Candy Crush Saga Level 453

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 453? Why don’t you take advantage of our tips as well as our video walkthrough?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 453

This is a tough level unless the mystery candies reveal nothing but wrapped candies. Try to build what you can, and nab the provided ones, but you have to get lucky with the mystery candies.

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17 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 453”
  1. It's me

    Darn…. I can’t ever get more than 28/29 wrapped. Getting more seems only possible with lucky mystery candies.

  2. Cheri

    I do not have a PC. Only iPad and iPhone. Will I ever pass this. Been on it for a long time and have only gotten down to 7. So frustrating!!!


      Just hang in there Cheri – you didn’t make it to level 453 without patience so you can do it! Good Luck

  3. carol

    Officially hanging up my candy crush hat. Level 453 has made me give up. Onward to something else. It has been fun until now. Adios candy crushers.

  4. Joni

    Took me about 30 attempts or so. I got close many times, but it took stripe with color bomb to bring down some wraps to really help.

  5. eugene

    THANK YOU for the great tips – followed them the best I could and got this on my 4th try with 3 stars (no boosters)- (of course a lucky board helped too)

  6. Kzbd

    How do you restart? That costs me a life even without having touched the board

  7. Kzbd

    They added a chocolate factory today

    • Kzbd

      Wait, I guess a mystery candy turned into a chocolate factory on my last attempt. Ive never seen that, but there’s not one in the location it definitely was last time.

  8. Dennyboi

    P.S. The best combination is a Chocolate Bomb with a Wrapped Candy, because it takes off 2 types of candies off the board. If you do this when the board is mostly cleared of the blocks, you can create a lot more wrapped candies naturally….. alot more!!

  9. Dennyboi

    Attempts made before winning: 3
    Stars: 3
    Boosters: None
    Difficulty: Easy if you have strategy and luck, Hard if you don’t have either
    You are given 13 wrapped candies to begin with, and 3 mystery candies. You have to make 22 on your own.

    The strategy’s given on this page do work. These are the ones i used:
    * Make Wrapped Candy if given choice between Chocolate Bomb and Wrapped candy.
    * If you make chocolate bomb, get rid of the candy that already has least amount on board. This allows more wrapped candies to be me naturally as they cascade.
    (But, do always make a chocolate bomb if you can, since that has been really effective in wrapped candies being made from the natural cascade effect.)
    * Use every move if you can to either get rid of blocks, or set up to make a wrapped candy within 1 or 2 moves.
    *Don’t use any moves to “hit” or get rid of a wrapped candy becuase it will naturally do that while you play. UNLESS, you are at the very end and need it to finish filling the order.

    One strategy I did not do was wait until a wrapped candy can be made on the first move. I just focused on removing the blocks, while looking to make the wrapped candy. That was the best advice. Once the blocks are removed, a lot of the candies make themselves.

    I did not bother making any stripped candies, it was a waste of moves.

    I think the biggest key here is removing the blocks, giving the board the ability to naturally made wrapped candies on its own, especially as it cascades.

    I think this is one of those levels in which its either really easy, or really hard. And both are valid experiences. Everything either falls into place, or it doesn’t at all.

  10. Tuk

    In my humble opinion:

    This is NOT a difficult level at all IF you know the strategy.

    This is much more about strategy than luck, and it’s not difficult, but you have to use ALL the strategy tips. I got it on my second try once I did this, with 8 moves to spare. Missing just ONE will can hours of ‘fun’ on the same level. I’m repeating Lei’s tips, as well as others:

    1. Like she says, do not start without a wrapped candy ready to be made. It’ll take between 10 to 15 restarts, and it’s obviously worth it compared to 15 attempts.
    2. As counter intuitive as this is, focus on clearing blocks RATHER than activating wrapped candies, UNLESS that’s the best move to clear blocks. This is probably the single thing that caused me to repeat the level mindlessly until I changed it.
    3. When there are no moves, that’s the only time you should explode a wrapped, and this should always be at the bottom when possible because cascades create most of your extra wrapped candies, not the ones you create yourself.
    4. Make a color bomb ONLY if there are no wrapped candies to be made. Do not choose making a color bomb over a wrapped candy, that could be two moves that net you nothing versus one that did.
    5. Choose the most prevalent color with your color bomb.
    6. All the other tips on Lei’s Nov 3 post. Thanks Lei! Not from Hawaii are you?

    I’d love to hear feedback on if this saves anyone hours of their life (ah, they’ll never know) – I wasted three of mine on this level, when it could have been much less.

  11. Lynda Kelley

    I see many more levels discussed than I have had access to. How can I get those levels on my iPad ?


      Just keep playing, new episodes take a while to be updated…patience is a virtue :) Good luck!

  12. Lei

    Holy clouds I thought I would be stuck in this level for months and lo and behold passed it on my 12th attempt! 3 stars topping all my friends and no boosters! I almost quit on the level then suddenly I passed on my last move!

    Requirement: 35 wrapped candies
    *This looks like a nightmare of a requirement and yes it really is. There are no amount of tips to post here to help you strategize but just luck mostly.
    At the start of the game check the board of you can start busting some wrapped candies on your first move, if it does not then restart and restart it until it givesyou a good board.
    *You must have started bursting the frozen wrapped candies on your 35th move, because you need the rest of the moves to make your own wrapped believe me. Number of moves should always be greater than the number of wrapped candies made, if it goes the other way then you will lack moves to make more wrapped you are in big trouble.
    *Always make wrapped or color bombs. Do not make striped candies because if you do the board will give you mystery candies and lots of opportunities to make stripes! Just let the cascade of wrapped burst then if it stops make a color bomb + regular candy combo. It eliminates some colors and gives you more chances to make wrapped candies.

    Just make wrapped candies! That is the important note here. Lots of luck to you all! Thank you for the walkthrough video and tips!


      12 attempts should be your negative record.. while other spend months :P i am telling you again.. many crushers will hate you :P

      • Lei

        Haha i know! I almost thought I was over really, then it said I passed the level! I am just glad i finished it! On to the next level!

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