Candy Crush Saga Level 455

In case you find it difficult to beat Candy Crush Level 455 (probably the toughest level of Episode 31) do a favor to yourself and follow our tips as well as watch carefully our walkthrough

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 455

Try not to unlock the color bomb at the top of the isolated column—it will keep bombs from filling that column. Make and use color bombs and match them with the move bombs to remove color after color and collect your orders.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 455”
  1. Jill

    Played hundreds of times yesterday, then just re-read the tips and what did it for me was to get down to 15 moves then ignore the bombs and make color bombs and match with the required candies. I got 3 stars and a massive score!

  2. BIll

    I just finished level 455 and on my IPAD. There is no other level but a lock which says Soon ther will be new places to explore. Until then you can replay previous levels to gain higher scores and more stars. I see that your tips go to level 530. It does say to be continued. Will this ocur automatically on my IPAD


      Hi there, yes mobile and tablet updates are a lot slower then Facebook computer updates. Yes your game will update automatically as soon as King releases an update, until then though, you can carry on playing your game via Facebook on a computer

  3. Joni

    Wow. I finished this on the first try! I was really worried after reading some of the comments. Dennyboi, thank you! I love Star Wars so your use the force strategy really worked for me. I didn’t worry at all about keeping the upper left blocked. I just created as many combos as I could. Mixing two color bombs together was HUGE. And, let’s face it, I got very lucky with bomb placement and being able to eliminate them easily.

    • Joni

      Oh, and used NO boosters.

  4. Dennyboi

    Attempts: 20 or so
    Booster: 1 Extra 5 Moves for Bomb

    This isn’t one of the hardest levels as most people say it is. Compared to some of the others that were horrific and difficult, it wasn’t that bad. So, don’t psyche yourself out.

    It helps to play the bombs like regular candies, and match them as you would any other level.

    *The bombs fall from top down, so the bombs on the bottom part of the board will usually be those with the fewest number of moves in them left.
    *Take your time with the bombs because sometimes I noticed they are hard to see like regular candies and i had difficulty seeing some easy moves, so take your time and look at the board.
    * It was hard to remember all the strategies, like,….don’t hit the top chocolate bomb on the left side of the board, cuase the bombs will drop there too.

    Best Tip:
    I just tried to BLAST THE HELL out of everything whenever i had the chance, like using chocolate bomb+Stripped Candy combo and stuff like that.

    If all else fails…..Use The Force!!!


      Lol, thanks Denny, your really giving us some great tips over here :) Keep up the good work!

    • Joni

      Your strategies helped me the most.

  5. grnflash

    Done! Yes, I know there are more episodes overall – but since I only play on my iphone, I’ve hit the wrench and am done. 455 was pretty easy so I don’t have any tips for this actual level, just wanted to say, well, that I have finished candy crush!

    The only tip I really have is that if you are playing on ios only, I can say for a fact that every single level is 100% beatable. I’ve never bought or used anything – no extra moves, no boosters, nothing. And since I don’t facebook, I’ve had to do the 3 mystery quests to continue on between each episode. So if you get stuck on a hard level and read that it’s not possible on ios – just ignore it. Keep at it, you’ll get through it – they really all can be done!

    Alright, happy crushing everyone. Thanks again to all for the helpful tips along the way. I think I’ve got a couple weeks off until the next episode is released. Yeah, a candy crush vacation!


      Hey Flash! Bravo, you’ve reached the end (for now)… now you (and many of us) will have to wait for the next update to come.. don’t forget to provide your tips in order to makes other crushers’ lives easier

  6. Lei

    Just finished this level 3 stars with no boosters! Moving on to playing next level on pcfor the meantime! All the last levels of every episode are always so difficult but of all those this is of medium difficulty for me.
    120 blue candies
    120 red candies
    120 orange candies

    Some tips to help you:
    * Keep the action on the middle. I think the best special candy for this level is wrapped candy! The wrapped candy can eliminate some required candies and the bombs. The wrapped + wrapped combo is also helpful here and can remove massive bombs and candies but do not place that combo in the lower part of the board because it will eliminate the frozen candies down below and open it up for bombs.
    * Do not open up the topmost frozen color bomb because that is a bomb dispenser on top of it if you unfreeze that bombs will start coming down and you will spend moves removing the bombs on the side.
    * You can unfreeze the frozen candies in the lower isolated part of the board but do not remove a candy because the bombs from your upper board would start falling down to your lower row then again you waste moves removing bombs!
    * You can make a color bomb and combine it with either blue, red, orange. Or you can do wrapped combos to remove massive bombs and candies. But make sure you do not open up the frozen color bomb at top.
    * Do not make color bomb + striped combo as it will remove all candies and open up blmb dispenser. Do not try for a color bomb + color bomb combo either. But you can start wiping of the whole board with striped + wrapped combo on your last few moves.
    * Keep a color bomb always available to eliminate isolated pesky bombs.

    Have fun crushing more candies! Thank you crushingcandies for the tips and video!


      Thanks for the detailed guidance Lei! Keep crushing!

      • Lei

        Youre welcome! Let’s keep crushing!

        • Malielani

          Honestly, I often go straight to your posts for the most detailed tips on crushing a level. Bless your heart for sharing. Crushing it!!!


            Thanks Malielani – Thats what this site is all about!! Crush on :O)

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