and that includes every time you play a game too. Just keep going and utilize the tips available here :)

    • Paula Posnick.

      Same here.

    • Shannon Kowalec

      I have had the same issue…that board doesn’t look anywhere near what the video does….and it doesn’t credit me a striped candies all the time either. I’ve only had maybe two mystery packages. What’s up? I have even used the extra confetti balls from spins….nothing!


        No game board is the same, hence why our walkthrough video will not look like your game board. Every time you play the same level, you will have a different gaming board. Our videos are simply here to help guide you to a victory. If you are not being credited your special candies, then you must be experiencing a glitch, please contact King and raise the issue –

  5. Joni

    Passed in about 1 day. This level involves luck and skill. You have to hope you’ll get a color bomb or two that just appear and then match a stripe next to it, but also you have to work the board to make color bombs. It took three color bombs with stripes and I had 2 moves left. Try to clear the board wide open with wraps/wraps or wraps/stripes and that helps color bombs appear on their own and makes it easier to make color bombs. You really can’t beat this board IMO without multiple color bomb/stripe combos.

  6. Dennyboi

    Attempts: 20 or so
    Booster: 1 Switch

    Basically this level is all about getting a Chocolate Ball and matching it with a stripped candy. That is the only real way to get the quantity of stripped candies to fill the order. On an average, you will need 3 – 4 chocolate ball/stripped candy combos to fill the entire order.

    Don’t waste your moves on anything BUT making chocolate balls and then matching them to a stripped candy.

    * First, clear out the board of any of the blocks (The candies tied up). Once the board is cleared of any blocks, it allows for there to be room for the chocolate balls to be formed. Some chocoalte balls will form naturally, and others will have to be made. If you run into a chocolate ball while clearing out the board of the blocks, then of course, use it with a stripped candy.
    *Make the chocolate ball first, then try to match a stripped candy with it, not the other way around.
    *Don’t rush, take your time. Just concentrate on making chocolate balls, and matching them with a stripped candy. That’s all this level is about.

  7. Ali

    Phew! I’m so happy i finally made it through this level! I passed it on the bus today after days stuck and almost jumped with joy :) . It’s really pure luck, to get four or even five speckled balls and not exploding them accidentally before you can match them with a striped. Now, drive on to level 453!


      Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Gertie

    I thought this was a fun level! It did take me about 7 tries.once your board clears up,somewhat, watch for opportunities to make the sprinkle bombs!!!!


      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing :)

  9. Reetz

    Can’t seem to pass this level!!! this game is so rigged, if you haven t noticed already! This levels getting so boring……time to say good bye candy crush!!!!! C ya


      if you really find it boring, i guess the right choice is to abandon the ship.. if the reason is you are stuck on this level, let me tell you while you reached 452 you can definitely go through this!

  10. Lei

    Just so everyone knows after the latest update there is only one mystery candy that you get in the start of the game.

  11. Lei

    My goodness that was a difficult level! It took me a lot of lives to pass this level with 1 star but who cares i passed it! I even topped all my friends which was weird, it was that difficult.
    Requirement: 80 striped candies in 40 moves
    * I only had 1 mystery candy in the start of the game. Use that and hope it is a color bomb so you can make a color bomb + striped combo.

    * With the number of striped candy required you must at least make your first color bomb + striped combo when you reach your 30th move. That was what I figured if you still have not made your first combo by 30th move then more or less you are not going anywhere.

    * Make a color bomb first then do your best to make a striped next to it. Not the other way round.

    * Remove the chocolate and locked candies so you have room to make combos and you would not be thinking about the chocolate covering everything. Focus.
    Good luck!


      Last levels seem to be harder, right?? Bravo for beating it! Keep crushing!

      • Lei

        Yes last levels are super hard! But this was still nothing compared to level 350! It was so hard because i am already in the upper levels i still remembered it!

  12. lisa

    There is definitely only 1 special candy in this level, and a lot of the time, its not so special, (chocolate or 5 layers). The best I got in like 50 tries is 20 left. This is such a tough one. I spend too many moves trying to get the stripes next to the bombs. Killer level.


      Don’t give up Lisa !! keep tryin!!!!

  13. PEKK

    same here is there any1 else that’s having the same problem of not having anymore mystery candies coming down after the 1 at the start !!

    • pete

      patricia guiding from the responces it seem i’m not the only having this problem of having no mystery candies coming down other than the 1 and the only 1 at the start ! when i see the solution of how other clear it with more mystery candies coming down something is just not right

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