Candy Crush Saga Level 462

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 462 -

*Unfreeze and match some of the +5’s to increase your time, and then work on the centre columns matching the bombs and making special candies.

Candy Crush Level 462 Walkthrough Video

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 462”
  1. Lori

    Timed levels are not my thing, hate them!! I’m just glad I’m past 461, that was definitely a flashback of level 350, 421 and 425!!

  2. Jo

    Why are all the boards so perfect when an example is shown? I would love to get some stripes & wrappers but the opportunity just never comes…lol…


      Lol, every board is different Jo, you just need to be patient! :) Good Luck!

  3. Jo

    This is a tough one but I will pass it eventually…


      That’s the attitude to have! You’ve already made it this far!

  4. Claudia Solangel Medina Verduzco

    I’m surprised for reading so many comments complaining about this game. All I know is I like it so much that I really enjoy every level, even the hard ones… and there’s no doubt this is one of those! I’ve lost a lot of lives but I keep trying and enjoying ’cause I’m pretty sure that one.way or another I’ll get lucky and pass it as I always do. It’s true, you really need a lucky hunch, so what? It’s not always about strategy and that’s one of the reasons we all keep playing, and let’s face it, if we’re at this level is ’cause we are so damn good!! I’m a big fan of everyone who play and post a comment here, thank you for your excellent tips!! Let’s keep crushing!!


      Thats the perfect attitude Claudia, we play the game to have fun and if we lose then we will just have to wait to play again! LOL. Thank you very much and glad our site could be of help to you. Happy Crushing!

      • Claudia Solangel Medina Verduzco

        Now I’m sure, posting here is like a lucky charm! Right after I posted, I passed =) Like magic! Of course I’m spreading the voice…

  5. Joni

    I hated this level. I ended games several times early because I knew there was no way I could win. Took 1 1/2 days, but at least 75 tries. I couldn’t win without having two color bombs, one I positioned to switch with count down bomb and the other with a regular candy. That got me to just over 101,000 and I was content to let the clock run down from there.

  6. Dennyboi

    Attempts: about 50

    I do not believe you can win this level without at least 1 Chocolate Bomb. So, I basically didn’t even bother playing it unless I saw a good board. This usually meant I could see a Chocolate bomb in the first few moves.

    * No bombs fall on the far left and far right column, so start there, and make as many matches as possible there.
    *After I played as much as I could on the far left/far right columns, then I played the center board which usually had a Chocolate Bomb present within the first few moves there.

    Those two tips are my basic strategy. I didn’t even bother playing if I didn’t see a Chocolate Bomb early in the game. All it did was frustrate me.

    I figured out that if there is no Chocolate Bomb, and you play through, making matches , you can only make about 30,000 points on an average, in the time alloted. YOU NEED THE CHOCOLATE BOMB to give you a much better chance of winning.


      Whoa that’s a lot of attempts but well done for finally beating it! :) and thanks for another informative tip!

  7. Lei

    1 star- 100,000 points
    2 stars- 120,000 points
    3 stars- 140,000 points

    * This is another timed level..another hard one to pass it took me a lot of lives before i cleared this one! But cleared with 3 stars.

    * You have to first get a few matches with the +5 candies in the left or right box. But always check and be mindful of the bombs coming down the middle box.

    * If you have matches in the 2 side boxes then delay the opening of the middle box as there are 3 bomb dispensers above it. Once opened bombs start coming down. You will have a hard time focusing on either the bombs or the time!

    * Make a color bomb twice but swap it with a regular candy not with a striped or wrapped candy. I made a color bomb + striped twice but my score was so measly! But a color bomb + regular candy will make your score shoot up to 3 stars just like that!

    * You can wait for a good board for good combos and passable board just be patient.

    Good luck enjoy crushing more candies!

  8. Reggie

    This level for me was the worst one by far. I was going nuts until I read the tip sheet. Just focus on a color bomb and any color. Forget the stripped and wrapped candies, they don’t seem to add up to much. After about 20 tries, I got this one but definitely frustrating because of the timed turnover. You need to beg lives off or your candy crushing friends!


      Thanks for your feedback! And Good luck candy crushing :)

    • Lei

      Yes I had to write that tip down about color bomb + regular candy combo gives you 3stars! Because I was begging for lives like a crazy person and i always make a color bomb + striped combo but i never pass the level! Until i passed with that strategy!

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