Candy Crush Saga Level 454

Candy Crush Level 454 can be beaten if you watch our vid and read our tips

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 454

Break the cream blocks to give yourself room to create color bombs, horizontally striped candy matches, and striped/wrapped combos. The hardest part of this level is that the candies are very touchy and explode very quickly without any help.

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 454”
  1. eugene

    first try – 3 stars –
    I had a chocolate block off the top of one of the columns and so all of the ingredients came down the one that was open so I only had to concentrate on that one – fun!!

  2. Lei

    Yey passed the level with 3 stars on my first attempt! Very easy level after all the stressful ones I have played this is refreshing!
    Just break thru the cream on the sides and start making horizontal stripes, striped + wrapped and best of all color bomb + striped combo to bring the 6 ingredients down have fun!


      Genius Lei hits back! 1 try? 3 stars?? oh comeeee on!!! many crushers will hate you!

      • Lei

        This level was such a refresher it was fun! Your wonderful tips and video helped me passed this one!


          You’re welcome Lei!

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