Candy Crush Saga Level 461

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 461

Keep the candies locked closest to the chocolate for as long as you can, but beware releasing the jellyfish because they will sometimes unlock those candies and release the chocolate. Use striped/wrapped combos or a color bomb/striped candy combo to clear the jellies and get rid of the chocolate.

Candy Crush Level 461 Walkthrough Video

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39 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 461”
  1. Lori

    I call bullshit on that video!! No chocolate spread at all!!!

  2. Cathy

    FINALLY passed thus level. It’s taken me about 2 months. I hate this level more than any other. Finally passed by storing up lollipops and switches. Used 9 lollipops and 2 switches plus friends gave me 3 extra moves.


      Congrats for finally beating it!

  3. Dennyboi


    I’ve played Candy Crush through twice now. So, this is the second time I’ve played through this level.

    I noticed one important new tip. If you can put a Wrapped Candy+Stripped Candy combo at the very bottom 2 squares of the first column or the very bottom 2 squares of the last column, you can combine them and the will make a swath right through ALL of the chocolate at ONCE!!!

    On those two squares, one on top of each other, put one Wrapped Candy and one Stripped candy, and then combine them. The ENTIRE chocolate section will be wiped out with that one combo.

    From there, just take your time and then clear the rest of the jellies. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about the chocolate multiplying anymore.

    That was the only way I was able to win on the second time through.

    It works!!!

    • Lori

      Did exactly what you suggested, got lucky with the combo at the bottom. Did not work!!! The chocolate keeps going! I think King updated this because all of the suggestions don’t work and the walk-thru video is a joke. There’s no chocolate at all spreading on that board.

  4. It's me

    Funny thing is that the very first time I place this level I was doing it mindlessly while I talked on the phone. I cleared all the chocolate within the first 10 moves and made some stripe combos. I don’t remember how many jelly I actually cleared but I do know that it was one of my highest. Now I wonder if I had actually been trying if I could have won! I’ve only come close one other time. And by close I mean within 5 jelly. 461 is impossible unless you manage a chocolate/ stripe or wrapped/ stripe at just the right time and place. You just have to keep playing until the sun, moon, and stars line up.

    • It's me

      How did I finally win this? Well I used my “free” stuff. 1 color bomb, 1 fish, 1 wrapped/stripe combo and during play 1 (or 2 can’t remember) hammers. I needed every single one of those boosters to do it and I don’t even care hahhahahahaha! Finally am done with it!

  5. tri

    hahaha, just a day after my comment I cleared the dmn level! This was a tough one..

  6. ekg247

    I’ve tried all the tips and still nothing has worked for me. Would be nice if we had more moves. The most I have cleared is 40 jellies. This has been the hardest level for me.


      We definitely agree with the ‘needing more moves’ suggestion, that would be a great help, lol

      • Mary

        More moves is not the answer. Just prolongs the frustration. You need “the board”. When you get “the board” it is programmed to nearly play itself. Then you win.

  7. tri

    Well, looks like this is the level where I stop playing the game. I have been for 2 weeks playing and only a couple of times got remotely close to clear it. Even when you get to clear all the chocolate you still find yourself trapped on the bottom.

    I just got tired of playing this level, gonna try some other games.

    • Helen

      Try candy match – probably aimed at younger generation but not nearly so annoying as getting stuck on one silly level for weeks

  8. Olivier

    Eventually did it after being stuck two weeks
    It is the worst level I met
    I agree with all the comments and tips
    Luck has also to come 1 day otherwise it is impossible
    Had a wrapped + wrapped combo which destroyed all the chocolate
    It is the best possible combination
    Another good one is Fish + Strip + Luck


      Well done for finally beating your dreaded level! And thanks for adding the tip also :)

  9. citf

    Just played it 5 times and noticed that this one is really difficult. It’s a big pile-up of my FB friends who are all stuck at this level. The space is so limited that making striped/wrapped candies and especially chocolate balls is very hard.
    I guess this is a level where you have to stop playing for a week and then beat it in the 2nd go.

