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September 5, 2013News13 Comments

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 470

Vertically striped candy matches and striped/wrapped combos can unlock the bombs, but that also releases the chocolate. So be ready to do battle. Create color bombs to match with a striped candy if you’re lucky or just a color to unlock the bombs and zap some chocolate. The chocolate will cover some of the bombs, but that will make it difficult to remember where the remaining jellies are.

Candy Crush Level 470 Walkthrough Video

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13 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 470”
  1. john

    glad to see all these people get the luck , i get very little luck on these games , i got the one colum opened and the choc got the color bomb before i got to use it , this is what drives me nuts , i find it hard to make a stripe that will shoot down they are not too hard to get but they shoot across which is of no good to me have to wait for the wheel to get some fish i guess .

  2. Dennyboi

    Maine Strategy:

    I’ve done this level twice.

    Just concentrate on getting the Chocolate Ball+Stripped Candy Combo. Once you get that, you can easily break through all the tied candies and chocolate squares.

  3. Scuba Steve

    I just beat this on my third try. The color bombs are a key here.

    I had moves that opened up chocolate right away but once I unlocked my first chocolate bomb, I waited till I had a good time to open the board with it. That took care of a significant amount. I made a few more chocolate balls, two of which were next to each other as another user mentioned. That opened the board like mad and I won without boosters, well over 400k points, and with 30 moves left.

    Good luck everyone!


      Wow, would have loved to watch that board win! Congrats :)

  4. Ronnie

    Patricia ….. I love all your comments and the efforts you put into these pages. I am having a problem right now and maybe you can help. It does not relate specifically to Level 470 but that is the one that I am on now.

    I play the game strictly on my PC using Faceook.

    When I use the “Ask Friends” option by clicking the plus sign on the top left of the screen (to the right of the time) it is supposed to display a list of my Candy Crush Friends and then I can select which one(s) to request a life from

    In the past few days (including for the last three hours) the Friends list is NOT displaying. Instead there are blinking white dots (that increase from one to four) which would seem to indicate I guess that it is loading the friends list but that simply is not happening.

    I would like to know if you or anyone else here have been experiencing this problem in the past few days. Needless to say it is very frustrating.

    I’ve been hearing rumors that King may be adding new levels and possibly this is a maintenance issue.

    But again, most of all, I want to know if I am alone in experiencing this or if others have been plagued by it as well.

    Thanks in advance for your reply Patricia ….. and the same goes for anyone else who might comment on this.

    Knowing that I am not alone will give me some reassurance though I will only be truly happy about this when the problem goes away for me and presumably others as well.


  5. Deb

    It might be the worst level yet.

  6. Kia

    Played this level countless times, then thanks to the booster wheel, with a chocolate bomb and some jelly fish, finished with 3 stars and 35 moves left, feels like I cheated, lol


      Aahh the beauty of the daily spin wheel! But well done!

  7. Dennyboi

    Attempts: about 40

    This was slightly difficult, and I won this level mostly by pure luck of getting 2 chocolate Balls in the first couple of moves, I put them together, and that opened everything up.
    From there, I hit a Wrapped+Stripped Candy and won with 40 moves still left over.

    Basically with extremely good luck I won within 15 moves.

    *I got frustrated, so I only played when I thought the board looked good, meaning, I could see a few good candy combos within the first few moves. This might just help with the frustration level.
    * The chocolate Balls on the bottom helped out, so I could always use those when the bombs started counting down, as long as they had been unfrozen.
    *It was easier to create the horizontal stripped candies to unlock the entire column, rather then trying to unlock each tied candy at the top of the columns one at a time.
    *Just keep in mind what colors are in the jellies, that will help you decide what colors to get rid of if you get a chocolate ball. Don’t be shy in using the Chocolate balls that are already on the board.
    *This is where the combos are really useful in wiping out sections at a time.
    Concentrate more on creating combos in the area above the jelly section, then trying to knock out one tied candy at a time. Try to go for the whole column.

  8. CCHooked

    Am HATING this level. It just seems impossible to get anywhere! I can deal with the frustrating levels when they are still fun – this one is SO dull to top it off. What’s the best booster to get for this level? I want to get past this quick!


      Maybe try a lollipop hammer? A few crushers have noted that they bought these boosters for this level and it helped them beat it but i’m sure you’ll be able to beat it without a booster, you’ve made it to level 470 after all! But Good luck and keep us posted :)

  9. Gundula

    Once I made headway in the bottom part and before the chocolate had a chance to take over and hide the jelly there, I made a screen snapshot to save in Paint so I could update my progress there. For me it’s helpful to know just how much jelly is left, and where it is.


      could probably work! Thanks for sharing this tip!

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