Candy Crush Saga Level 460

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 460

Try to clear the cannons one at a time because that will remove 2 layers from the blocks on the right side. The hardest pieces of the cannon are the lower, outside pieces. Shoot a striped/wrapped combo on the sides or a vertically striped candy match in the outside columns. Wrapped/wrapped combos can blow away large amounts of the cannons.

Candy Crush Level 460 Walkthrough Video

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18 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 460”
  1. Linda

    The most absolutely frustrating and exhausting level with totally no end in sight. I’ll keep trying until I lose my patience. Not exactly a fun way to play the game.


      Have you tried playing this level on a different gaming device?

  2. Helen

    Very boring level would expect more by now – not sure what developers hope to acievev in terns of fun as there is none here. Stripes, bombs etc do dot clear much just a game of switch and hope!,,,

  3. Rob

    This really is all about luck! After about 20 goes with no luck, I just cleared this level with 32 moves left. A striped and wrapped combo at bottom centre cleared one pizza after about 4 moves and then by luck a vertical stripe went through into the right hand side.

  4. Nawsheen

    Got it on 1st try, but with no move left and only one star.

  5. Denise

    Within minutes of my post and rereading the tips – tada!


      Sometimes thats always the way Denise but well done!

  6. Denise

    So far I have to agree with most – this level is quite boring – chance of clearring pudding wheel slow going – if you are lucky in clearing pudding wheels, that only leaves you with less than a handful of moves to clear the board clearing the cherry. Only a very lucky board and patience is the way I see beating this level.

    • john

      your right there im at 30 games now going no were all im doing is 3 candys at a time if i make a stripe it dose nothing for me or blows up on its own even hard to get two together to make a dent i know some of these games are tuff thats fine but some are just seam impossable till you get that real lucky board

  7. khandie

    Just as i’m reaching close to ending on my galaxy s4 with 20 levels to go. I think i am finally done here…I’m annoyed and bored to death at this point..Its too repetitive and redundant and im exhausted to say the least..Bye..

  8. Karen

    Can anyone please explain how I use the rubbery hand – thanks

  9. Mishka

    Got on daily booster wheel lollypop as present.
    Never used it before. Can anyone please tell me what does it do and when should I use ti. Thanks


      You can use this hammer to smash through squares and candy. It does smack a punch! And you can use whenever you see fit i guess, though if you check out our tips for this level, you may be able to work out a strategy :) Good Luck!

  10. Mishka

    Very boring and very, very hard, almost impossible. I am not ready to pay any money yet.
    I wonder if Mr. read our comments. I assume he does and having a good laugh.


      Many crushers have reached this level and beyond without paying a penny! Plus if you’ve made it this far you can definitely beat it. Maybe leave the game for a day and then resume playing the next day as Crushers have done this themselves and said that having a break from the game usually works. However here is a link to our walkthrough video

      • john

        wish i had the patience to play these games after awhile ill pay for it lol put a bit of money into these game oh well its fun till you get games like this one were your going no were , and i won’t spend money when i can’t get even close

  11. Lei

    I actually expected this level to be very difficult for me but finished it in one life only so it was very passable.
    Some tips that might help that you might try to do:
    * clear the 2 pudding cakes separately so it will eliminate the blockers 2x. The lower right 4-hit blockers you need to clear yourself.
    * make a color bomb + striped combo as it clears most part of the pudding cakes.
    * you can also clear the pudding cake by making a striped + wrapped combo twice to clear a pudding. Wrapped candies are not much use here unless used in a combo they are of max destruction of blockers. Horizontal stripes are helpful too.
    * you need patience think before making your new move.
    Good luck have fun! I finished this level on the last move! Imagine that!


      Keep up the good work and thanks for your helpful tip.

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