  10. Olm

    200 lives down and i’m still not close to finishing it and i’m not kidding about the lives either over about a week. Even by using the extra life cheats i have not been able to complete it and this is the first time i’ve used it multiple times. The first truly pay to win board unless you have luck and a lot of BS on your side. I’ve been on hard levels before but i’ve always gotten close-ish and feel that the level has been fair, this is not one of those levels. I can get down to < 10 jelly every 30 or so attempts and clear the choc 1 in 15 attempts. I've only ever had 1 jelly once and 3 jellies about 2 times as well. I usually average 39-46 for the rest of the times.


      Just hang in there Olm, You’ve made it to level 461 so you can definitely beat this level! Try playing the game on a different device as you may receive a better board to kick start you into beating this level :) Good Luck

  11. David Ayud

    What is a switch and what is a hand switch? I see these mentioned in the comments dated Feb 6 and 8.


  12. Lydia

    Rough level. found no way for strategy,


      You can crush it Lydia!

  13. Denise

    I’m in total agreement – this has to be one if not the worst level. Very boring, limited moves, and simply no fun at all to play. Waiting for the magic board could be a lifetime away.

  14. VcToria

    I made it to this level and was BORED out of my mind. I actually removed this game for 4 months and played Are u Smarter than a 5th grade and other games. Came back 2 days ago and funny I had forgotten how to play. Picked the game back up however its STILL BORING and impossible to pass. I am now recalling why I removed this app 4 months ago. Why have u just copied previous games when building the new levels? All that seems to have happened is a repeat of the difficult levels that we had to tend to in lower levels.

  15. Joni

    I thought I would be stuck forever, but actually finished in 2 days, but with at least 100 tries. Many times I just quit games due to chocolate running rampant. In the end, as most have said, it took a chocolate ball and a stripe and everything just going right. Right board, etc. I had two moves left, almost used a free lollipop hammer, but didn’t have to.

  16. Dennyboi

    This has been the hardest level of the entire game for me. Mostly, because the way the board is designed, and the bottom 2 or 3 rows make it difficult to match and clear.

    Things to know:
    1. There are NO jellies underneath the meringue blocks.
    2. The Chocolate does odd things.
    A. At the start of the game, 2 chocolate squares will fill in on the first 2 moves no matter what. But then it stops. So don’t freak out when you see them appearing at the beginning of the game. It does this automatically.
    B. The chocolate gets activated to multiply when the bottom tied candy on the left and the bottom tied candy on the right are unblocked.

    I have noticed if 1) any of the OTHER tied candies are unblocked or 2) if some of the chocolate squares are removed, it only multiplies for a few moves or refills part of the chocolate section BUT DOES NOT grow beyond that.

    Once you wipe out all the chocolates, they stop growing.

    3. Jellyfish: They land where there is still jelly. You want them to land in the areas that are hard to reach, which is the bottom rows. So activate them later in the game after you have cleared most of the jellies in the upper areas
    4. All the jellies take 2 hits to clear.

    Strategy Tips:
    *DO NOT unblock the bottom left tied candy and the bottom right tied candy until its absolutely necessary becasue that starts the chocolate multiplying beyond the chocolate section.
    *Try to clear as many jellies as possible before hitting the bottom left/bottom right tied candies. The key to controlling the chocolate are these two specific squares.
    * Dropping a horizontal stripped candy can wipe out the entire bottom row. so try to create them and drop them to the bottom rows.
    * Using Choc.Ball+Stripped and Wrapped+Stripped candy combos are great because they wipe a large amount of jellies at once, and can do a lot of damage to the chocolate area in one shot. Getting rid of a large portion of the chocolate area at once helps considerably.

    If my evaluation of how the chocolates multiply is incorrect, please write a response and correct me. But, i experimented a lot, and i think my assessment is pretty close. Thank you!

    • Dennyboi

      P.S. You will most likely need a Chocolate Ball+Stripped Candy to help you win. It was the only way I won this level. So, aim for that the most!!!!!

