Candy Crush Saga Level 47

Score 15000 points in 50 moves to pass this level.

1 star: 15000 points
2 stars: 25000 points
3 stars: 35000 points

Our suggestion in order to pass Candy Crush Level 47

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 47

Don’t waste too many moves focusing on merely unlocking all the candies. Focus on creating special candies—they will unlock more candies and raise your score at the same time.

Candy Crush Saga Level 47 3.00/5 (60.00%) 1 vote
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11 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 47”
  1. Donni

    This is crazy, you can’t get 150,000! I don’t even come close. How have people got past this level? Is the scoring on the iPhone different to on an iPad?


      You need to focus on creating special candy combos to up your score, simply matching 3 at a time won’t cut it for this level. Try matching a colour bomb with a striped candy for a huge effect :)

  2. LuLu

    I agree! There is no way to earn 150,000 points on Level 47, Dreamland. Please fix this glitch. I have tried for over a week using every possible extra.


      We’ve heard a few comments about this level being difficult, and as we are only a support community we will send you the link to King themselves, where you can send them a message relaying this issue :)

  3. Sarah

    I’ve gotten to 148,000 in Dreamworld once, but what bothers me is that it used to be 60,000. My Facebook friends have obviously beaten that level when it was 60,000. I would have also beaten it a long time ago if it were 60,000.


      King does sometimes update change levels at their own leisure. But getting that score means you beat your friends by double!! So well done :D

  4. Ina

    There is no way with Odom to get 150,000 points to pass this. why is the regular 15,000 and Odom 150,000. Thats not right..Is there something wrong here?

    • MystiDC

      I agree. Wondering if this is a glitch and they meant 15,000. Seems way out of sync with the other levels.

    • Laura

      I agree. Something is wrong w/ dreamland 47. No way to get to 150,000 even w/ a sugar crush.

    • JB

      absolutely no way to beat with odom at 150,000!!


        If you get enough striped/wrapped/colour bomb candies in this level you will be able to beat it :)

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