Candy Crush Saga Level 471

Bring down 2 chestnuts/2 cherries and score 50000 in 25 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 471

First priority is to remove the bombs. After breaking some of the blocks, use horizontally striped candy matches (or striped/wrapped combos) to remove them. The ingredients can be moved over one or two columns to make getting them out much easier.

Candy Crush Level 471 Walkthrough Video

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3 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 471”
  1. Kay Brewer

    Love this page. Thank u all
    Patricia I received your tip on saving boosters. But don’t understand how to do it
    Is it only available.on computer. I am playing on ipad
    Thanks Kay

  2. Dennyboi

    *First goal is to clear the blocks. Once a sufficient amount of blocks were removed, I could try for a Chocolate Ball+Stripped combo. I noticed that without a good combo of either a Chocolate Ball+Stripped Candy or even a Wrapped+Stripped Candy, I wouldn’t be able to clear the bombs in time. Trying to eliminate them individually, took too many moves.
    * The risk of doing a Choc.Ball+Wrapped Candy combo is that if the game does not pick the color of the bombs on the board, its a useless move and a waste of a Choc. Ball. Go for the Choc.Ball+Stripped candy if you can since that usually will clear the bombs.

    I think this level requires at least one Chocolate Ball+Stripped candy combo to have a better chance of winning.

    You’ll probably come down to the last few moves to win since we are only given 25 moves.

    • Joni

      Denny makes a great comment-clear the blocks. Clearing the center blocks really made it easier to get those ingredients right down the middle. Getting the right board, a color bomb and a stripe doesn’t hurt. Finished in about 30 tries.

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