    • Joni

      Dennyboi is so right about the chocolate doing weird things. For some reason on the board where I won, it didn’t spread rampantly even though one of the bottom locked candies was unlocked. Weird.

      • Scott

        I’ve noticed that Chocolate tends to be reluctant to take special candies, if it can help it. This isn’t an ironclad rule but it is a nice feature; other than that there’s no way to predict where it will spread (other than what seems to be a slight preference to climb “up” and block the top). Also, of course, if you can clean up any chocolate on a given move, no chocolate will spread for that turn. So it’s often a good idea to save a move that is “near” chocolate until it’s actually touching (and will therefore explode) chocolate.

        Finally, chocolate never spreads to empty squares, which may be what Dennyboi was referring to. If you can set off a vertical that wipes out candies down below, the empty squares won’t fill in with chocolate (until you break the cages and candies start cascading down again).


          Thanks for some knowledge and a great tip Scott. We shall be using this on our chocolate levels :)

  17. Lei

    After 100years and playing papa pear saga, I just passed this level with 3 stars: 321,220 points and used the free hammer i got from playing papa pear saga or was that farm heroes haha that sounded so funny! I play a lot of King games just to get free boosters in exchange. This is the most difficult level in the episode i have to say!

    Some tips to help you:
    * Do not open up the locked candy nearest to the chocolates because when you do the chocolate will just start to spread like crazy. You can open up the other locked candies though.
    * Clear up the jellies above first but leave the fishes for last. You get 3 frozen fishes in this level. Use them for the hard to clear jellies, the one in the middle jelly is thr hardest to clear.
    * You can clear the chocolates by color bomb + striped combo or other special combos. But those are difficult to form here. Once the chocolates are cleared, you can start clearing the jellies.

    Good luck have fun! Keep crushing!

    • john

      you make it sound so easy trying to get a combo isn’t easy and then get it together well thats another story , as soon as the choc spreads your done like dinner .got down to 1 pc of choc left and i got that with a hammer ,20 moves left still lost got nothing but 3 candies couldn’t make a thing i need another 15 hammers to beat it ,same crap all week

  18. Tammy

    Congratulations, Paul! There’s no shame in using the hammer. If I’d been in your position I would have to. I’m still plugging away at this one, but I figure I’ve gotten this far…I’ll get this one eventually, too!

  19. David

    This level is insanely hard, the hardest one so far. It may be the end of the game for me.

    The best I have done in hundreds of tries is one jelly left with 12 moves to go. I took 45 minutes studying the board and playing the last 12 moves, and I could find no way to clear that 1 jelly.


      Hey all i can say is, if you have already reached level 461 then you can definitely beat it! Why not try our walkthrough videos

      • David

        After about 50 more tries, the game finally gave me exactly the combos I needed to complete this level (with 10 moves left over).

        I have noticed that every time I have been stuck on one level for a while, the game starts giving me more and more combos to make it easier. There is no need to ever purchase boosters, just keep playing until it gets easy enough to beat.

        • Beth

          I must have tried this hundreds of times, hoping for those right combos. This one is just too hard. The holes at the bottom make it near impossible to fight the chocolate AND try and clear out the bottom. I was with you and even advised a stewardess on an airplane I was on, just keep playing, eventually the right board will show up. But it hasn’t for me. I’ve been on this level for months now. :(

  20. Paul Holdsworth

    This truly is a horrible level, like has been said , leave the choc locked in as long as poss, hit verticle stripes to clear as much choc as you can, I had a lot cleared then luckily I got colour bomb/ stripe combo which cleared nearly everything, I had 1 jelly left to clear with 2 moves left so , yes I hold my hands up, I used a lollipop hammer to complete it, I had been trying for a while and very rarely cleared the chocolate so I thought I’d regret it being so close and not using a hammer I already had


      thanks for sharing your experience! Keep crushing Paul!!

    • Mindy

      how long were you on this board?

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