Candy Crush Saga Level 463

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 463

Match and explode as many mystery candies as you can. With only 15 moves, look for the biggest combos you can, but beware the mystery candies can contain chocolate factories and bombs too.

Candy Crush Level 463 Walkthrough Video

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13 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 463”
  1. mimmis1

    this level keeps freezing most annoying having to reboot a lot would be fun if did not have to do this


      unfortunately this happens a lot around the time of a King update, but hopefully these technical glitches will not last too long :)

  2. Denise

    For all struggling with this level – probably played 100 games on a tablet coming close maybe twice. Played twice on a pc and beat the level with 2 stars. The cascading effect is a lot different on a pc than on a tablet. Good Luck!!!!!!

    • Rosa

      Thanks Denise! I probably play this on PC too as my last resort. Still no where near passing the level. Closest was 2 jellies but I didn’t have any hammer to hammer them away. The rest were like 5-8 jellies. I keep on landing on color bombs on the spinning wheel…grrr. Anyway, now time to figure out how to switch my CC from mobile to PC…

  3. Rosa

    I m really frustrated with this level. Idk how many tries I’ve made. It’s been a week. I never been stuck on any level this long. I don’t know what else to do. There is really no skill or strategy u can apply to this lv, it’s just the luck of the board & mystery candies. I even had a board that kept shuffling every time I made a move, it was that bad. And with 15 moves, are u kidding me? U can’t choose good board either as u don’t know what those mystery candies turn out to be. Mystery candies sometimes don’t help with bombs stuck in between blocks that u can’t get to. And just when u really don’t hv any possible move, the mystery candies u unlocked are the ones with bombs & chocolate. Really??? I don’t how else to pass this… Anymore tricks? I m playing on mobile. It’s harder they say. The explosion seems not be as massive as the ones in tutorial video.. Guess that’s why.

    • Rosa

      Update. Finally passed it on mobile today. wasted a total of 23 days being stuck. Glad it’s over. Thought I lost my mojo after such a ‘long’ rest but passed 6 more levels right after in just 1 sitting. Phew! I hv a Lot to catch up.

      tip… I don’t remember what order of moves I made to pass 463 coz I really didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. u know after a while u just get numb, didn’t think u’d gotten thru. But I remember having stripe + wrap combos, and wrap + wrap all the way thru. finished with 2 extra moves. 1 tip i applied this few days was not to waste any moves on ones causing little damage or no damage at all. That means Wrap and wrap is better than chocolate bomb if u hv to choose. More damage means more mystery candies fall into the board and more of them get unlocked at the same time.

  4. Kia

    Played 40 times on mobile device, and could not get close, Played twice on pc and passed with 2 stars and 3 moves left !!!


      Sometimes changing devices really does help :)

  5. Dennyboi

    Attempts: 1

    I must have just gotten lucky, because I won this level on the first try, with 2 moves left. And my total score ended up being 750,000 points. I thought this was won of those “You can’t possibly lose” levels. But, from reading the other entries here, maybe I just got extremely lucky.

    I don’t think there is jelly under every block.

    All I did was play the best matched candies, like the Chocolate Bomb and Stripped Candies. I hit a number of those, and cleared the board. Mostly, by the cascade effect the jellies and blocks were cleared out naturally.

    Always remember, that most of the time, by playing the candies on the bottom area, the cascade effect will wipe out the blocks and matched candies on the top portion of the board naturally. So, I tend to play the bottom areas and not waste moves trying to clear out the top areas.


      Tips are great Denny! and you really are flying through these levels. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Lei

    Yes it was quite difficult but not as difficult as hellish level 350,etc.
    with the new update i got this booster wheel too! I got a free hammer and hammered my way thru!

  7. Lei

    I finished this with 3 stars with absolutely no strategy at all, just try your luck with mixing thr mystery candies. Making 3 candy matches is not useful here because you only get 15 moves to clear the board. Good luck !
    Nov 27- new candy crush update is out for mobile!


      Thanks for sharing the good news and your tips Lei! We all know luck plays a factor in this game :)

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